Wario Land 3D is an upcoming game Platformer/RPG in the Wario Land series, developed by GemGames Co. and published by Nintendo. The game will feature Wario, along with his brother, Waluigi, as they set out on more misadventures across the Wario land Kingdom, Diamond City and other places. It will be released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS sometime in 2013.


The main aspect of the game is to collect alot of treasure as Wario and Waluigi, which will allow them access to more areas as they collect more and more treasure. There is also the aspect of non-playable characters, which Wario and Waluigi can choose to either help out, or hinder. If they help out then they will usually receive a money or treasure reward, but if they make the situation worse, they will not receive a reward, but instead can steal from the NPC, although they will usually be tasked with fighting them first.


3DS A Button A Button Punch
3DS B Button B Button Jump
3DS X Button X Button Shoulder-Barge (Wario), Tornado-Spin (Waluigi).
3DS Y Button Y Button Run (overworld only), Select Item (battle only).
3DS R Button R Button Super Fart (battle only, Wario), Super Kick (battle only, Waluigi)
3DS L Button L Button Chew-Up (battle only, Wario), Tennis Strike (battle only, Waluigi).
3DS R Button + 3DS D-Pad R Button + Control Pad (Up) Spin Jump
3DS R Button + 3DS D-Pad R Button + Control Pad (Down) Ground-Pound
Circlepad Circle Pad Move around




In Wario Land Kingdoom,Wario procuring Money bags to buy the golden coins in shop of Dr.crygon.Waluigi,Mona,R.O.B and Sr. Policeman assisting Wario but the golden coins. One evil dark version of Wario named Dark Wario kidnaped Mona.Wario collect the Wario Coins (power coins) to salve the Mona of claws of Dark Wario.



Character Description Abilities
WarioPlumber3D Wario, the greedy, treasure loving, self centered anti-hero is once again on the hunt for hoards of treasure. Wario has brought along his brother this time, who he forgot existed during his past adventures, due to his self centered nature. Wario uses his incredible strength to get what he wants. Shoulder-Barge
Super Fart
WaluigiPlumber3D Waluigi, the also greedy but somewhat more goofy brother of Wario, he beleives that everyone has cheated whenever he is beaten, he has joined Wario on his treasure hunting adventures for the first time. Waluigi utilizes his cheating nature, swift movements and powerful kicks to acheive his goals. Tornado-Spin
Super Kick
Tennis Strike


  • Mona
  • Dr.Crygon
  • R.O.B
  • Sr. Policiman


  • Captain Syrup
  • Shake King
  • Dark Wario
  • Shadow Mind


Diamond City

Wario Land Kingdom

  • Desert Domain
  • Icy Cannon
  • Animal Island

Syrup Coliseum

Red Island

Water Waterdall Cave

Shake King Castle

Captain Syrup 's Ship

Dark Wario 's Dimension


  • Cosmic Sattalite

Boss: Shadow Mind (Last boss of game and final boss of story).




  • The game was originally to be called Wario Land 5.
  • This is Waluigi's first appearance outside of a sports game.


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