Greetings. So, you must be Mario, huh? I've seen you save the day million of times. It's about time you take a break to your heroic deeds.

Voldom is a dark spirit and the true antagonist of Paper Mario: Prophecy of the Arts. He claims Bowser's body and tries to scatter the Fortuned Crystals in hopes to rip the kingdom apart, leaving only scraps behind.


Voldom is a wicked black, glowing wisp with pointy horns curved to the right, one with an almond brown patch. One sharp, long cheek extends from his left face. Two different-colored eyes, one blue and red. Golden teeth, a broken purple heart in chest, and bat wings with shattered, hovering membranes. During his first encounter and phase, he wears a white plague doctor mask.


Despite his calm speech, Voldom is a silent, wicked being with many tricks up his sleeve. He prefers to hide in other vessels to possess them, usually friendly ones to put the blame on something they didn't actually do. Uses the fear and personal information about oneself to an advantage. Often throws his henchmen into his Limbo Heart once they fail their task. Ever since the defeat of Dimentio, Voldom has gone on to shatter the Fortuned Crystals and the entire kingdom.


Before the events of Super Paper Mario, Voldom was once called Carrier and lived on the Flopside. He was a friend of Elder Iccardius ever since they met in the Day and Night Camp. One day, however, he got jealous of Molo graduating out of training to become a true sorcerer. So, he tried stealing some Pure Hearts and squeezing their energy. He teamed up with Dimentio, which eventually was defeated by the Heroes of Light.

After the incident, the other residents of Flopside began to turn on Carrier, including Nolrem. He was sent onto the Mushroom Kingdom as a punishment for using the Pure Hearts for evil. He ran off and renamed himself Voldom, still determined for power. He searched for many plans only to fail. One day, Voldom decided to host an organization of gathering energy.

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