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Voidverse Future is the follow-up series to the popular Voidverse stories. This is the tale of what happens if The Void, the key location of the original series, never existed. Voidverse Future is, in many ways, darker than original Voidverse, and factors of suspense and mystery play a larger role. Voidverse Future is published by N Books.


VFuture Saga 1 The Triad
This is the first saga of Voidverse Future. It establishes the main concepts and characters of the entire story arc, and details a doomsday scenario with plenty of twists.
This the second saga. The major origins leading up to The Triad are detailed here, providing a deeper understanding of the complicated events that pave the way for the entire Voidverse series.
This the final Voidverse Future saga.


  • Voidverse Future was internally conceptualized in 2012 by NextGen Books, but after the acquisition by N Books, the series was greenlighted.
  • Voidverse Future forgoes the trend of naming the sagas after the main hero.
  • The main protagonist for the cancelled story Mark of the Crescent was initially the protagonist for this series. The moon symbol was going to be part of a lunar-based lore, like how original Voidverse focused on the sun.
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