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Wario World 2 is a 3D platformer developed by Crash Co. for the Nintendo Switch and Pharo. It is a sequel to the 2003 GameCube game Wario World, as well as the second 3D platformer in the Wario series. This is also the first Wario game to be released since Game & Wario in 2013.


The game opens in Wario's House in Diamond City. He is sitting on his couch, eating heads of garlic while flipping through channels on his TV. However, a news report catches his eye, saying that the lost temple of King Hanzo III has been found, with various treasures inside. Ecstatic, Wario goes to tell his roommate Waluigi, accidentally bumping into him and spilling hot coffee on his overalls. Though angry at first, he forgets it almost immediately when Wario tells him that treasure has been found. Looking to get rich quick, the two run over to the Wario Car and start driving to the temple.

When they arrive, Wario is about to enter before he notices his old rival, Captain Syrup, who apparently also found out about the temple's treasure and is looking to steal it. All three race inside the temple and find themselves in a room filled with treasure. A large, heavy diamond is also seen on a golden pedestal in the middle of the room. Wario, Waluigi, and Syrup all climb the pedestal to reach the diamond first. Desperate, Wario grabs Waluigi and throws him at Syrup, knocking both off of the pedestal. Wario climbs upward and manages to get to the diamond first, holding it up in victory. The room begins shaking however, and the spirit of King Hanzo III awakens from a large golden statue in the back of the room. Enraged that the three have infiltrated his temple to steal his treasure, he unveils a large globe similar to the one used to enter the Shake Dimension, and using his magic, he draws Wario, Waluigi, and Captain Syrup into it, transporting them to a new world.

The three end up in a strange land, and Wario and Syrup recognize it as the Shake Dimension. As the two bicker with each other as they normally do, Waluigi looks around and finds a woman glad in green sitting by herself in the distance. He calls in the other two, getting the woman's attention. Wario recognizes her as Queen Merelda, the ruler of the dimension. Merelda recognizes Wario as well, and is thankful that he came at a time like this. She explains that ever since Wario defeated the Shake King, strange monsters have been wrecking havoc across the land and robbing it of its treasures, eventually forcing her into hiding. Syrup then replies by saying that they're in a situation of their own as well, being in the Shake Dimension with no way of returning thanks to Hanzo. Merelda recognizes this name as one of the Shake Dimension's previous rulers, an evil tyrant that would stop at nothing to hoard all the land's treasures for himself. She assumes that Hanzo's spirit has arisen again, which is why Wario, Waluigi, and Syrup are now here. She also mentions that the only way to escape is to collect the six Shake Pearls, which are now held by the monsters. As such, all four make an alliance to get out of the Shake Dimension and stop Hanzo, as well as take his treasure.


Much like its predecessor, Wario World 2 is a 3D platformer. In any given level, the player's main objectives are to reach the end of the level and collect all of the treasures in each level. The four playable characters all have attacks and moves of their own, allowing them to reach certain areas or defeat enemies. Unlike the first game however, the levels in Wario World 2 have more of an open-world sandbox theme akin to Super Mario Odyssey, with multiple branching pathways leading to various level exits.

In a similar way to Super Mario 3D World, the game puts a heavy emphasis on multiplayer. At any given time, one other character will tag along with the player, either being another player or AI-controlled, and will help them defeat enemies and open new paths. These can also be used to perform special Duo Attacks, where both characters use their combined strengths for a significantly harder attack.

Level progression is similar to Wario Land 3; all levels have more than one exits, usually ranging from three to five. A level can be finished by finding a Shake Diamond, found in a large treasure chest at the end of one path of the level. Throughout the game, Wario and his allies will learn new attacks and abilities, which can be used to find further exits in the levels. In addition, some changes to the levels themselves may occur as the game progresses, opening to more exits.


Playable Characters

Playable Characters
Character Information
Wario MP100.png

Wario is Mario's obese, yellow-in-clad rival. When he first finds out about King Hanzo III's temple and the treasure it holds, it is no surprise that he races to get rich quick. He, Waluigi, and Captain Syrup end up getting trapped in the Shake Dimension, and must work together to escape and help Merelda defeat Hanzo. Wario is able to use his signature Shoulder Dash to defeat enemies close by, and he can open his mouth wide open to suck in any Coins he finds laying around. He can also grab enemies and swing them around or perform a piledriver attack.

Waluigi - Wario World 2.png

Waluigi is Wario's partner-in-crime and roommate, living with him in Diamond City. When Wario informs Waluigi that the temple of King Hanzo III has been found, he is quick to help Wario get some cash. However, both of them and Captain Syrup end up getting stuck on the Shake Dimension, and they must help Queen Merelda defeat Hanzo and escape the world. He's a rather quick character with strange abilities; he can spin around to defeat any enemies that come near him, as well as swim in midair to gain some extra jump height. He is also armed with Whiskered Eggplants, which he can throw at enemies.

Captain Syrup New Render.png
Captain Syrup

Captain Syrup is Wario's arch-rival; a greedy pirate who commands her own crew, the Black Sugar Gang. She has battled with Wario to get treasure, though more often than not she can outsmart Wario. She is first seen racing Wario and Waluigi to the temple of King Hanzo III to get the treasure for herself. An encounter with Hanzo's spirit sends all three of them to the Shake Dimension however. She puts aside her differences with Wario to help Merelda defeat Hanzo, though she is more interested in getting the trasure for herself. Syrup is armed with a sword, which she uses to attack enemies with. In addition, she can also throw a boomerang to attack enemies from afar.

Queen Merelda

Queen Merelda is the benevolent queen of the Shake Dimension and the ruler of the Merfies. Ever since the Shake King's defeat, some strange monsters were appearing out of nowhere and terrorizing the land, forcing her to flee and hide out. When Wario, Waluigi, and Captain Syrup end up in the Shake Dimension thanks to King Hanzo III, one of the dimension's previous rulers, Merelda comes out of hiding to team up with Wario and the gang to save the Shake Dimesnion from the monsters and stop King Hanzo. She has magic abailities that can be used against enemies, including firing green projectiles and shaking the ground to stun any ground-bound opponents. Furthermore, Merelda has the ability to float in midair for a short time, gaining some distance.

Duo Attacks

Duo Attacks
Wario Waluigi Captain Syrup Queen Merelda
Wario --- Wa-Baton Gold Rush Shaking Slam
Waluigi Wa-Baton --- Sneaky Strikers Showstoppers
Captain Syrup Gold Rush Sneaky Strikers --- Golden Aura
Queen Merelda Shaking Slam Showstoppers Golden Aura ---


Transformation Information Enemies
Puffy - Wario World 2.png

While in Puffy form, the player is able to float upwards, and can move through the air to dodge obstacles. They are also able to release air, flying faster but losing control. After hitting an enemy or running out of air, the player will lose their Puffy state.

Stingin' Imp

Vampire - Wario World 2.png

With the Vampire transformation, the player is able to transform into a bat and fly around freely. The player is also slightly faster on the ground in their regular form, and can defeat enemies by touching them. However, touching any light will have the player revert to their normal state.


Other Characters

Other Characters
Character Information
Shake King.png
Shake King

The Shake King is a rutheless viking who leads a gang of baddies. They took over the Shake Dimension in Wario's last visit, but he ended up chasing him off to get all the treasure he stole. Ever since, he and his minions took refuge on a secluded island, Shakedown Hideout. After getting word that Wario has returned, he seeks to settle the score once and for all.


The Merfles are magical, elf-like inhabitants of the Shake Dimension, who live under Queen Merelda's benevolent rule. However, when the strange monsters started attacking the land, they fled into hiding. Throughout the game, Wario and his allies can find Merfles and rescue them. They come in a wide variety of colors, and they agree to help Wario, Waluigi, and Captain Syrup return to their homeworld once rescued. The ending of the game depends on how many Merfles are rescued; as such they serve a similar role to the Spritelings in Wario World.

Worlds and Levels

Wario World 2 is divided into six worlds, each of which have five levels, making for 30 levels total. Certain events can happen in these levels as the player progresses through the game, which can open more pathways and in turn unlock more levels.

Level Information
Peril Plains
Greedy Grove

Greedy Grove is a large, vast grassland, filled with flower patches and trees. It is, however, roaming with monsters. They are weak however, and the level serves as a "test area" for Wario and co. to practice their abilities. The level isn't very huge and is the only has one exit, though there are multiple pathways to take, as well as treasures to find.

Sweet Shipwreck

Sweet Shipwreck is the remains of Captain Syrup's Sweet Stuff, the vessel she used while "helping" Wario in their last visit to the Shake Dimension. Since her last visit, the ship has been sunken and overrun by monsters, which are currently rebuilding it for their own use. Though the ship remains afloat, it's still quite damp from the water. Most trasures are found on board, though there are a few that are found in the ocean floor, below the Sweet Stuff.

Wide Woodlands

Wide Woodlands is a pretty dense forest surrounded with trees. The level is a lot more vertical than most, with ladders and vines allowing the player to climb the trees. Treasure chests are found all over the trees, as are monsters. There are items found on the ground as well however. At one point in the game, one large tree grows, and the player can travel inside to gain more items and treasures.

Lake Latrodue

Lake Latrodue is located in a large, rocky chasm, where water commonly flows through. Much of the level takes place in the water, where various treasures are found, though some are also found along the walls of the chasm. At one point in the game, the water level actually rises, allowing access to new areas.

Temple of Ratl

An old, sandy temple located in a desert. It used to belong to Ratl, an ancient god worshipped by the people of the Shake Dimension, but has since fallen in ruin. Monsters have decided to take control of the temple, rebuilding it into a fortress of sorts. Most of the level takes place inside the temple and its various puzzles and mazes, though there are points where one can explore the desert too.

Calamity Corals
Sand Dune Shore

Located near the ocean, this level takes place in a large, tropical beach, with palm trees and sand dunes. Humorously, the monsters have built sand castles here to serve as bases, taking down any opposers who come across. Much of the level is on land, though there are points where the player can enter the water.

Mystery Island

Mystery Island is a small, secluded island in the middle of the ocean. Birds are often flying around here, and a lot of vegetation grows. A unique feature in this level is that the player can enter small sinkholes, and appear in an alternate dimension, which is a flipped version of the level that has dead vegetation, is at night, and the water is drained. Treasures can be found in both of these areas.

Clear Depths

This level takes place just under the water. It introduces the use of the Subwarine from Wario Land: Shake It!, which allows the player to explore the area. Though the level can be navigated without it, the Subwarine's weapons and abilities could prove useful for digging up hidden treasures.

Radiant Reefs

Radiant Reefs is located further down the ocean. It is significantly darker here, though as the level's name implies, nearby coral radiates light, which can be used to light the way. Many creatures can be found here, and won't hesitatie to harm the player if they come their way. The player can swim here alone or use the Subwarine, though both must be used to find all the treasures.

The Deep End

At the bottom of the ocean, it is significantly dark and impossible to see. However, the Subwarine's light allows the player to see where they're going. Monsters lurk underwater here, hiding in the shadows and waiting for the player to come by and strike. There are several trenches here that can be explored as well, which hide treasures.

Quivering Clouds
Sunrise Savannah

This savannah is located at the edge of a huge cliff, which leads to a mess of clouds that make an entire area of the Shake Dimension. Monsters are hiding out here too, and won't hesitate to attack on site. Notably, this level introduces another vehicle Wario and his allies can use: the Bulldog. They can fly through the air with it, as well as shoot down enemies and obstacles.

Rainy Way

An area in the sky shrouded with rainclouds. It is constantly raining, which can make the ground quite slippery. Thunder also crashes regularly, making certain areas quite dangerous to be around. Monsters will hide in the clouds and will try to jump at the player, getting in their way. The rain and thunder makes this especially problematic.

Dusk Heights

Far above the Shake Dimension is an array of clouds that lead even higher into the sky. Monsters lurk around here too, trying to impede progress. Clouds can be used to jump from one area to the next, and the Bulldog will need to be used at certain points. Notably, the setting sun can be seen from below, as night covers the sky.

Bubbly Skies

Even farther in the clouds is a sea of large, bubble-like structures. These float aimlessly through the air, but Wario and co. can swim through them to reach new areas. These bubbles can also be frozen and act as platforms. Some of these bubbles also move in set patterns, and are needed for progression.

Thunder Temple

Located at the very highest point of the Shake Dimension is this temple made of thunderclouds. Some of the ground can light up in electricity, making navigation rather difficult. Additionally, the clouds can sometimes disappear from below. Because of its high altitude, it is hardly seen by Shake Dimension citizens, so Monsters have taken control of it, making it into a base of sorts.

Shakedown Hideout
Prehistoric Passage
Precarious Peaks


Enemy Information
Grumbo - Wario World 2.png

Grumbos serve as the game's basic enemies. They will charge at the player when they see them, though can easily be defeated with any attack.

Angro - Wario World 2.png

Angros are angry Grumbos that acre colored red. They are much more aggressive than Grumbos, and will charge at the player at double speed. Angros can vbe defeated just as easily however.

Braddish - Wario World 2.png

Braddishes are radish-like creatures. They are often seen meandering around the area, and when the player comes nearby they will swing their grass stalks like a boomerang. If this is destroyed, the Braddish will run away, scared. It can be defeated with any attack, albeot it can only be jumped on if the grass stalk is off of its head.

Snapper - Wario World 2.png

Snappers are small pant-like creatures. They are lodged into the ground, though they will try to attack the player by lunging forward and biting them. Most projectiles and attacks from above can defeat them, though frontal attacks will simply see the Snapper bite the player.

Stingin' Imp - Wario World 2.png
Stingin' Imp

Stingin' Imps are demon-like beetle creatures. They are normally found flying around, prepared to attack any trespassers with their stingers. Once they spot the player, they will fly in and sting then. This grants the player the Puffy transformation. They can be defeated with any attack.

Bloodbite - Wario World 2.png

Bloodbites are undead, cloud-like beings with wings and scowling faces. They fly around freely through the air, and upon seeing the player, will chase them relentlessly to bite them. Upon being bitten, the player will receive the Vampire transformation. If Bloodbites touch light, they will be defeated however.





  • Wario World 2 was based on a comment Exotoro (tbc) made on a blog regarding Waluigi, saying how in order for Waluigi to be in a Wario Land game it would need to be made into a party experience a la Super Mario 3D Land, and at least two more characters would need to be in as well, hence Captain Syrup and Merelda's presence.
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