The Wallverse, sometimes also known as World 90, is an alternate Fantendoverse, and one of the few that are more drastically different from the current prime Fantendoverse. It is named after The Wall, an immensely powerful Standing Ripple thought to belong to the Earth itself.

Key Differences

The Wallverse is set in 1825, at the end of the Industrial Revolution. The most important difference is that the Earth's core has been transformed into a prison for an alternate Vokkskar by the powers of a Standing Ripple named The Wall. As a result of Vokkskar's presence, said core is comprised almost entirely of Ripplite, and Ripplite veins are rare but present. The Wall's user is unknown, and some believe that it belongs to either the Earth or Vokkskar himself.

The Wall's presence also had a side-effect of altering the rules of Earth's gravity. Sapient beings and their possessions (clothing, tools, furniture, etc.) are pulled parallel to the Earth's magnetic pole. At the North Pole, gravity would seem completely normal, and on the South Pole, people would need to use specialized equipment or abilities to prevent themselves from falling into space. Everything else is pulled towards the planet like it would on any other planet, though there are very rare and unexplained exceptions. Most cities are either perched on mountains, nestled in canyons, or located completely underground in tunnel networks, and small villages consisting of treehouses built on the sides or undersides of trees are commonplace. The change in gravity has also had a butterfly effect on Earth's industry and culture, resulting in some large inconsistencies between the Wallverse's version of the 1800s and other universes' versions of the 1800s.

The Wallverse's Ripplite is also very different from the New Fantendoverse's Ripplite. The most noticeable difference is that it is a hard metal, rather than a brittle crystal, and makes up the entirety of the Earth's core. A person only needs to be somehow harmed in close proximity to it to potentially gain a Standing Ripple, rather than needing to be hit by a laser refracted through it. The closer they get to death, the more likely it is to result in a Standing Ripple, with fatal harm being guaranteed to result in one. Additionally, most of the Wallverse's Standing Ripples are not humanoid in nature, and the majority only have a single ability rather than the usual two.

Going hand-in-hand with the prominence of Standing Ripples in the Wallverse is an incredible surplus of wielders of Eldritch Energy, due to how it opposes the Aura-based Standing Ripples. Other power types (Hyper Mode, EX Energy, Red Energy, Blue Energy, Magia, etc.) are not entirely unheard of, but are severely outnumbered by Standing Ripple users and Eldritch Energy users.

Vokkskar has a cult of devout followers called the Doomsayers who seek to free him from his prison, which they believe would likely destroy the world. Most of them lived in the deepest tunnels for most of their lives, and have developed Standing Ripples from dehydration brought about by the heat of the Earth's Ripplite core. Their current leader is a man calling himself Primus, who is searching for a Standing Ripple power that he could use to free Vokkskar.

Key Events

Please note that all times listed correspond to the Wallverse only, and not any other alternate Fantendoverses mentioned.

Prior History



Character Concept Storage

A section for storing random character concepts that don't have a page yet. I intend to make pages for them later, when I have free time.

  • An alternate Oober Nightmarecoat. An elite Doomsayer with an especially twisted sense of humor and the fondness for the grotesque. He follows Primus's orders simply because Dead Man's Party is clearly better suited to freeing their god. His Standing Ripple, Strawberry Fields Forever, is a pair of coins that traps victims in a dream world with false memories when placed over their eyes. The only way to escape the dream is by killing SFF's body in the dream world. He acts as an ally to Primus.
  • An alternate version of an undecided character (Reese?). Their Standing Ripple, Mr. Blue Sky, would possess the ability to afflict a condition on others that would render them incapable of sensing anything "wrong" with their surroundings. They could be surrounded by blood and dead bodies, and not notice a thing. The user would describe this ability as a "rose-tinted lens." They would act as an enemy of some sort to Sarah Needlenam, and perhaps an ally to Primus.
  • An alternate version of an undecided character (Fera?). Their Standing Ripple, Space Oddity, would be a suit-like creature that would allow its wearer to manipulate their own gravity, increasing or decreasing its weight and pulling objects into orbit around it. The user couldn't wear Space Oddity (either as an extra rule to its power or due to being unable to fit into the Standing Ripple), but could control it from afar and override its current wearer's control over it. They would act as an ally to Sarah, but might start off as an enemy.
  • An alternate Zonas. A bounty hunter or police officer who specializes in fighting Standing Ripples, currently hot on the trail of the Doomsayers. He makes up for his lack of a Standing Ripple by wielding eldritch power. He can use his power to change an object's "state" through physical contact. Complex changes require more effort and concentration, while certain changes (like switching somebody from "alive" to "dead") are just outright impossible for him. He acts as an occasional ally to Sarah, but mostly as an enemy to Primus.
  • An alternate version of either Fenrir of the Flame or Snaily Joe. A tycoon who secretly provides aid to the Doomsayers in exchange for their help in bolstering his financial and political influence. Though he's possessed a Standing Ripple for years, he is completely unaware of its existence, and it is so seemingly unremarkable that Primus doesn't even bother to point it out to him. He acts as an ally to Primus.
  • An alternate version of an undecided character (Fera? Nycho? Or maybe this is the role I use Brimm for?). Their Standing Ripple, Immigrant, would automatically bind to any weapon that they wield and augment it, allowing them to form storms in the wake of their attacks with the weapon. They could create any sort of storm with this power - windstorms, rainstorms, snowstorms, thunderstorms, etc. They are specifically designed as an opponent that Mynis would fight if he found himself in the Wallverse.


  • The Wallverse, along with The Wall, are both named after the Pink Floyd album The Wall.
  • Multiple elements of The Wallverse are based on different parts of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
    • The rarity of humanoid Standing Ripples, the time period its set in, and multiple characters are all inspired by elements in Part 7: Steel Ball Run.
    • The unorthodox gravity and The Pretender are both inspired by elements in Part 6: Stone Ocean.
  • The Wallverse canonically does not have a "___ Prime" name, both in canon and out of it. It is only referred to as the Wallverse.
    • In-universe, it is most likely due to Sarah Needlenam not liking the idea of her universe sharing a name with Primus.
    • Out-of-universe, it's simply because IncarnateParanoia couldn't decide on a fitting name.

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