WarioWare D.I.Y. Again!
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Developer(s) Gear Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Evo-Gem
Release Date(s)
1-4 players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action, creativity
Series Wario (series)
Predecessor WarioWare: D.I.Y.

WarioWare: D.I.Y. Again! is the (insert WarioWare Inc. number here)th game of the WarioWare Inc. series, and also the direct sequel of WarioWare: D.I.Y. as well as one of the two bundled games with Super Mario Maker D.I.Y. for the Evo-Gem home console. It allows players to make, play and shares custom microgames, comics and music with each others as well as new multiplayer modes. It will also have new features such as 3D Microgames, Microgames that uses the imput controllers and gyroscopic, and an Amiibo fonction that give out the respective character under 8-bit (NES and Gameboy) and 32-bit (SNES) for the use of microgame and comic creations.


The cutscene can be skipped at anytime, but it have prolonged intro compared to the other WarioWare games.

Before Title Screen

It all starts in Wario's house, where the greedy employer is playing Super Wario World (a parody of Super Mario World with Wario instead of Mario, and plays a SNES version of Super Mario 3D World overworld theme like it was made in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Dream Land 3). He leave a yawn before a doorbell had rung and he paused the game, sigh, before the letter slipped from the mail-door somehow soaring at Wario's face, which he growls and pick it up. When noticed that a letter slipped from the mail-door, he lift his left eyebrow and pick it up, open it, and when he reads the letter (which is seen on-screen).

"Dear Wario, we had enough of your bossy, mean and mostly greedy attitude toward us. While we are still friends, we will rather work with the Diamond Software Inc. than getting constantly unpaid. We agreed that it will be for the best of us, even if you wouldn't agree at all. If still refuse to be at least a bit nicer and then still take all of the credits, then do your buisness by yourself"!
Sincerly, signed, Mona

After understanding that he loses his employees and friends, he drop his jaw in a bad surprise, before the camera skip to his house where he screams like he is very angry, causing his house to jump up and shakes, then fall back when he stopped, then the camera switches back in his home where he hop up and down, rolls, and punches himself in frustration, feeling awkward of what happened to him. He accelerate more and more before he get tired.

He then calmed down, and noticed the damage he had done on everything but his Evo-Gem (which have the same color of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System) and his TV. He however loses interest for the moment and turn it off, then leave a sad "Wah". He then decide to check on his garage and said to himself that he should find anything he could use to "do-it-himself". When he said that, he remembered about how he made some of them with the Super MakerMatic 21, and remembered that by hiring a naive but creative commoner, he can becomes rich once more...and probably present his excuses and paid them for at least once.

When he noticed that it was a long time that the Super MakerMatic 21 and feels that the microgames made from this machine is "all but new", he scratches his head, but a shadow appears much of Wario's surprise. It is Dr. Crygor who is still loyal to Wario, suggests that he will upgrade the Super MakerMatic into an even more powerful Microgame-Maker but only if Wario will act nicer to his friends and will paid him and the others for at least once. Wario, not happy about the deal at first, admitted that he don't want to be alone, so he disappointingly nodded and then hand shake Dr.Crygor in at least some more enthusiasm.


WarioWare: D.I.Y. Again!, being a sequel of WarioWare: D.I.Y., retains all of the fonctions and gameplay from it's predecessor, but also have new fonctions and possibilities for making microgames. The Ultra MakerMatic 128, a powerful and upgraded version of Super MakerMatic 21, allows the player to make microgames, comics and music much less limits and more avaliability.

Playing microgames becomes more traditional of the WarioWare inc. series; you starts with four lives and upon a brief instruction is given (Buttons, Touch or Gyro), then you play one of the microgames.

Every time you completed five microgames, the speed goes up until it return to normal for the boss stage, where you will face a Boss Microgame. Failing one will lose a life, and when you lose all of your lives, the game is over. However, completing a Boss Stage will reward you a bonus life (but not beyond four lives), and then the microgames will Level Up, becoming a bit harder.


Along with six premade microgames packs, the player have the ability to create microgames, now possible in either 2D, 3D or mixed-up and controller imput possibility along with the usual touch screen to play them, much less limits like up to 99 frames per object's condition, while making them possible to do almost any size (like 5x15 or 90x40) as well as allowing more fluid moments like rotations.

Any sprites being made into 3D will cost as twice as the total PTs used on these sprites. The "PT-Limit" is now increased to 1536 (256 * 6 = 1536), which allows more variable situations.

There are multiple new features which allows more variety and more resemblence to the other WarioWare. Inc microgames, as listed below.

Name Fonction
Difficult Setter The player can make countepart of Level 1 (Easy), Level 2 (Normal) and Level 3 (Hard). It will alway be setted to a specefic level depended on the player's desire for the playtest and single microgame play, and when the gameplay is at Level Up in regular WarioWare Inc. gameplay or in certain Multiplayer gamemodes.
Randomizer This device can put anything but music and art into multiple yet randomly selected behavior, structure, sounds and effects depended on what the player programmed it, and can be very useful for variety. Each chances can be setted into equal or manually different.

This allows the player to make almost anything from opaque to completely invisble. This can be setted for the default conditions and any AI actions.

Advanced Moving Patterns It is now possible for the objects to move in an advanced way, including but not limited to moving in an arc, circle around a specific object, and simply chasing it.
Transformation When a certain condition is met, the object will becomes another object. The player must first put in the "Put to Transformation" option and decide which it would be part of what other object.
Music Modifier Makes the music to do certain effect, like to stop or continue, to go faster or slower, to becomes louder or softer, more options.

Pre-made Microgame Packs

The Randomness of each packs is scaled from Simple, Silly, Odd, Crazy and Surreal. It demonstrate how unpredictable the microgames would be the first time the pack is played.

The order of which pack is received are random, with the exception of Warm-Up and Wario Time.

Character Theme Quote Randomness
Wario D.I.Y.A. Icon Warm-Up "Hey! Its you again! Before you could take on their stinky microgames, you must first pass the simple microgames...dedicated to me, Wario! Wa ha! Now what are you waiting for? Show me what you got on your guts! Not literally of course..." Simple
Mona D.I.Y.A. Icon Strange "Hello, fella! I see you were working for that greedy punk. I refuse to talk with Wario right now, but since you seems actually a hard worker, I hope my weird but funny microgames will inspire you for later!" Crazy
Orbulon D.I.Y.A. Icon IQ Skill "So you must be Wario's newest employee, am I right? Of course you are, human. If you want to prove us that you are a good employee, you better use your brain and show me how smart you are with those IQ-Needed Microgames. Even if you couldn't get over my fantastic IQ of 300, you better be smart on those microgames." Odd
Mike D.I.Y.A. Icon Musical "Hello player! The singing and swinging karaoke robot is here! After making microgames based on using musical intruments, and some of them uses the mics to blow, you better put up your rypthm and follow the beat!" Silly
9-Volt 18-Volt D.I.Y.A. Icon Nintendo Games "Yo! 9-Volt's here! I see that you build up some interesting microgames, but can you beat ours and dig in the history of Nintendo games? I hope you do, because that hot-headed Wario seems to mess up with it time to time!" Odd
Kat Ana D.I.Y.A. Icon Nature "(Player name)! It's us, Kat and Ana! We trained hard to become true ninjas, but working for Wario is like dealing with a fire-breathing dragon! Our microgames have only natural selections...which we means animals, plants, and other things that are belong to the nature, of course." Silly


Unlike it's prequel and like WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase, WarioWare D.I.Y. Again have multiplayer modes that up to four players can compete or cooperate. It can be setted into "Only Official Microgames", "Only Player-Made Microgames" or "Mixed-Up". The games under italic are those available from the start, while the rest are unlocked in each day.

Name Gameplay Description
Wario Bongi The opposite of traditional bingo game; the player must not let his/her bingo card to have a pattern that should be memorized and not be followed, or else he/she will lose. When winning a Microgame, he/she can remove one of the marks, but losing will force him/her to add one, while a Send-to-Opponent mark will be given to an opponent when won. If even just a single player had survived three microgames in a row, the game will set the microgames into higher level.
Pass it or Boom! The player must not have the timed bomb exploded while holding it and playing a microgame. The bomb will then be passed if he/she succeed or kept if failed. The timed bomb can be adjusted from 45 seconds to two minutes, and can be set or randomized. If everyone passed the bomb without failing once, or if someone had completed three microgames without losing one, the microgames becomes faster. This gamemode can be setted in Easy, Normal or Hard. The one whose Timed Bomb exploded when not completing a Microgame in time loses, while anyone else wins.

Gamer 2: Mom's Re-Viligence

The multiplayer version of Gamer from Game & Wario. The goal is to get as many points by clearing microgames without running out of lives (batteries), in a setted time and without getting caught by multiple 5-Volts, each for one player to watch for. The microgames get faster or harder the more points the players make, and as such the 5-Volts becomes more watchful.
amiibo Hunt Memorize where the "running" amiibos are going to random places, then gather up as many existing amiibos as possible in ten to twenty turns, or until all amiibos are gathered! Win a microgame and the player can take a peek at where an amiibo can be. A Golden Amiibo (Gold Mario, Gold Mega Man, Gold Wario) worth as much as three points but there is only one of these at a time. When half of the total turns or if a Gold Amiibo is found, the microgames will go faster. This gamemode can be setted to Easy, Normal, Hard or Frenzy (Hard with altered screen).
Wariodurence This plays similarly to Pass It or Boom, but instead avoid failing at all cost in order to not making Wario angry. Wario had varied "Tolerance" from five to ten tries, and will not be told until Wario get so angry that he will punch the player to the moon. Each player will take a clockwise turn. If you win, Wario will keep his Tolerance right, but losing will cause Wario to get angrier. Wario will even decide to make the microgames faster or harder when he feels like it! One can deliberately loses some of Wario's Toletances, but the risk is huge after four tries loss, and getting punched to the moon by Wario means a loss! It can be also played until there is one player left.
Boss Blast A special Multiplayer game where only Boss Microgames can be played. The players will have to face ten different Boss Microgames, and the last one is always "Bash Crash Clash!", Wario-Man's Boss Microgame. The player who successfully beaten the most Boss Microgames wins. These Microgames are setted into Level 3 and are a bit faster, making it more difficult to do a perfect run.




  • This game and Super Mario Maker D.I.Y.  being bundled games for the Evo-Gem is not an intentional coincidence, has the latter one is a tribute for both Super Mario Maker and WarioWare: D.I.Y., as well as the original Mario Paint. The object maker in Super Mario Maker D.I.Y. also resembles to the Ultra MakerMatic 128.
    • WarioWare: D.I.Y. Again!, Super Mario Maker D.I.Y. Wario Land: World of Wonders!, Super Mario Team-Mania and Super Smash Bros. Great Fray would makes Wario to appears in most Gear Games games in one year (2022). Many fans believed that this is going to be the Year of Wario, like the Year of Luigi was for Luigi.


  • Thanks for .snickedge for the titular logo.
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