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Warrior (Kingdombound)
GENDER Choice(Kingdombound)
Male(Kingdombound 2, Kingdombound: Retold)
WEAPONS Broadsword (default)
SERIES Kingdombound

The Warrior, known as the Hero in Kingdombound 2, is one of the classes and playable characters in the Kingdombound series. Debuting in the first game, they, alongside the Slime and Nekon, are most commonly seen as the mascots of the series.


The Warrior is the youngest in a line of legendary knights and warriors. Wishing to continue their ancestor's tradition, they train tirelessly to become the greatest hero they can be. Eventually, coming across the Meetup Area, they join the war in order to show the world how great of a hero they are.


As with all of the classes in Kingdombound, each class has a male and female variant. Both genders are blonde and have fair-skin. They wear a team-colored scarf, a chestplate with small pauldrons. They wear a light brown shirt (long-sleeves for male and short-sleeves for female), with a belt that holds the sheath of their sword. The male Warrior wears brown pants, while the female Warriors wears a brown skirt, but with a belt around their waist, and gray greaves and sabatons. They also have grey gauntlets on their arms. The male Warrior has a spiky hairstyle while the female Warrior has short hair.

In Kingdombound 2 and Kingdombound: Retold, once again, only the male Warrior returned as a playable character. In Retold, While seeing small adjustments, unlike most characters his appearence stayed mostly the same, with the only notable changes being the removal of the waist belts, and their gauntlets and greaves being replaced with gloves and boots with armor on them.


Being one of the younger classes, the Warrior is easily excitable and naive. They are so naive in fact that they are easily tricked by the game's rulers into joining their war with the "promise" of turning them into heroes. However, their bravery and willingness to do anything for their goals makes them a great fighter.


The Warrior is a skilled fighter, possessing good skill with their broadsword and shield. They are the most well-rounded of the classes, possessing average speed, damage and health, making them very versatile. They seem to be able to have some magical abilities, as they can fire blades of energy from their sword.

As with all of the classes in Kingdombound, each of them have three default special abilities:

  • Shield Bash: The Warrior charges forward and smashes enemies in their way with a damaging shield bash. The attack will push back the target along with nearby enemies.
  • Blade Beam: The Warrior launches a wave of energy forward. A good projectile that can go through multiple enemies before disappearing.
  • Spin Attack: The Warrior spins around like a tornado, dealing damage to anyone around them. The player can move while spinning, albeit slowly, and pressing the attack button while performing the attack allows the Warrior to perform a quick dash in that direction. Using this too much however will cause the Warrior to become dizzy for a short time.



The Warrior appears as a playable character in Kingdombound.

Kingdombound 2

The Warrior appears as a playable character in Kingdombound 2 as part of the Glory Faction. They were renamed to the Hero in this game, in order to differentiate them from another class, the Oni Warrior.

Kingdombound: Retold

The Warrior appears as a playable character in Kingdombound: Retold, serving the same role it does in the original game.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom333)

The Warrior, alongside some Slimes, appear as Summoner Orb characters in Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat. When summoned, the Warrior attacks with his sword, while the Slimes chomp on enemy fighters. They can be KOed seperately.


  • The Warrior is meant to somewhat be a parody of classic fantasy heroes, since they see themselves as one and are willing to do anything for it, even if it means killing people.
  • The male warrior's hair is inspired by Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII.