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Waluigi's Mediocre Game is a mediocre app-style life-simulation game by Ninkancho for the Display. The game is primarily controlled using basic touchscreen functionality, like taps and swipes. It was released in celebration of The Year Of Waluigi.


It's another mediocre day in the life of Waluigi, who "WAAAAnts" to go around town and have a good time. That's all there is to it. The whole experience is actually rather bland.


Waluigi can travel around the town map to visit a few locations, which contain minigames. These minigames can be played endlessly, and can be exited at any time. Waluigi can get or lose "Waluigi Points" from performing well or badly. The goal of the game is to get enough points to reach the "Waluiderboard", though Waluigi Points may be exchanged for Play Coins instead.

Coffee shop

At the coffee shop, Waluigi can chat with his friends. The player has to choose dialogue options, and must be paying attention to the conversation to deduce which is the best possible response.


Waluigi is ready to read some books at the library. The player can flip the pages quickly to get Waluigi Points faster, but flipping them too fast will make a lot of noise, which in a library is not a good thing to do.

Tennis court

Waluigi can play tennis at the tennis court. It should be clear how Waluigi Points are awarded here.


Waluigi can engage in a very barebones fishing game at the pond.

Mini golf course

At the mini golf course, Waluigi can perfect his golf skills. Waluigi Points are awarded inversely depending on how many strokes off-par he is.


Waluigi will slowly earn Waluigi Points just by being at the park, even if the game is closed.

Phone booth

In the phone booth, Waluigi will dial a random number and leave a message at the tone. The player will be asked for a brief voice recording. The recording will invariably be replaced by a loud "WA!" before being played back and sent to a random Display with the game. Only a couple of Waluigi Points are earned from this activity.


Waluigi can go to the bank to exchange Waluigi Points for Play Coins, and vice-versa. The exchange rate changes each day, but it's always around 1000 Waluigi Points for 1 Play Coin.


Reception for Waluigi's Mediocre Game was mediocre. Most reviewers were alright with the existing content, but wanted more minigames to play and/or an engaging difficulty curve. One source also complained that "[Waluigi's Mediocre Game is] not our much-craved psychedelic introspection of a Waluigi-centric experience. In fact, it's quite the opposite: a rather dull minigame collection."
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