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Vorplazz is one of The Threat's mooks, in charge of the communications department. She hates her job and all her co-workers. She likes to make sarcastic remarks that are either ignored or are responded to violently by her co-workers (such as suggesting that Avirl is gay for Unten).


Vorplazz is a alien with five tentacle-like legs and four eye stalks that are shaped similar to The Threat's symbol. She is rather colorful, her body going from red to purple. Her eyes are colored orange and she has two tentacle like arms and a tentacle mouth.


Bitterly sarcastic, Vorplazz roots for no one involved in the war and everyone is a target for her ridicule, even her leader The Threat (not that you would ever see her make fun of her to her face!) and is often seen either drinking or procrastinating at her job. It's suggested that if Unten or any of the other Fantendoverse characters were to enter Svarga, The Threat wouldn't know until a month later. It is unknown why The Threat keeps around Vorplazz, but it's suggested she really likes Vorplazz's scathing jokes towards the commanders and finds them funny.



Due to his strange obsession with Unten, there is not a day that goes by in Svarga without a quick jab to Avirl from Vorplazz. Avirl is not a fan of her comments but is incredibly terrible at comebacks, leading to further laughter from co-workers.

Mistress Nell

Vorplazz doesn't like her at all and often sends prank calls suggesting that The Threat is either under attack or wants to see her. Mistress Nell falls for it every time and recently it has gotten violent.


She has no idea what he is and can't seem to think of any jokes concerning him, although she tries.

The Threat

Often makes jokes about her out of sight, but will immediately take it back if seen or heard by The Threat.


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