Developer(s) Ghostrealmstudios
Publisher(s) Ghostrealmstudios
Platform(s) GhostDrive
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Series Ghostverse
Release Date(s) 2018
Heroes sometimes come in multiple forms.
The game's tagline.

Vyrus is a superhero-themed action-adventure game developed and published by Ghostrealm Studios for the GhostDrive, with a port for the Onyx coming later on. Inspired by the lead developer's love of superheroes, it aims to tell a fresh new story within the Ghostverse while also bringing about exciting gameplay.


Much like a comic book, the game's story is told in an episodic format, with the various missions being "one-off" stories that lead into a deeper narrative. It takes place on the Fantendoverse Earth.

Prologue: New Powers

So you're saying that I can harness the power of raw machinery?
Volta upon realizing the powers she received.

Volta Everblitz is a 17-year-old high school dropout who works for the corporation known as KageCo. within Vancouver, Canada, alongside her twin brother Akun. Neither of them knew their parents, and live in apartments included with their jobs. While Volta is more of a experimental person, conducting tests with machinery and inventions of hers, Akun is moreso interested in putting the technology of the company into action. Despite the two having different approaches, Volta is often held in higher regard by the company's highups due to her intriguing technology, much to the anger of Akun.

Mission Objective: Investigate the object in the nearby ocean.

One day, the two of them are chosen to investigate an object that crashed in the waters near the city, in order to see if it's of any value to KageCo.. The player is given control of Volta to familiarize themselves with the layout of Vancouver and reach the object. The duo eventually arrive at the crash site, where the crashed object seems to look technological in nature. As Volta checks the object out, it unleashes a wave of energy that knocks out both of them. They later wake up in a van, with two corporate representatives telling them that they're uninjured, and that the object has been taken into a lab by KageCo. agents.

Later that night, Volta is busy surfing the internet on her laptop, until she begins to hear a voice coming from it. Thinking it's a virus, she pulls out her anti-virus software, but it suddenly crashes. Strangely however, she can actually comprehend the source code seen in the crash logs. Volta then begins to feel some sort of energy inside her finger as it brushes past a USB port on the side of her laptop, and as she presses on it for a few seconds, her consciousness transfers inside.

Inside the laptop, Volta walks past walls of source code and files in curiosity, before deciding to experiment with this new ability of hers with the objects in her home. Just before she exits however, she hears a booming voice inside who identifies himself as "her laptop". Volta has a brief conversation with the laptop, who encourages her to experiment with the other machines, while also bugging her that he wants charged more often.

Mission Objective: See how your new powers affect the various objects within your apartment.

As Volta experiments, she finds out that she can not only communicate directly with the machines as if they were human, but can also enter them in a sense and take control of them. She decides to utilize these powers for good, and begins working on some new tech to augment her ability to control machines.

Episode 1: Becoming a Hero

Let's see what I can do with these powers. As the Vyrus.
Volta to herself after her first successful mission as a superhero.

Volta eventually builds armor for herself designed to augment her control of electricity and machinery, using various devices she's built as part of KageCo.. As she takes to the streets around nighttime, she notices a bank being robbed, with several ski-masked figures breaking through a window. She enters the building through a side entrance, knowing that she can ambush them.

Mission Objective: Navigate to the bank vault and stop the robbers.

After some puzzle solving, the player reaches the vault at the same time as the robbers, who are clearly confused. While they attempt to fire gunshots, Volta takes control of the nearby security systems, sending out a signal to the police while dicking around with the robbers. Eventually, the police arrive right as the robbers are about to pass out of exhaustion after dealing with Volta's numerous tricks. She leaves the scene, but as she's spotted by a police officer she takes control of the nearest traffic light, much to the cop's confusion.

After this situation, Volta decides to name herself the Vyrus while she conducts more crimefighting, and requests time off work due to her being "sick".

Mission Objective: Complete five sidequests.

After completing numerous missions throughout Vancouver, Volta returns home to her apartment. Curiously, she decides to enter her laptop, and begins speaking with it. The laptop identifies himself as "Konyitas", much to the intrigue of Volta. He tells her that he'd like to assist her endeavors as a superhero, as he seeks to prove himself despite being, well, a laptop.

Volta makes some modifications to Konyitas, granting him the ability to communicate with her while she's outside of her apartment, as well as providing access to numerous functions like maps and even internet access. The episode ends with Volta looking out the window at Vancouver's skyline at sunset, sighing to herself and knowing she's changed her life forever.

Episode 2: An Emerging Threat

None shall penetrate the security systems. None shall-
The KageCo. Security Matrix upon being corrupted.

Eventually, Volta returns to work at KageCo., reuniting with her brother Akun in the process. In her absence, Akun has begun working on a project of his known simply as "Revitalization", which has been approved by KageCo.'s highups. Volta is proud of her brother, and begins to get to work on a new device of sorts, using her new powers discretely to communicate with it as she improves upon it.

This is cut short however by a denial of service attack on KageCo.'s computer network. As the employees struggle to access their files, Volta sneaks away, and gets into her attire as the Vyrus.

Mission Objective: Get into the computer network and stop the DoS attack.

Volta manages to enter the KageCo. computer network, finding that it's devastated by monsters formed from corrupted code. As she fights through them, she finds herself needing to navigate tight hallways and towers made of computer code, before coming to a central, round arena where a giant robotic entity of sorts is reeling in pain as a hooded figure manipulates it. Upon seeing Volta, he suddenly vanishes. The robotic entity seems to be the "security matrix" of KageCo., and its corruption is the reason why the computer systems of the company are inaccessible: the matrix is overreacting and locking out everyone.

Mission Objective: Temper the security matrix and end the attack.

After a pitched battle, Volta manages to calm down the security matrix and end the DoS attack, before exiting the computer network. When Akun asks where she went, she tells him that she just had to use the bathroom.

Mission Objective: Investigate the alley in the southern end of the city.

After work, Volta decides to go on patrol around the city, eventually coming across a light coming from an alley. As she enters, an armored figure approaches her, and attacks. The two of them exchange blows for some time, but the arrival of the police due to a nearby call leads to them both escaping.

Fortunately, Konyitas has scanned Volta's opponent, and determined him to also be the one behind the KageCo. hacking incident. Volta decides to remain on her guard, but is intrigued by her opponent. She returns home and decides to retire for the night, thus ending the episode.

Episode 3: Introducing Mukann

Mukann operates on the basis of ensuring a better future for the world. On the basis of starting a new beginning and inciting revolutions for what's right. You have no place in it.
A Mukann officer speaking with a captured Volta.

Episode 3 opens with Volta watching a map of Vancouver from within her helmet, as she stands on a building. Noticing a large, armored truck speeding through the streets, she quickly swoops down and begins to pursue the van.

Mission Objective: Break into the truck.

Volta calls for a custom-built drone she made, before entering it and using it to follow the van. Initially she's just evading bullets from the gunmen, but eventually the rear door of the van opens up to reveal a giant cannon, one that can shoot off blasts of orange energy. Volta continues to evade the blasts of this powerful weapon, before breaking into the rear end of the van and throwing the guards onto the road. Seeking to hide, she takes control of the cannon.

Eventually, the truck pulls up into an underground compound of sorts, with the cannon being unloaded alongside crates of some unknown substance. Volta manages to escape into the compound's computer network, before deciding to explore the place.

Mission Objective: Explore the compound.

As Volta explores the compound, she finds out that it belongs to an organization known simply as Mukann, who seem to have files regarding "experimental technology". Volta also finds out that they're experimenting with a new weapon in the very bottom floor of the compound, and she decides to go after it.

After beating up guards, solving puzzles, and navigating the compound, Volta finds herself confronting an officer of Mukann, with the figure she fought a few days ago standing nearby. The latter figure seems to enter a nearby computer as the former fires off a blast of energy that paralyzes her. He then tells her of Mukann's existence, and how it will rectify the world's sins. Volta manages to break out of her bonds, and takes on the officer, who now wears an armored suit of sorts. Yet, Volta manages to defeat him. However, the officer sounds the alarms for a self-destruct sequence, leading to Volta diving into the compound's computer network.

Mission Objective: Escape the compound.

As Volta attempts to escape the compound, the figure from before is also attempting the same. The two of them clash as they travel through the wires and networks of the Internet, with Volta ending up being knocked out of the "main tunnel" in a sense, flying through the zeroes and ones of the code. As she falls, the figure tells her that he's "been waiting a long time for this". This action ends the episode on a cliffhanger.

Episode 4: Stranded in the Dark Web

You're in the dark web now missy. We've been in chaos ever since he arrived.
A denizen of the Dark Web talking to Volta.

Mission Objective: Explore the area you've woken up in.

Volta wakes up in what appears to be a street made of code and electricity. However, unlike the bluish-green coloration of past areas of the internet, this area seems to be an orangey-black tone, with strange beings made of disformed code walking around at slow speeds, cars acting erratically and sometimes glitching through walls, and some areas taking time to "load" into place, not to mention enemies hitting ridiculously hard. Volta walks around, taking in the sights, before being approached by a gang of these beings. They mention that she's in the dark web, and that some being has caused a ruckus in the area. Volta does manage to beat up the gang, and continues making her way through the streets.

Eventually, Volta arrives at a massive tower of sorts, with huge screens showing news events around the world. One depicts a bombing in Vancouver, much to the anger of Volta, who speculates that Mukann is involved. She enters the tower, believing it to be her only way out of the dark web.

Mission Objective: Ascend the tower.

Volta begins to ascend the tower. Strangely, her abilities to control machinery work within it despite her location. As she ascends the tower, she's able to find out more information regarding the tower: it's called "Security Spire", and seems to be a gateway of sorts between the dark web and the rest of the internet. Volta knows she can use it to escape.

She eventually arrives at the top of Security Spire, where more of the code beings are standing, wielding elaborate weaponry. They tell her that they've been promised salvation by "The Vindicator", and that he's told them to look out for someone resembling Volta and take her out. Just as Volta prepares to take them on, their bodies become overrun with zeroes and ones as they transform into "monsters" in a sense.

Mission Objective: Defeat the code abominations.

After a pitched battle, Volta defeats her foes and manages to force open an exit tube to the main internet. Fortunate that she escaped the dark web, Volta arrives back home, exhausted. Konyitas is concerned, wondering where she went. Volta responds by telling her she has a lead regarding the Mukaan situation, and believes they're behind the bombing that occurred earlier on in the city. Volta then realizes a connection between the orangey tone of the dark web and that of the cannons possessed by Mukann, and believes the Vindicator person mentioned earlier is the missing link. The episode ends with Volta taking off her helmet as she sighs, knowing the danger of what's to come.

Episode 5: Unraveling the Truth

Do you know what it was like to be constantly ignored by your superiors? To be overshadowed by the one you cared about?
Akun speaking to Volta.

Episode 5 begins with Volta at work again in KageCo. Tower, the corporation's headquarters. As she's working in her lab, Akun enters the room, saying that he's noticed that she's been absent lately. Volta replies by saying she's been sick, with Akun simply nodding. He then asks Volta if she's been following the news, and the stories of corrupt dictators and people who seek nothing more than power for themselves. Volta says she despises those people, with Akun replying that his so-called "Revitalization" project aims to fix this. He leaves the room shortly after.

Late that night, Volta is patrolling around Vancouver again, until she notices an explosion coming from a nearby warehouse. Intrigued, she heads there.

Mission Objective: Reach the warehouse.

On the way to the warehouse, it seems like Mukaan has deployed soldiers there, who Volta takes out as she makes her way in. Upon arriving, she sees the mysterious figure from the Mukaan base standing before a crate of sorts marked as "CONFIDENTIAL". He then takes off his helmet to reveal his true identity: Akun.

Akun tells Volta (who he has managed to deduce is the Vyrus) that he too gained powers from the extraterrestrial object, only he's been using them for a different purpose. Volta immediately realizes that he's the "Vindicator" and the one in charge of Mukaan. Akun tells Volta that if they join forces, Mukaan can begin a new future for the earth as they use their powers to tear the evil governments of the world apart and create an ideal future. One where people are free of dictatorship, and free of the selfishness of politics. Volta is furious, and prepares to take on her twisted brother.

Mission Objective: Defeat Akun.

While the battle between the two initially sees Volta having the upper hand, Akun utilizes the orange-energy technology of Mukaan against her, knocking her onto a crane of the warehouse. As he lets loose attacks, he tells her of how he's been overshadowed by her all his life, and seeks to finally receive the recognition he deserves. As the fight continues, the warehouse catches on fire due to Mukaan's work in the building, limiting the area the duo can fight in.

Eventually, the fight reaches a pivotal point, with Akun cornering Volta within a burning corner of the warehouse. Initially, it seems like he's about to kill her, but he simply fires on the walls, causing rubble to fall and block Volta's way out. He then heads into a Mukaan helicopter that's just landed and flies off, telling Volta that if she somehow survives, the "Rejuvenation" project will soon be complete.

Mission Objective: Escape the warehouse.

Volta manages to make her way through the flames of the warehouse as Mukaan soldiers attack her. When she does escape, the warehouse explodes, sending debris everywhere. However, the police have arrived on the scene, and seem to think Volta was the one behind the warehouse's destruction. She manages to evade them however, but knows she's now a fugitive in a sense.

Upon returning home, Volta simply sits down in stress as memories of her and Akun fly through her head. Memories of their relationship being strenuous at times. Memories of them occasionally butting heads. Bad memories. Volta sheds a tear slightly, as even she has objections to fighting her own brother.

Episode 6: The Project Nears Its End

We'd like your endeavors. It's no secret that we've discovered your true identity Volta.
The CEO of KageCo. speaking with Volta.

Volta goes to work the day after the warehouse fight, knowing it'd be suspicious if she didn't go to work. Upon arriving, she's immediately approached by two suited men, who tell her that the CEO himself wants to speak to Volta. She's surprised, but decides to go along with it.

The CEO has always been a mystery to the rest of KageCo., and Volta sees this when the man himself isn't even physically present, showing a screen with mostly static on it in his office. However, a figure can be seen within the static. He tells Volta that he knows of her true identity, and that he believes that Mukaan's operations would be disastrous to the corporation. He asks Volta if the two of them can join forces due to their common enemy, also offering a promotion in the process. Volta agrees, knowing that since the police see her as a criminal now, she'll need all the help she can get.

Mission Objective: Confront Mukaan at the harbor.

With help from KageCo., Volta makes her way to Vancouver's seaport, where members of Mukaan are busy unloading crates from a large ship. Volta immediately begins to manipulate the machinery around the port to attack her foes, but one of them begins to use a magnetic device of sorts to hamper her powers. Realizing that magnetism is her weakness, Volta goes hand to hand with her armored opponent, defeating him. From there, the remaining goons flee onto the ship.

Mission Objective: Investigate the ship.

The ship seems to be a cargo ship, with tons of crates containing weapons, explosives, and even raw minerals Volta can't recognize. The ship itself is full of Mukaan soldiers, but Volta takes them out.

Up on the deck of the ship, Akun is finalizing preparations for the Revitalization project. However, he doesn't attack Volta directly. Rather, he leaves via helicopter as another nearby ship transforms into a giant golem of sorts, unleashing splashes of water onto the ship Volta is on.

Mission Objective: Take on the golem.

After a pitched battle, Volta eliminates the golem as its body sinks into the ocean. From there, she heads home immediately and contacts KageCo.. However, the transmission is interrupted by Akun himself, who tells Volta that KageCo. Tower now belongs to Mukaan as the Revitalization project begins. At this point, a giant orange laser beam can be seen firing out of the tower, blanketing Vancouver in dark clouds. Citizens see their cellphones and devices glitching, and so does Konyitas. As his time runs out, he tells Volta to stop Akun once and for all. She nods before getting her equipment on and staring at the tower.

It's time to confront her brother and end this fight once and for all.

Episode 7: The Final Confrontation

Akun, we can fix this. We can fight together and use our powers for good. Not for...this mess!
Volta confronting Akun.

Volta arrives at the plaza around KageCo. Tower, which is now surrounded by Mukaan soldiers. She fights her way through them, before busting into the tower. It feels strange to be fighting your way through your own workplace.

Mission Objective: Ascend the tower.

Volta makes her way up the tower, taking on Mukaan soldiers and scientists. Some are meddling with KageCo.'s technology, while others are on patrol. Volta also finds herself going up against new weapons of theirs, more specifically weapons that utilize magnetism. While this proves to be a problem, Volta manages to deal with them either way.

Throughout the tower, the orange coloration of Mukaan's technology is constantly present, creating an eerie vibe. Volta is nervous, but keeps ascending. After some time, she reaches the top of the tower, where Akun stands before the object that gave the duo their powers in the first place, which is now pumping out orange energy.

Volta attempts to bring Akun to his senses, telling him that the two of them can fight as a duo to make things right, but he refuses to listen. Akun tells Volta that with the combined processing power of every device in Vancouver, he can conduct denial of service attacks at an alarmingly high rate, and seeks to use this to topple the lives of the selfish individuals of the world. The corrupt politicians, the greedy corporations, all of them. He gives Volta one last chance to surrender.

She refuses.

Mission Objective: Take down Akun once and for all!

Volta and Akun begin to clash, utilizing their powers to control the nearby technology at the top of the tower to attack each other. It's a fierce battle, but in the end, Volta wins. She looks down at Akun, but doesn't kill him as he lays on the ground, bruised and beaten. Volta tells Akun that she didn't want him to go down this route, and that she thought the world of him. As Akun goes unconscious, Volta deactivates the device at the top of the tower, clearing the skies of the orange hue. She then picks up Akun's body and heads down an elevator, shedding a tear.

Epilogue: A Surprising Deal

Volta Everblitz, I've come here representing F.A.N.T. There's someone in your custody we'd like to make a deal regarding.
A F.A.N.T operative speaking with Volta.

A few days later, Volta is attempting to repair Konyitas's body as she hears a knock on her door. At the door is a suited man who identifies himself as a member of the organization known as F.A.N.T., which Volta is aware of due to hearing stories about them as she explored the internet.

The operative asks Volta if she can hand over Akun into their custody, telling her that they'll be able to prevent him from escaping far more easily. Volta agrees, and inputs some code into her phone as Akun's body comes flying out of a nearby outlet. Apparently she had been keeping him captive within an electrical current. Akun attempts to attack Volta, but the agent fires off a strange blast of energy that knocks out Akun, before promptly dragging his body out of the apartment and closing the door.

Volta then finishes repairing Konyitas, who expresses a face of joy at her. The two of them then agree to continue monitoring the internet and the world's machines for any major threats. The credits then roll.

In a post-credits scene, a KageCo. employee is analyzing the extraterrestrial object from the beginning of the game, before finding a strange emblem embedded onto the bottom of it. Rubbing at it slightly, it then shows the words "CIRCLE OF SHADOWS".



(sketch by Pyrostar (tbc))
The main protagonist of the game, Volta, also known as the Vyrus, is an up-and-coming superhero who seeks to utilize her ability to manipulate and control machinery for good. Yet, she'll uncover dark secrets regarding her powers, and even confront some powerful individuals who seek to bring down the city of Vancouver and possibly even the world.
(art coming soon)
Konyitas is a simple laptop that was modified by Volta to act as an AI assistant in her superhero endeavors, though he has a bit of personality himself. He acts as a mentor figure of sorts to Volta, offering her advice and even joking around from time to time.
(art coming soon)
Volta's brother Akun is a mysterious individual who also works for KageCo.. While he cares for his sister, he's always been in her shadow and never usually recognized for his endeavors. This behavior may lead him into a path one should not go down...


Vyrus is an action-adventure game built around experimentation and letting the player choose their own playstyle. They'll control Volta as she handles the life of a superhero, utilizing her machine-possession abilities to their full potential. As you conduct this work, you'll not only find out more about the game's story, but also get a feel for Volta's skillset and the various machines that can be entered and controlled. The central concept of machine possession is something the game is built around, with various uses for each machine. Experimentation is key to mastering the game.

The city of Vancouver acts as the main hub in between missions, with the player free to explore the city, take in the sights, and experiment with their abilities. Small sidequests exist throughout Vancouver that can reward the player's exploration or puzzle-solving, along with fun interactions with NPCs. The city is designed in a way to be similar to the hub worlds seen in the 3D Mario titles, in that events in the missions cause events in the hub world that progress the story.

Missions themselves are "linear" objectives in a sense, but usually aren't meant to be completed in a specific way. Usually, the missions only require you to reach a certain point or defeat a certain target, but there's always room for creativity. Most missions are also puzzle-oriented and require you to make the most of your knowledge of the game's machines, and those that are combat-oriented usually allow for you to take on multiple approaches of eliminating enemies.


The following controls are designed as if you're controlling Volta outside of a currently-controlled machine, in which case controls will be potentially altered. Volta relies on melee weaponry formed from manipulated electricity to fight in this form, and can use blasts of electricity to attack or enter machines. She also relies on health in this form, which can be restored by eating food or simply waiting.

Action Button Input
Move Ext3 0c1
Sneak Ext3 0c4
Camera Ext3 0c2
Reset Camera Ext3 0c5
Talk/Interact/Use Ext3 0a0
Sprint Ext3 0a1
Melee Attack Ext3 0a2
Electricity Blast Ext3 0a3
Target Enemy Ext3 0a6
Quick Move Ext3 0a7
Quick Moving is a technique that changes in function depending on the current situation. Outside of fights, it's your jump button, while inside fights it's used to dodge attacks. While in a machine, it's used to exit it.
Phone Ext3 0a4
Scan Ext3 0a5
Scanning is an ability that documents information on an object you can possess and adds it to your phone.
Pause Menu Ext3 0b3
Map Ext3 0b4

Internet Exploration

At times, Volta can enter the Internet and explore it. While normally it's used for fast travel, some websites can provide lore tidbits and even sidequests of sorts. Consider the Internet a "second world" of sorts.

Within the Internet, Volta's skillset is changed, with her being more combat-oriented in a sense due to a lack of machines to control. Enemies also prowl the Internet in larger numbers, so you'll need to utilize advanced combat techniques to take them out.


Various sidequests exist in Vancouver, each with their own unique tasks. Some might involve delivering an object to an NPC, while others might involve completing a puzzle. Completing sidequests rewards you with Research Points (RP), which can be used to find out more information on the game's machines.


There are many different machines Volta can possess, each with their own unique functions. Machines themselves are indicated as such due to an indicator that appears over them when they're in range.

Within a computer, Volta can fast-travel via the Internet to another computer, though fast-travel spots must be unlocked first.
Traffic Light
Within a traffic light, Volta can direct the flow of traffic, though you have to be careful to prevent car crashes.
KageCo. Combat Robot
The KageCo. Combat Robot allows Volta to eliminate enemies much more efficiently than she could in her human form, though the robot not only has limited fuel, but can also be destroyed if it takes enough damage.
Security Guard Computer
Security guard computers allow Volta to control a building's security systems, with the objects she can control varying depending on the building.
Turrets allow Volta to shoot nearby objects, such as switches, rubble, and even enemies!
Washing Machine
Inside a washing machine, Volta can release water to the point where entire rooms can be flooded. However, Volta's ability to attack is diminished within water!
Volta can change the channels on the TV, as well as alter the volume to the point where it can deafen people.
Inside a drone, Volta is capable of flight, and can also fire off small rockets. Drones have a limited amount of fuel however.
Parking Meter
With a parking meter, Volta can cause it to uncontrollably spit out the money inside, which can be used to bribe any nearby enemies, or be picked up yourself. Each parking meter is only limited by how much money is inside.
As a Roomba, Volta can move along the ground, collecting small items and bumping into people's legs. Some...particularly strange people like to attach knives to their Roombas. Knife Roombas can attack enemies.
Vacuum Cleaner
The vacuum cleaner is augmented to suck up things at a much stronger rate. However, it will break if it goes too far from its plug socket.
Speakers can have their volume adjusted to the point of being able to temporarily deafen people or even shatter glass.
Magnet Hairs
Thanks to a popular children's toy, Volta can take control of small magnetic hairs and form them into various shapes, some of which are necessary to solve puzzles.
Controller and Headset
This gaming equipment can be used to choke people, as well as manipulate video game consoles for some minigames.
Handheld Console
This small handheld console can be used to play some minigames and can also be flung around.
Smartphones can be analyzed for hints and information.
Fans can emit air currents that can blow away objects or power other fans.
Outlets can be used to travel around buildings faster.
Servers are special computers that can be directly entered, allowing you to explore the code within.
Security Door
Security Doors can be unlocked through a minigame inside, and can also have their combinations changed to screw with enemies.
Drills can dig through fragile material.
Nail Gun
Nail guns can fire off nails, which can pin objects to walls or floors or hurt enemies.


Vyrus started development as a form of experimentation with the Capture mechanic found in Super Mario Odyssey. Initial ideas had the player controlling a computer virus that could enter and control machines, but died if it was outside of one. This was later abandoned due to the lack of storytelling potential.

The superhero focus came about after Tigertot (tbc) had renewed interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a desire to work on a superhero project. This ability to enter and control machines was then made into a superpower for a new character. The desire to also focus on fresh characters was also done due to fatigue in regards to previous Ghostverse characters.


  • Vyrus's general artstyle and atmosphere resemble that of both Sonic Adventure games on the Dreamcast, as well as the Spider-Man comics.
  • The is the first Ghostverse project to:
    • Take place outside of the Spirituis Galaxy.
    • Not involve magic in any form whatsoever.
  • Konyitas's role was inspired by that of JARVIS, F.R.I.D.A.Y., and Karen from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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