Wario Deluxe
Wario Deluxe Sprite Gold.png
Wario Deluxe in WarioWare Gold
Original Character(s) Wario
Achieved By Using the Pot of Luxeville
First Appearance WarioWare Gold
Latest Appearance Super Wario Odyssey
Flight via Balloons, rewritting the rules

Wario Deluxe is one of Wario's Power-Ups in the WarioWare series. It was introduced in WarioWare Gold as the final boss of the game. Wario Deluxe gets his name from the chapter in which it debuts in.

Activation and Function

Wario Deluxe is activated when Wario puts the Pot of Luxeville on his head. He appears in a gold-colored tuxedo and his hat is replaced with the Pot of Luxeville on his head. Additionally, his eyes appear red and he can alter the information for each microgame, making it incredibly hard for the player to follow the actual directions for each microgame. Wario's voice is altered to be deeper and he appears in a float coated in several balloons that keeps him above in the sky.

In actuality, the Pot of Luxeville was a toilet for the people of Luxeville, as Lulu later reveals. While Wario Deluxe seems powerful, it seems that his actual power is the same as his original form, with his character cards suggesting his eyes only appear red due to a lack of sleep and he bought all the balloons and the tuxedo himself.


Super Wario Odyssey

Wario Deluxe appears as a outfit Wario can purchase in the Wario Kingdom in Super Wario Odyssey. Uniquely, it names the hat and outfit as separate entities as opposed to both starting with the same prefix for the outfit.

WarioWare: Joy Lives

Wario snuck off to Luxeville to steal that potty of gold one more time, to get more merchandising. He accidentally bumps it on his head again, becoming Wario Deluxe. He tries to get it off his own head before he gets brainwashed.

After completing, he kicks the potty of gold back to where it belongs and drives as far away from it as possible.



  • The true nature of Wario Deluxe is hinted at with two lines spoken by Wario:
    • “Oh! The money! The power! I feel it – inside! Gurgling! ... Building! It's... it's, uh... EXPLOSIVE!”
    • “Now do your worst! Compared to me, you're all number two!”
  • Wario Deluxe utilizing a pot is a possible call back to Wario's original power-ups from the Wario Land franchise, as he utilized pots that gave him powers.
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