Voncro is a Bandit character and recurring villain in Paper Princess Peach. He talks like he is famous, but is really not. He is not loyal to Vaati. Peach first meets him when he was picking on a poor Goomba. He then swims away, and is later seen in chapter 2,and steals one of Peachs Crystal Hearts. He gets away, and is then seen again chapter 4. He vows that he will not lose this time, but is defeated by Peach yet again. Peach then gets 2 Crystal Hearts at one time! Voncro then runs away, and then comes up into chapter 5, with the fake name Volcro. Peach defeats him when his identity is revealed. He doesnt appear again until Chapter 9, where he attacks peach once the Crystal Queen is defeated. He then lies on the ground, tired of being beaten up by a girl. He then goes home. However, once Vaati spreads the world with darkness, Voncro is under Vaati's control. Peach defeats Voncro once again. His body just stays there and it is unkown what happened to him, but was probably killed when Vaati's Castle went down.