American Box art of Wario World U.
Developer(s) Play! Software Planning
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Action, Adventure
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Europe January 05, 2013
25px-Flag of Australia January 05, 2013
25px-Flag of Japan February 09, 2013
25px-Flag of USA January 12, 2013
Mode(s) 1 Player
Age Rating(s) ERating 3Rating USK6 OFLC-G CERO A
Media Included Wii U Disc
Digital Download

Wario World U is a game released for the Wii U console as a sequel to the Nintendo GameCube game, Wario World. It was released in Europe and Australia in January 5, 2013, in Japan in February 09, 2013 and in the United States in February 12, 2013.


The game begins with Wario in his new golden palace built in a land called "Marshmallow World". When he visits his treasure room, he finds out that all of his gold coins, diamonds and crystals are gone. The ground starts to shake and the palace explodes and is destroyed, as Wario is thrown away. Wario sees Adamon, a diamond-like thief, to steal all his treasure and the land's ruler, Prince Mashumaru and take them to his own castle, making all the Marshmites scared. Wario then, sets off to rescue the prince and all of the stolen objects.


Just like its predecessor, Wario World U is a tridimentional platform game. In each level, the player must beat a boss, collect four treasures and grab an amount of coins. Each world has two levels and, after both are completed, the world boss fight can be played. Wario also has a set of moves that can be used to use objects and defeats enemies.


Playable Characters

Supporting Characters

  • Peppy-Peepers
  • Prince Mashumaru
  • Marshmites


When Wario defeats a number of bosses, a new mini-game is available in a room in his palace. Wario can win mini-games to get a large amount of coins and extra health. There are three mini-games that can be unlocked:

  • WarioWare Arcade!
  • Wario's Adventure!
  • Wario's Downhill!
Image Name Gameplay and controls
WarioWareArcade WarioWare Arcade! In this game, Wario can play a game similar to the WarioWare series. There are twenty-two microgames to be played, and some of them are remakes of other games' microgames. Wario wins five coins for the first part, ten coins for the second part and thirteen coins for the third part and forward.
Controls: L button, R button, A button: do most actions.
WarioAdventure Wario's Adventure! In this 2D mini-game, the player controls Wario, who must go through ten short levels, each one with a different gimmick, such as ropes, moving platforms, spiky blocks and elevators. In the end of each level, the player must grab a yellow flag with a purple "W" on it, giving them ten coins. The last level contains a black goo boss, who floats and drops some bubbles, and Wario can use them to defeat it. Beating the game gives the player 50 coins.
Controls: Control Stick: move; A button: jump.
WarioDownhill Wario's Downhill! In this game, the player controls Wario, who is rolling on a rock down a giant slope. The player must avoid and jump obstacles, while collecting some crystals. Each crystal gives the player one coin. Sometimes, a Magon also appears rolling on a rock and tries to push Wario into obstacles. Defeating him gives the player five coins. Beating the game overall gives them 50 coins.
Controls: Touch screen: move the rock and jump.

Number of coins

In each level, the player must collect a number of coins to open the boss room. The number of coins required to collect are shown below.

Treeway Trail WarioWorldUcoin 300
Tippy Trunk Tower WarioWorldUcoin 400
Roast Coast WarioWorldUcoin 500
Rock-Bottom Brine WarioWorldUcoin 500
Manor of Jape WarioWorldUcoin 600
Moonlight Track WarioWorldUcoin 600
Snowball Falls WarioWorldUcoin 1000
Icicle Cave WarioWorldUcoin 1000
Chillville WarioWorldUcoin 1200
Cog Log WarioWorldUcoin 1300
Choose-a-Cave WarioWorldUcoin 1500
Cog Log WarioWorldUcoin 1500
Beansleek Stalk WarioWorldUcoin 1600
Palace Maze WarioWorldUcoin 1700
Ultra Hard
Getaway Gateway WarioWorldUcoin 2000
Spark in the Dark WarioWorldUcoin 2000


Wario World U is divided in eight worlds, each one with two levels, with a total of sixteen levels. The worlds can be accessed by areas in Wario's Palace.

Whirly Woods

Level Description/Treasures
Treeway Trail A level that is set in a forest with many trunks and a trail and is relatively easy. It is the first level of the game. The main enemies here are Magons, Tankytusks and Birdleys.
Wooden HeroBottle MessageGold LeafLucky Shoes
Tippy Trunk Tower A level in a tower made of wood and trunks in an area surrounded by tall trees. The main enemies here are Tankytusks and Diggaplants.
Heartwarming FlowerWood BugMaple BouquetMystic Badge

Twinkle Ocean

Level Description/Treasures
Roast Coast A beach level with many rocks and vines hanging on palm trees. The enemies found here are Cocoys, Neses and Chips.
Coconut DrinkFishy FossileGolden ToothTreasure Piggy
Rock-Bottom Brine An underwater level with a lot of sunken ships that can be explored by Wario. The enemies here are Saberuses, Billvalves and Mantics.
Mermaid DollGoldnutDancing StarfishWorthy Doubloon

Gloomy Garden

Level Description/Treasures
Manor of Jape A three-story haunted mansion with warping picture frames. Dies, Portraighosts, Tappets and Wavertures are new enemies.
Toy LampFear FlowersCreepy CrayonWatchful Eye
Moonlight Track A dark garden where Wario must climb the branches of dry trees. New enemies here are Monster Moles, Zombee Trees and Rots.
Charged CloudMonstruous MossPoison CauldronForbidden Formula

Shiver Summit

Level Description/Treasures
Snowball Falls A mountain covered with snow and ice with a lot snowballs and waterfalls. There are Yetches, Penguards and Snow Saucers as new enemies.
Snow GlobeStar StoneShaved IceSnow Saucer Proof
Icicle Cave A dark cave made of ice with falling icicles and sharp iced spikes. The new enemies are Shiversqueaks and Slambears.
Ice Cream ManCocoa ShakeIceball ConeIceberg Figure

Machinery Ferry

Level Description/Treasures
Chillville A level in a big factory with fences and shock rays. The main enemies are Rayjays, Fistfalls and Flatheads.
Cog ClockFuture LampRed Button of FateSealed Drum
Cog Log An area in the factory with lots of spinning cogs. Metabombs, Fistfalls and Flatheads are main enemies.
Iron DumbbellFluffy PillowEnergy TubeMystery Tape

Cocoa Cavern

Level Description/Treasures
Choose-a-Cave A cave level, where the entrance has three different paths, and Wario must choose one. The new enemies are Splat Bats, Spiders and Cobrawns.
Stone BeetlePowerful LanternCaveman FigureShiny Crystal
Trickle Lake A big area inside a blue cave with a lake and giant crystals. Cave Dudes, Cractyls and Croaks.
Nougat OreJason GoonMystic TorchStone World

Cloud Castle

Level Description/Treasures
Beansleek Stalk A level where Wario must climb a giant beanstalk in a sky land. The main enemies are Birdleys, Insunnies and Moonatics.
Bean SeedCloud Castle EncyclopediaGalaxy SpinScience Project
Palace Maze A palace in the sky that involves some labyrinths. The main enemies here are Warries, No-Way-Out Walls and Bitabounds.
Diamond ColumnBlock GamePretty PictureWario's Boombox

Creep Steep

Level Description/Treasures
Getaway Gateway A level that leads to Adamon's Castle. It contains a dark stone road and dry trees. Jerk-O'-Lanterns, Shade Snakes and Suction Bugs.
Sew FunSmiling TurnipNose-Picking GameMerman Figure
Spark in the Dark A level in Adamon's Castle. It is completely dark and some objects, such as Sparks and Crystal Plants light some paths. It is the last level in the game. The main enemies here are Gemites, 24K Pillars and Jewelims.
Crystal CrownCozy ThroneBright ScepterThe Adamon




  • Item Block: Wario can hit these, and they drop coins or garlics.
  • Watermelon Block: blocks can be carried and thrown by Wario.
  • Stone Block: blocks that can be broken by Wario.
  • Stonedrop Block: blocks that can be broken and fall down if there's nothing under them.
  • Marshmallow Block: blocks that disappear when Wario steps on them.
  • Arrow Block: Blocks that move to the direction they point.


  • Treasure Button: come in orange, yellow, purple and green. If they are activated, a treasure appears.
  • Escape Spring: they are located in Crystal Rooms and help the player to get back to the main area.
  • Sticky Sphere: when Wario touches them, he can crawl around it.
  • Golden Columns: colums used by Wario to defeat enemies.
  • Garlic Nozzle: a trumpet-like object that drops garlic when Wario punches it.
  • Wooden Trapdoor: used to access Crystal Rooms.
  • Steel Trapdoor: used to access Coin Pad rooms, but needs to be crushed with an enemy to open.
  • Whirly Bolt: giant bolts that can be swiveled by Wario to open doors, make platforms, etc.
  • Wario Stage: stages where Wario can battle enemies to win amounts of coins.
  • Goal Wheel: the end of every level, where the player can also get some coins.
  • Way-Out Wings: Wings that can take Wario back to the start of a level.


  • Coin: common objects that Wario can use to get extra lives or to buy things for his Palace.
  • Crystal Key: Wario must grab three of them per level, in order to activate the Goal Wheel.
  • Wario Sculpture: grant Wario an extra life.
  • Peppy Peeper: small creatures that give hints to Wario. There are four in every level.
  • Wario's Trasures: there are four in every level. They can be used to decorate Wario's palace.
  • Garlic: they fill one of Wario's hearts.
  • Coin Pad: they are found in bonus rooms and are placed in the Goal Wheel. They come in three variations and grant Wario the number of coins on them.


These are simple enemies that appear in the majority of levels.

Name/Icon Description
Magons Orange dinosaurs with big hands. They attack by simply chasing Wario.
Tankytusks (NEW) Orange and blue elephants with cannons instead of trunks.
Ankirons Turtle-like creatures with cannons on their shells.
Clubosaurs Yellow dinosaurs that attack with clubs.
Hammersaurs (NEW) Green dinosaurs that attack with hammers.
Birdleys (NEW) Small yellow birds that swoop toward Wario.
Cractyls Purple, googly-eyed pterodactyls that fly toward Wario.

Specified area enemies

Name/Icon Description Location
Diggaplants Plants that sprout from many places on the ground and try to bite Wario. Tippy Trunk Tower
Cocoys Crab creatures that throw coconuts at Wario. Roast Coast
Neses Sea Monsters that emerge from the water to attack Wario.
Chips Monkeys that cling vines on palm trees.
Saberuses Walrus enemies that home into Wario when he is near. Rock-Bottom Brine
Billvalves Giant clams that keep opening and closing their mouths.
Mantics Manta rays that swim in a determined route.
Dies Round zombies with exposed brains that get up from the floor and slowly chase Wario. They're indestructble. Manor of Jape
Portraighost They are cube-shaped ghosts that appear from and back to pictures on walls.
Tappet Red carpets that fly within a room. They sometimes stop and Wario can ride them.
Wavertures Purple carpets that make small but harmful waves on their bodies.
Monster Moles Yellow eyed moles that appear from holes and chase Wario frenetically. Moonlight Track
Zombee Trees Small dried trees that chase Wario when he is not looking at them.
Rots Trunks that roll around and can squash Wario.
Yetches Yeti creatures that throw snowballs downhill. They need to be attacked five times to be defeated. Shiver Summit
Penguards Lines of penguins that follow Wario. They can be defeated by crashing two penguins, besides other attacks.
Snow Saucer Snowflake-shaped UFOs that drop snowflake stones at land.
Shiversqueaks Icy rats that roam and slip on the ice. Icicle Cave
Slambears Polar bears that slam their big hands on the ground and causes earthquakes.
Rayjays They are moving electric fences that can shock Wario. Chillville
Fistfalls Big metallic hands that bounce and stomp the ground.
Flatheads Lid-like creatures with mean faces. They fit on walls and push Wario to pits or other walls when he gets near them.
Metabombs Walking bombs that chase Wario and explode when their counter reaches zero. Cog Jog
Splat Bats Bats that hang themselves from the ceilings and swoop into Wario when they see him. Choose-a-Cave
Spiders These enemies simply walk in caves waiting for Wario.
Cobrawns Big brawny snakes that crawl on the floor and reflect on the walls.
Cave Dudes Stocky creatures which throw rolling boulders in the cave. They're equivalent to Yetches. Trickle Lake
Croaks Green or purple frogs that jump randomly on the cave ground or lily pads.
Insunnies Small suns that emit spotlights that can burn Wario if he gets under it too long. Beansleek Stalk
Moonatics Small moons that get around the beanstalk and spit lunar stones at it.
Warries Small creatures wearing armors, using swords to hurt the player. Palace Maze
No-Way-Out Walls Walls with faces that trap Wario at dead ends. He can break them with several consecutive attacks.
Bitabounds Plants that sprout from walls and chase Wario, stretching their stems. After some time, they stick to another wall.
Jerk-O'-Lanterns Walking pumpkins that spit pumpkin seeds in the direction they face. Getaway Gateway
Shade Snakes Black snakes with white eyes. They crawl from one tree to another quickly.
Suction Bugs Black insects that stick to walls and walk side to side.
Gemites Giant yellow gems that boost spin in Wario's direction. Spark in the Dark
24K Pillars Golden pillars with crystal spikes. They pound the floor.
Jewelims Green jewels who create light beams that can make the player dizzy.

Bosses and impediments

Name Description Type Level
Crispytimber A giant tree with a face. It attacks by slamming its head on the ground. Impediment Treeway Trail
Tank Tree A living cannon made of wood. It attacks by shooting green round bombs at Wario. Boss
Miller A round see-saw who cuts parts of wood Wario steps on. They can also cut walls and defeat enemies. Impediment Tippy Trunk Tower
Mecha Monke-Ty A mechanical monkey who looks a bit like Donkey Kong. It attacks by throwing barrels at Wario. Boss
Clawgrab A crab boss who blocks Wario's way. It attacks throwing rocks at him and pounding the ground. Impediment Roast Coast
Walrocks A walrus-like creature fought on a group of rocks on the ocean. It attacks by sinking those rocks and causing ocean waves. Boss
Limbster A lobster-like creature that blocks a cave Wario must go through. It attacks by pinching him with its giant claws. Impediment Rock-Bottom Brine
Baddie Octo A giant purple octopus. It attacks in several ways with its tentacles. Boss
Poltergrowl A blue ghost dog who is attached to a chain. He attacks Wario by running onto him. Impediment Manor of Jape
Poltergusty A large ghost bat that flies during the battle. He attacks by swooping toward Wario and creating waves when pounding the floor. Boss
Leafleet A group of small leaf-like creatures who chase Wario. Wario must defeat the all to progress. Impediment Moonlight Track
Irritated I The only Mr. I in the game, it is red with throbbing veins and attacks by shooting lasers at Wario. Boss
Snow Mighty A large snowman who throws snowballs at Wario. Wario must destroy all of its segments to defeat it. Impediment Shiver Summit
Master Snowbird A large round penguin who wears a black belt. He tries to push Wario off the battle area. Boss
Icebummer A giant and inanimate iceberg. Wario must hit it ten times to cause it to break. Impediment Icicle Cave
Crystal Critter An ice crystal monster with giant hands. He attacks by punching Wario and creating icy stalagmites on the ground. Boss
Jay-Gate An electric fence made of Rayjays. They move back and forth, in order to shock Wario. Impediment Chillville
Rat Robot An abnormally large toy mouse. Wario must hit it while it stops to wind-up itself. Boss
Bumper Bolt Big bolts that must be defeated to remove some cogs blocking the way. Impediment Cog Log
Big Drill A drill-like robot. It attacks by spinning fastly through the battle area and by jumping toward Wario. Boss
Watery Nesty Sea monster creatures that appear from small lakes. Impediment Choose-a-Cave
Master Mole A mole boss who digs through the battle area's soil. Wario must pound it three times to defeat it. Boss
Bug Barrier A beetle-like monster who walks back and forth in a corridor. Impediment Trickle Lake
Mega Spider A big version of the Spider enemy. Wario must climb its web and hit it three times. Boss
Seven Garden Gnomes Seven small creatures who chase Wario. They must be defeated, so a gate is opened. Impediment Beansleek Stalk
Thunderterror A giant rain cloud who attacks by striking lightning bolts at Wario. Boss
Gloomy Guster A black dried tree who attacks Wario by throwing logs at him, while making strong gusts. Impediment Creep Steep
Adamon??? A small diamond who also acts as a fake Adamon. He floats through the battle area and pounds the ground creating waves. Boss
Adamon The final boss and main villain. He attacks by creating many sharp crystals that can hurt Wario, besides creating giant crystals and waves on the ground. Final boss Adamon's Room

Moves and Transformations

Wario has a variety of moves in the game.

  • Spring Jump: Wario jumps, as his legs turn into a spring.
  • Fist Punch: Wario punches and his fist gets big.
  • Wheel Ram: Wario runs foward with wheels on his legs.
  • Vortex Grab: Wario can suck coins with a small vortex on his mouth.
  • Block Slam: Wario turns into a cube and strongly slams the ground.
  • Roll Ball: Wario turns into a ball that can roll fastly to defeat enemies.

Wario also has three special attacks, that can be used on enemies and Golden Columns.

  • Powerful Throw: Wario grabs the enemy and throws it away.
  • Drill Spin: Wario grabs the enemy and spins it.
  • Super Toss: Wario throws the enemy up and it falls down, slamming the ground.


  • The game's main villain's name, Adamon, is a pun on the name "Adam" and the word "adamond".

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