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Vyacheslav is a human from Russia. He is a trained fighter who likes to use his skills.


Vyacheslav is an average-height 23-year-old male with messy brown hair. He wears an open flannel shirt, dark blue baggy jeans and green and orange trainers.


Vyacheslav was born and raised in Russia. He was born in Novosibirsk but raised in Moscow. He trained to become a strong fighter while living in Moscow, and vigorously worked on his strength. He moved to California when he was 13 and attended high school. During high school, he met soon-to-be teammate Cameron Hudson and the two became friends. After graduating, Vyacheslav and Cameron met Helen Willis and started working with her. Following that, they joined a couple of other people and formed a team of sorts.


Vyacheslav is cool-headed and barely ever bursts out into anger. He likes to relax a lot.



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