Wario and the Badland Brotherhood
Developer(s) Lone Planet Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Pharo
The V²
Display C
Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) 3D platformer
Open world
Series Wario
Super Mario Realms universe
Release Date(s) ???
Age Rating(s) ESRB2013E10.pngPEGI 7.png

Wario and the Badland Brotherhood is an open-world 3D platforming game, technically considered to be in the Wario series, but part of the universe of Super Mario Realms as well.

True to its predecessor's nature, Badland Brotherhood combines gameplay features from throughout the Wario series while introducing new elements to liven up the formula. The developers have stated that they will go into detail on Waluigi's backstory and his relationship with his close friend and ally, Wario.


A few months after the events of Super Mario Realms, Wario and Waluigi have been living the high life. Wario is receiving large amounts of gold every week, and Waluigi has found a sort of "lucky streak" in his sports career and become a worldwide sensation. However, it's only a matter of time before they finally snap out of their boredom and decide they need to turn back to crime.

They find -- for lack of a better word -- a golden opportunity in the "Western-themed" land of Buckaropolis. They are greeted with joy and enthusiasm, but only until two handsome, muscular, seemingly perfect twins named Dario and Dali come into town and steal all their fame. However, Wario and Waluigi find out that these twins are working for Foreman Spike, who plots to drill throughout Buckaropolis to find the legendary Evergold Lantern and use it to fulfill his hopes and dreams. As always, the two anti-heroes decide to go up against them and try to reach the lantern first.


Aside from the open-world elements, gameplay of Wario and the Badland Brotherhood most closely resembles that of the Nintendo GameCube game Wario World, but also incorporates elements from the Wario Land series. Wario and Waluigi can both jump, punch enemies, and use the Ground Pound, and they each have a set of exclusive abilities. Both characters will gain a certain Reaction upon taking a hit from an enemy, meaning they can't actually die in the game and will instead receive a powerup-like ability that may help or hinder them under different circumstances. Returning from Wario World are Mad Moves, which can be pulled off after picking up an enemy.



Character Description Moves
Wario MP100.png

Wario has always had a lust for gold and treasure, but he can only be given so much of it before he gets bored. As such, he's back in action in Buckaropolis -- and he has a bone to pick with Foreman Spike and those oh-so-perfect twins he's hired.

Dash Attack
Wario charges forward with his shoulder and rams into enemies and objects.

Hyper Suction
Opens his mouth and sucks in nearby coins.

Corkscrew Conk
Turns into a yellow and sphere and launches into the air.

Mega Toss
Throws an enemy as far as he can.

Slams the enemy into the ground, knocking back other enemies and shattering objects.

Wild Swing-Ding
Swings the enemy around at a fast pace.

425px-Waluigi Artwork - Mario Kart Wii.png


Waluigi used to be a resident of the Music Box World. After Wario saved him and his fellow citizens from Rudy the Clown, he began to see him as a role model and followed him out of the music box. Now, he's a faithful ally to Wario and is here to help him stop the Dario Twins.

Tornado Rush
Waluigi spins around extremely fast. This move can also be used to dig holes in soft ground.

Performs a dance move that will trip enemies and activate low switches.

Aqua Boost
While underwater, Waluigi can use a quick spin to dash ahead, knocking out enemies in his path.

Tennis Toss
Pulls out a tennis racket and uses it to launch the enemy at an arc.

Hockey Slash
Uses his hockey stick to send an enemy sliding forward and bouncing off walls.

Bowler Charge
Rolls the enemy forward, and it knocks out any enemies ahead and destroys certain barriers.


Character Description

Mona is a pizza delivery girl and an employee of WarioWare, Inc. She's on vacation in Buckaropolis, and Wario is willing to do whatever it takes to impress her. But when she starts to swoon for Dario's bold personality, Wario starts to get jealous.

She will act as a guide throughout Buckaropolis, as long as you pay her first. The more you pay Mona, the longer she'll stick around with you.

504px-Dr. Crygor Pose Gold.png

When rumors about the Evergold Lantern reach Diamond City, what else is there for a cybernetic mad scientist to do but track it down? Dr. Crygor runs a levitating item shop that he will pilot around Buckaropolis, and if you happen to find him, you can borrow one of his creations to assist you.
581px-Penny Pose.png

Penny Crygor has arrived in Buckaropolis with one question: why have a lantern make your dreams come true when you can, well... do it yourself? As such, she has brought the Super MakerMatic 21 with her, and Wario or Waluigi can pay coins to build a new building for the hub world, Los Banditos. As you continue to expand the town, more people will arrive and more money will be spent.


Character Description
Foreman Spike (Mario Character Encyclopedia).png

Foreman Spike is the CEO of the widespread company SpikeCorp, which sets up massive cities using the remains of old fortresses that have been destroyed -- including those owned by the likes of Bowser, King K. Rool, etc. Now, he's close to going bankrupt, and has set his sights on the Evergold Lantern to ensure his company's safety -- but first, he'll have to go through Wario and Waluigi and stop them from getting it themselves.

Art by Pokerninja2 (tbc)
With straight, well-combed hair, an elaborate sense of humor, and just the right amount of muscles, Dario just might be Wario's worst nightmare. In fact, he's everything he wants to be and possibly more. He and his twin brother, Dali, have been hired by Foreman Spike to help him find the Evergold Lantern -- and since his dream is to be Mushroom World's greatest adventurer, he's all for it.

Art by Pokerninja2 (tbc)
Unlike his passionate, outgoing twin brother, Dali is more introverted and thoughtful, and doesn't take too kindly to jokes and pranksters. While he's great with sports, he has also had several years of training in martial arts, and uses his skills in combat against opponents. Dali's wish is to be able to sense emotions so he can hopefully improve his social skills, and thus sets out with Dario in search of the Evergold Lantern, albeit reluctantly.
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