Wake of the Undead
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Summary A man wakes up without any idea of who he is, and finds his way into a post-apocalyptic, zombie world.
Author(s) jasper (tbc)
Main Characters Theo
Genre Zombie apocalypse
Chapters Unknown
Date started 18/8/12
Date ended N/A
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Wake of the Undead is a fan-fiction being written by jasper (tbc). It is set in a zombie apocalypse, in which the main character, Theodore Thomas, wakes up not remembering anything about himself.


Part One: Amnesia

Theo wakes up on the side of a road, oblivious to who he is and to the apocalypse. He is eventually brought into a group of survivors and introduced to the apocalyptic world.

  • WotU/Chapter 1 - Theo wakes up on a highway, and can't remember a thing about his past.
  • WotU/Chapter 2 - After being shot, Theo wakes up in a strange shack. He later finds out he is in a camp, and meets the survivors.
  • WotU/Chapter 3 - Theo has to train to prove he is worthy enough to join the group. He later finds out about a plan to take over a school.
  • WotU/Chapter 4 - The group attacks the zombie-infested school. While there were a few close calls, one person wasn't as lucky.
  • WotU/Chapter 5 - After a loss, the group is frustrated with Douglas as he sets strict, unfair rules. Tyreese and Douglas have a small fight.
  • WotU/Chapter 6 - The group ventures on to take the gym. After the zombies are killed, Tyreese and Douglas have another fight, leading Douglas to threaten him with his gun.
  • WotU/Chapter 7 - The gunshots have lead a group of zombies into the gym. The group narrowly escapes, losing many people.

Part Two: Society

The group comes across another group, who then leads them to the rest of them in a small, walled off town.

  • WotU/Chapter 8 - A new group, led by a man named Victor, takes over a small little town and secure walls around it with vehicles.
  • WotU/Chapter 9 - Theo's group meets a strange new group of people. The new group offers to take them in, but Theo realizes they would need the cars they abandoned at the school.
  • WotU/Chapter 10 - The group reaches the city, which is revealed to be led by the man Victor. Marsha disappears, and it is revealed Victor killed her to find out if only bites makes people turn.
  • WotU/Chapter 11 - After a month of living in the town, Puslinch, James goes missing. Theo, Ron, and Tyreese go looking in the unsecured part of town, and meet a man.
  • WotU/Chapter 12 - The group continues searching for James, splitting the search party into two teams; Theo and Ron, and Zach, Tyreese, and Cole. Both groups encounter hoards of zombies, and Tyreese strays far from his team.
  • WotU/Chapter 13 - Tyreese makes a drastic decision that puts his life on the line, but is able to escape a group of zombies and return the the group safely. Theo becomes suspicious of Victor for some reason.
  • WotU/Chapter 14 - Theo's wild accusations about Victor leads to the group learning about Victor and Stephen's research. James' fate is also revealed.

Part Three: Secrets

A new, small group of survivors come across the town, and Victor and his men are worried that the group will end up causing trouble.

  • WotU/Chapter 15 - Theo, frustrated, is forced to leave James be. He plans to leave, despite Ron's efforts to make him stay.
  • WotU/Chapter 16 - A mysterious quad of characters enters the city, and Theo fights with Victor and his men about whether they stay. Caleb reveals a dark past.
  • WotU/Chapter 17 - The new survivors are allowed to stay, but are isolated in a new section of town that Theo, Ron, Zach, Leroy, and Reuben cleared.
  • WotU/Chapter 18 - A shocking secret is revealed about the zombies and their origins, and Theo once again confronts the woman from his dreams a while back.
  • WotU/Chapter 19 - William and Theo accompany two new men, Michael and Alex, on a trip to recover Caleb's body for Stephen's research.
  • WotU/Chapter 20 - A group of zombies get's through the gate to town and wreak havoc, and the zombies from the lab break free.
  • WotU/Chapter 21 - The group tried to evacuate Puslinch, and meet a couple of surprises along the way, while Victor collects Stephen's studies.

Part Four: On the Run

Part Five: Finishing the Fence

Part Six: Comforts of Life

Part Seven: War

Part Eight: The Aftermath

Part Nine:

Part Ten:


Hamilton Camp

  • Theodore Thomas - The main character. He wakes up on the side of a highway without any memory of his life.
  • Ron Jones - The group's sniper and the one who shot Theo. He's the second-in-command and usually perceived as a bad shot.
  • Tyreese - An african american and the group's lookout. He prefers using his crowbar rather than a gun.
  • Zachary - A member of the group. He appears to know about Theo's past.
  • Megan - Jian's granddaughter. She is seen by some as a worthless tag a long.
  • Cleo - A young girl who seems to be close to Megan.
  • Cole - A minor member of the group.
  • Douglas - The group's leader. He is often very bossy towards most of the other survivors. (Unknown)
  • Jian - A chinese elder. He is often seen as the word of wisdom among the group. (Deceased)
  • Whiskers - Cleo's cat who always got into close calls. (Deceased)
  • James - A young boy who seems to be close to Ron. (Deceased)
  • Katie - A minor member of the group who's sister was bit and then killed by Douglas. (Deceased)
  • John - A minor member of the group. He was Cole's best friend before he died. (Deceased)
  • Breanne - Tyreese's sister. Tyreese often has her by his side while scouting. (Deceased)
  • Jane - A member of the group during the school assault; Katie's sister. (Deceased)

Puslinch Survivors

  • Morgan - The leader of a group of scavengers that go out in search of supplies for Victor and their group.
  • Reuben - Victor's right hand man. He is willing to do almost anything for his superior.
  • Drake - A member of the group of scavengers. He appears to be the main supply runner.
  • B - A member the the supply runners. She was the one that bandaged up Tyreese's arm when he cut it off.
  • Victor - A scientist and the leader of the Puslinch Survivors. He and Stephen are working on finding more out about the zombies. (Unknown)
  • Leroy - An African-American, and one of Victor's right hand men. He likes to use a baseball bat. (Unknown)
  • Marsha - A member of a group of survivors. She was Ben's sister and Morgan's friend. (Undead)
  • Stephen - A scientist who works under Victor. He appears to be very level-headed and innocent. (Deceased)
  • Michael - One of Victor's men who went to collect Caleb's body. He seems to be very paranoid. (Deceased)
  • Danny - A member the the supply runners. (Deceased)
  • Alex - One of Victor's men who went to help collect Caleb's body. (Deceased)
  • Ben - A member of the supply runners who was bit. (Deceased)

William's Group

  • William - A man with a very depressing past. He was from a group that was killed by bandits.
  • Quin - William's daughter who describes herself as being a regular teenage girl.
  • Hannah - Quin's best friend. Her attitude about the world is very negative.
  • Caleb - An ex-convict who was arrested for murder many years back. (Deceased)

Vana's Group

  • Vana - A young woman who was left in charge of her little brothers after her parents died.
  • Elira - Vana's best friend who loves to kill zombies.
  • Jude - Vana's brother and a trouble maker, although not as defiant as Paul.
  • Paul - Vana and Jude's youngest sibling. He often gets in trouble.
  • Wright - One of Vana and Elira's close friends.

Devon's Group

  • Devon - A man the group met while looking for James. Apparently has his own small group.
  • Crystal - Devon's girlfriend.
  • Abigail - A young woman who does work around the camp.
  • Arin - A college dropout who suffers chronic nightmares.
  • Midean - A technician.
  • Lance Valera - A chef.
  • Vincent Hunter - A former scientist who studies the zombies.
  • Sammy - A young boy who lost his family.
  • Caitlin - An intelligent girl who knows much about the zombies.
  • Gabriel - A man who was abandoned by his former group.
  • Jensen - A hippie who considers the zombies as diseased people.
  • Samuel - A video gamer.

Miscellaneous Characters

  • Amanda- Someone who appears to have known Theo before the apocalypse. (Mentioned)
  • Clifford Johnson - An old man who was living in a deserted town by himself. (Deceased)


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