Never give up, stay strong. I've got viking blood.
Vyke if he is losing in the last round.

Vyke Dyson
Weight 188lbs
Height 6 feet 6 inches
Nationality Swedish
Birthplace Stockholm, Swedish
Age 34
Vyke Dyson is a veteran heavyweight Swedish boxer who appears in Punch-Out!: VR.


Vyke is loud and slightly self-centred due to his attention in his native land from his insane popularity due to traditional views and as a hero. He dislikes being tired and tries to act tough and unharmed a lot. He has one of the most deepest voices in the game but sometimes can break into a operatic tenor chant.


Vyke is a Swedish powerhouse hailing from Stockholm, he has a ginger beard and moustache and has a silver viking helmet with jewels on, in which some of his hair is peeking through. He wears a viking pattern on his shorts and viking shoe shaped boots. His theme is a deep Viking chant with heavy backing. He is defeated by aiming all over when he loses his balence and then a Star Punch can be executed.


My ores haven't gained momentum yet.
If losing by Round 1.

Viking... Spirit
If he is losing by Round 2.

Maces... axes... forget them. I've got my uber fists.
If he wins.


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