Warriors of Babylon
Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Doom Dome Battle
Predecessor Doom Dome Battle 2
Mode(s) Story, Arcade, Multiplayer, Online

Warriors of Babylon (バビロンの戦士たち Babiron no senshi-tachi) is a video game developed by Dark Heart Games and published by Fantendo. It is the spiritual successor of Doom Dome Battle 2 and is counted as the third main installment in the Doom Dome Battle series. The game features as smaller cast of playable characters and is the first game that doesn't take place in Wildefort. The gameplay is similar to that of Mortal Kombat and Injustice.


Like its predecessors, Warriors of Babylon is a fighting game in which players control characters with different fighting styles and special attacks, engaging in one-on-one combat to deplete their opponent's life gauge. The game features 2.5D graphics; movement is restricted to a two-dimensional plane, while the characters and backgrounds are rendered in a three-dimensional fashion. Each match consists of a single round with each player bearing two life bars. Characters have a list of various attacks they can perform by inputting a specific set of buttons during the fight. In addition to that they also fill up the meter of their ultimate attack. When used, it pulls the opponent into a cinematic climax. If it KO's the opponent, the ultimate is extended to kill them. Many of the returning characters got their ultimate move changed in the game.

While the game takes place in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, many of the appearing stages hail from previous installments. Certain stages feature interactive environments, which can be turned off if the player wishes to. If an opponent is hit with a heavy attack near a corner of the arena, it launches them, triggering a transition animation and taking the fight to a new section of the stage. 

Newly introduced to the games are the addition of Artifacts which are items that can be used during battles, it replaces the assist characters from the previous installment. Each character gets to take one Artifact with them into battle. There are many different Artifacts, the stronger they are the longer charge time they have. Some of the Artifacts also have to be unlocked in order for them to use in combat. Players can disable the use of Artifacts online, but also can play with Artifacts on.

This time around the Story Mode is somewhat different. Each chapter focuses on a different character that is controlled throughout that chapter. Most of the characters only have one chapter, few have multiple chapters and some have no chapters, and thus are only playable outside of the story line. Character not playable in the story mode, are all secret characters.

Characters also have a passive ability, that is coupled with the kind of species they are. There are less species than the previous installments, with the removal of Unknown, Computer Program, Reaper and Cosmic Entity, as they all only had one character belonging in that species, and they are not included in the game this time.

Species Advantage
Angelicon2 Angels can heal by using holy attacks which are usually in their regular combo's.
Animalicon2 The damage Animals deal will increase when their health is critically low.
Demonicon2 Demons have a higher chance of inflicting a critical hit, which with normal characters only happens occasionally.
Extraterrestrialicon2 Extraterrestrials take zero damage when they are shielding in contrary to other species.
Ghosticon2 Ghosts can easily break free from combo chains.
Humanicon2 The Doom Attack Gauge of Human characters fills up quicker than other species.
Mageicon2 Mages can reflect projectiles if they use their shield instead of just deflecting it.
Mutanticon2 Mutants always have 1 hp left after they receive damage which actually should KO them.
Roboticon2 Robots are more resistant towards angelic and demonic attacks.
Vampireicon2 Vampires can resist negative statuses like burning, paralyze and poison.

Another feature that is new to the game are positive and negative statuses. These statuses can be inflicted with a certain Artifact or from a special attack from a player.

Status Effect
Bulk-Up Temporarily increases strength.
Sonic Boost Temporarily increases agility (speed, jump, acceleration)
Steel Skin Temporarily increases defense.
Regenerate Will heal the player for a short amount of time, acts faster when standing still.
Burn Does tiny amounts of damage, only does so when standing still, or knocked on the ground. Moving quickly can disable it quicker, freeze will eliminate the status immediately.
Freeze Will freeze the opponent in place adding damage while frozen, moving quickly will make the ice shatter quicker, but is shattered by others with one hit. Ladilika's Head gives this same effect in the form of Stone.
Stun Caused by electricity which will make the opponent temporarily flinch every few seconds.
Poison Will add damage to the opponent, more active when moving. It will still continue regardless of any other statuses. Regenerate channels the status out.
Curse Will decrease the strength, speed and defense of a player by a small amount temporarily.


Artifact Description Effect
Flaming Sword Made by the Higher Intelligence to protect the Garden of Eden. After it's demolition it was handed over to the archangel Michael who would use it to protect his father and everyone in the Heavens instead. Fires three flaming projectiles with a swing which hit will have a chance to inflict a burn effect.
Horus' Ankh Legends say that the one who wields it has granted with good luck, it being a symbol of protection, royal power and good health, getting rid of the wielders their biggest threat. Disables the opponent's passive temporarily.
Sentelenium A rare, 'magical' mineral that has forcefield-like properties, able to ricochet bullets, but the forcefield can only withstand so much until it shatters, and has to regenerate. It is commonly used in technology aswell, mostly used in chips of electronics to boost the power of it. Boosts the defense of the player temporarily.
Fruit of Yggdrasil's Tree This special fruit, also referred to as 'Mana' is only grown from one tree in the entire universe, making it quite the special consumable. It however grows rare, so try and enjoy every bite of it. Recovers some health.
Maoi Statue These mysterious statues have been stationed at a single location since the beginning of time for unknown reasons. They are said to protect something really valueble, and are known to eliminate any incoming danger. At your side they will do the same for you. Will counter any attack on activation, including Doom Attacks.
Dreamcatcher Despite being man-made, these decorative artifacts are infused with magic that casts out anything negative that plagues the wielder of it. While used by commoners in their dreams, it is quite useful when something terrible plagues one during day as well. Eliminates any negative statuses inflicted on the player.
Prometheus' Flame One of the first creations in the reset of the world, it being an unlimited source that helped humanity grow to where it in the present. However watch your step, as it can incinerate you when one is not careful. Sets a trap that will incinerate the opponent when stepped on, inflicting a burn.
Nightmare Fuel Originating from the depths of one's most dreadful thoughts... a curse it will lay upon you and haunt your dreams. At the cost of the player's health will inflict a curse upon the opponent.
Uranium It is one of the most dangerous things to hold with one's hands, your body will corrupt the instant it you make contact with it... perhaps even leading to one's death. Inflicts poison on the opponent on contact.
Turkish Evil Eye A curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare given to a person unaware causing misfortune or injury... with a small chance of actually granting something positive, backfiring the user. Will inflict a random negative status on the opponent, but has a chance of inflicting a positive as well.
Ladilika's Head The last remnant of what remains of Ladilika's body, despite it only being her stoned head she is very much alive and will place the same fate on you as she got. Turns the opponent to stone, same effect as freeze only harder to break
Unicorn Horn In these mysterious lands are certain places where unicorns roam free, they are rather rare but are hunted down by the supernatural hunters for their precious horn which are usually crafted into powerful weapons. The next combo deal twice as much damage.
Phoenix Feather While a phoenix's skin is covered with feathers, each time they die and resurrect, one feather remains, this feather is also called the resurrection feather and has the power to bring someone back from the dead. Revives you once with danger-zone HP.
Djinn in a Bottle A dark entity which is trapped inside of an oil lamp and usually locked up deep in the Arabian dungeons, the djinn can grant wishes for those who rub his bottle, but these wishes always come with a price. Temporarily boosts either strength, speed or defense.
Ball Lightning An apparition seen by many people, often believed to be some kind of spirit that passes through our realm, this spirit however resembles a ball with lightning surrounding it and will hunt you down for quite the shock. Homing item that stun the opponent.
Philiosopher's Stone A powerful item which is crafted by alchemists in the ancient times, it being so powerful that it requires great strength to activate it and can accomplish feats that go beyond one's imagination. Takes HP from the opponent and adds it to yours.

Plot & Setting

The full story can be read at: Warriors of Babylon/Story

The story takes place in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, a place that exists outside of time and space, and is used as an observatory for Earth. From this place one can observe everything happening in the world. The ruler of this place is the Observant, who was created alongside the reset of the world by the higher intelligence. For too long he has observed Earth and now he wants to walk among everyone on the surface, however he cannot abandon his post that easily. For this he invited a select few individuals who he deems worthy of taking his place as the Observant. He pits them against each other in a Battle Royale-esque game, wherein the winner gets his 'eternal blessing' as he calls it. Those who die during the game, aren't really dead, but are revived within the main building of the Hanging Gardens and must sit out the rest of the game watching.


The cast of the game totals the amount of 31 playable characters. This is exactly the half of playable characters in Doom Dome Battle 2, and 19 characters less than the first game. From previous games, 23 characters return, and 7 brand new characters were added to the mix. Of these characters, 8 are secret characters that have to be unlocked. Six other characters from previous games appear as bosses. The reason for the decreased roster was to focus more on characters, often fan favorites, and give them more development. If there will be DLC characters is yet unknown.


Playable Characters




All the DLC is free and will be available every two months after the initial release of the game. When the character is downloaded it first has to be unlocked by going to the pocket dimension (stage) they appeard in during the story mode.



Stage Description
Pyramid of Giza: Tombs A large structure build in the ancient times by unknown beings, although it was later discovered it were the Vindictors. The tomb of Giza is where Hapmon once was buried and where to this day many of his treasures still are kept.
Dracula's Manor: Foyer Deep in the outskirt forest of Wildefort is a large manor which belongs to Dracula, it originally was owned by Count Hendrick until Dracula took possession of it. The foyer consists out of a large entry hall with many stairs, a chandelier and large stairs.
The Heavens: Gates Somewhere above the Surface are the Heavens and no matter where you enter the Heavens you always will have to go through the large golden gates that sits upon the clouds in order to enter the dimension of those who passed away.
Underworld: Throne Room Deep inside of the Underworld, somewhere in the lowest circle of Hell, is the throne room of the ruler of the Underworld, currently him being Lucifer. It is a barren, lava-filled place with a large iron throne in its center.
Vindictor Mothership: Prisoner Keep The Vindictors hail from the Vindict planet, but when they assault Earth they always take the Vindictor Mothership along with them. Inside of it is the prisoner keep where most of Gorge's subjects are held captive, along with many other species who have gone against the Vindictors.
Cannibal Tribe: Dinner Table Located somewhere on a remote island on the Earth is a place which is dominated by a cannibalistic tribe who prey upon those who dare to enter the island. Their favorite location is the beautiful meat-filled dinner table with outlook to the sea, truly beautiful.
Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Square TBA
Icicle Cave TBA
Yggdrasil's Tree TBA
Alchemy Study TBA
Waterfalls TBA
Interiors TBA
Shinrin Village TBA
Chemical Plant TBA
Giselle's Coven TBA
Graveyard TBA
Pyrotic Labs TBA
Asylum TBA


  • Every character has brand new art made for them in this game.
  • Unlike previous installments, the game doesn't feature any guest characters, or characters from other properties of Dark Heart Games.
    • Despite that, characters do have alternate costumes based on other franchises.
  • Warriors of Babylon has the smallest cast of playable characters of all the main installments.
  • The characters who appear as bosses were all considered to appear as playable characters.
  • Four of the total of 14 species were removed in this installment.
    • The passive for Animals was changed to make them stand out more. It is a reworked version of the Computer Program's passive.


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