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Warp Pipes are terrain objects in the Mario franchise that can transport characters and objects between locations. They are usually green. Warp Pipes were introduced in Super Mario Bros.

Other kinds of Pipes include Pipe Cannons, which launch the character that enters one, and regular Pipes which can't be entered.

Piranha Plants and Pipe Lakitus inhabit some Pipes.

Game appearances

New Super Mario Bros. Omega

Like in any Mario game, Warp Pipes appear in New Super Mario Bros. Omega, along with the Rocket Pipes.

Super Mario: Elemental Journey

Warp Pipes reappear in Super Mario: Elemental Journey with five new variants of pipes: Amber, Copper, Star, Moon, and Aurora. The Rocket Pipes from New Super Mario Bros. Omega and the Character Pipes from Super Mario Star Journey also reappear with a new look and purpose.

  • Amber Pipes are like Clear Pipes in that you can see what's in them, but they're much slower than clear pipes. You can use a cork trap an enemy or boss inside of them, as well as a projectile.
  • Copper Pipes spit out enemies and won't stop unless you put a cork on it.
  • Star Pipes send players to special Star Challenges, where they can earn extra stars from more difficult versions of past missions.
  • Moon Pipes send players to Challenge Worlds, where Elemental Moons are located in small, insular challenge levels.
  • Aurora Pipes blast the player out with the invincibility effects of a star, running through enemies at a incredibly fast speed.

Mario Hoops 3-On-3 Switch

In Mario Hoops 3-On-3 Switch, Warp pipes appear in the background of the court Ground Map and appear in Piranha Plant Garden (Day/Night) in Piranha Plant garden Piranha Plants appear out of them at random times and eat the player spitting them out a few seconds later. They also carry the Piranha Plants that act as the goals.



Other Pipes


  • The main Mario warping object is the Warp Pipe because Mario is a plumber, a job which also takes part in the sewers, filled with pipes leading to many places such as the sink or the toilet.
  • Mario has met normal pipes earlier in Mario Bros., where many enemies or coins came out. This may also be the inspiration to the Warp Pipe, or the Piranha Plant.