I will save the world...
Wario-Man, WarioWare: Twisted!

Wario-Man is the ultimate superhero form of the greedy Wario, appearing most of time in the WarioWare series.

How Wario turns into Wario-Man

There are several manners to let Wario turn into Wario-Man. In Wario-Man's debut, WarioWare: Twisted!, Wario accidentally fell in Dr. Crygor's Gravitator. The washing machine turned him into Wario-Man. In WarioWare: Touched!, Wario ate a Nasty Garlic, because of feeling sick, and Garlic was for him the cure (the only Garlic he found was the Nasty Garlic). This thing turned him into Wario-Man. in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, turning into Wario-Man was his Final Smash. He just ate an ordinary head of Garlic to turn into Wario-Man. Other manners are unknown, though it has been proved there ARE more. In The Wario-Man, Wario transforms by eating the supercharged Hero Garlic. When he turns back to Wario, he has no energy left in his body, and must be recharged by the Give-A-Lifer.

Powers and Abilities

Like other superheroes, Wario-Man can fly. Although, in WarioWare: Touched! and Asobu Made in Ore, Wario-Man flew at least 0.248 miles (or 0,4 km) per hour. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, however, Wario-Man was super-fast, super-strong, and flies up while mid-air attacking as Wario's Final Smash. He was even invincible (technically, he actually wouldn't flinch when attacked and won't be send far away). His strength was largely lower in WarioWare: Touched!, although saying as strong as an iron burrito and sturdier than a snow tire. He was sent very, very far away by a train. His powers were even stronger in The Wario-Man, combining his Brawl powers with supersonic flight and "Toxic Garlic Breath".


Wario-Man is going to appear in WarioWare: Showing Off. His role is currently unknown. In Wario & Geno: Saviour of the Stars Wario-Man is a power-up for Wario. Wario-Man is the titular character of The Wario-Man, where he acts like a true good guy.



  • Wario-Man's Microgame theme is always Wario.
  • It has been speculated that Waluigi also has a superhero form, but more of a helper of Wario-Man.
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