WWE Warriors
Developer(s) Inora
Publisher(s) WWE Inc.
Platform(s) Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre(s) First-Person Action Game
Series WWE
Release Date(s) 2015

WWE Warriors is a 2015 wrestling/First Person action game developed by Inora, as a mish-mash of the WWE franchise and various FPS franchises. Not only are the themes and story mashed, the game combines elements from wrestling games and FPSs. It's a downloadable title for $5.00 on all major consoles.

The game follows 4 wrestlers as they take on jobs from the mysterious Mr. McMahon that leads them across the country. Reception has been (TBA).


In an alternate continuity, professional wrestling is not an entertainment business, but rather a job for the bravest of souls. Four of these wrestlers, the best of their kind are approached by the mysterious Mr. McMahon, who offers these four endless wealth in exchange for them taking down the three Wrestling Lords and returning the cargo they stole from them. The four: John Cena, The Undertaker, The Rock, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin accept this offer and go out to take down the Wrestling Lords.

The four travel across the world and battle the Wrestling Lords, Batista, Triple H, and Gobbledy Gooker, successfully defeating them and reclaiming Mr. McMahon's cargo. The four go seperate ways to use their fortunes, but all of them see the insides of the cargo as they leave, parts of a giant mecha. Mr. McMahon reveals his true intentions, to use the Wrestling Lords' mech pieces to assemble a mecha that will allow him to take over the world.

Although things seem grim, the four team up one more time to battle Vince MechMahon for the fate of the world. It's a tough battle, but they eventually succeed and defeat MechMahon, causing his mech to explode and blasting him away, never to be seen again. The four part ways, taking the mech pieces and guarding them as the new Wrestling Lords, starting a new age in wrestling. Together, they form a union known as WWE.


WWE Warriors is a unique game, being an FPS without the shooting, with up to 4 players. Instead, players are given four unique wrestlers and must complete their objective with their wrestling techniques and unique special moves. The game is structured into various fairly linear missions, where players must complete each objective(collecting, battling, defending) to end the mission.

Along these linear missions, the player will also be relegated extra cash for doing noteworthy things(taking little damage, being fast, being stealthy) and find WWE trading cards that act as collectibles. Collecting every card unlocks the secret character: Hulk Hogan. They can also find various chests full of loot.

Cash can be used to buy new moves and upgrades from Paul Heyman's shop in the main menu, a locker room. From here, players can test their skill, brawl in a multiplayer match, or sign up for the next mission.



Character Description
John Cena full The hero of the team, John Cena is the classic all-american face that wrestling fans root for. He's a balanced character. His special move is Attitude Adjustment, where he performs the move on an enemy, of his choice, defeating them no matter their health, except for bosses.
The Undertaker Full Also known as The Deadman, The Undertaker is a wrestler themed around the macabre with mysterious origins and powers. He's a heavy character who specializes in stealth. His special move is Creatures of the Night where his fans cheer him on, giving him heightened attack and temporary invisibility.
Therock A legendary wrestling superstar and actor, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a charismatic face/heel/mix of both. He's a heavy character who specializes in attack. His special move is Rock Bottom, where he powerslams all on-screen enemies to do heavy damage.
Stonecold A heavy drinking wrestler, "Stone Cold" Steven Austin is known for being an anti-authority semi-face and for making tons of money. His special move is Ring Name, where he temporarily turns into his "Ringmaster" or "Stunning" persona and can use their moves for a time period.
Hulk Hogan 05


Ahem. Hulk Hogan is one of the most famous wrestlers of all time, and honestly doesn't need an introduction. He's a balanced character with very flashy moves and over the top acting. His special move is Hulkamania, where all of his stats are doubled for a few seconds.

He's the only character that is not default, and instead must be unlocked by collecting all 75 trading cards, hidden across the missions.


Character Description
Heyman A famous WWE manager who in this continuity is a salesman who resides in the Locker Room. He'll sell you items and wrestling moves, while showcasing his personality.
Mcmahon The wrestling team's client. He offers them endless riches in exchange for them taking down the three Wrestling Lords and bringing back the cargo he owns. He's secretly revealed to be the antagonist at the end.

Boss Battles

Character Description
Batista2 John Cena's arch-nemesis. Batista is slow and heavy, doing massive damage but being easy to avoid. If you get close, he'll use the Batista Bomb/Bite, which will kill the player in one hit. John Cena is the best choice for this, as his balanced nature is a good counter.
Tripleh A long time wrestler who now runs things behind the scenes. Triple H is slow but still agile, using powerful attacks. This makes The Undertaker the best choice for this fight, considering his stealth focus.
Gooker ???? What even is this guy. Gobbledy Gooker runs around using odd moves unlike the other bosses, including firing eggs and taking flight, being a glass cannon. The Rock's high attack power makes him a good choice for this boss.
Vincemechmahon Mr. McMahon, with the pieces of the giant mecha he needs to rule the world. He's powerful, fast, agile and large, using moves from every other boss in the game and even the playable characters. Players must utilize every character if they want to survive.


Section Missions
  • Tracking Him Down: Learn the whereabouts of Batista.
  • Stolen Goods I: Defeat every enemy on the map to collect the cargo.
  • Stolen Goods II: Sneak to the goal and avoid turrets to collect the cargo.
  • Stolen Goods III: Collect the 5 key cards across the map to collect the cargo.
  • Batista's Base: Sneak through Batista's Base, take out his guards, and chase him.
  • I Quit: Defeat Batista.
Triple H
  • Conneticut Blueblood: Go to Triple H's warehouse and scout him out.
  • Old Feud: You've found Triple H, but he's isolated Undertaker from his partners. Sneak around to free them,
  • The Authority I: Sneak through the base together and reach the source of Triple H's weapons.
  • The Authority II: Track down Stephanie McMahon and stop her protective devices.
  • King of Kings: Defeat Triple H.
Gobbledy Gooker
  • Egghead: Track down the egg Gobbledy Gooker is hiding in.
  • Egg Trail: Pursue the Gobbledy Gooker and collect the cargo which is stored inside prize eggs.
  • Really? Really WWE?: Alongside enraged fans, storm the base and leave no survivors.
  • Cracks Me Up: Defeat Gobbledy Gooker.
  • Locker Room: The game's tutorial.
  • Mr. MechMahon: Defeat Mr. MechMahon.
  • Hulkamania!: The bonus mission of the game, unlocked at the same time as Hulk Hogan, teaching his special abilities.





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