Voidverse is the first story arc of the identically-named Voidverse series. The story details the events that happen to the 5 significant Light Personas who are destined to put an end to The Void, an ominous second world that co-exists with Earth, as well as the evil powers of the Void Personas.

Voidverse contains five sagas each named for its protagonist.


Seventy Four Saga
2011 - 2012
Chronologically, this is the first saga. In this story, teenager Seventy Four must discover his light power and stop the corrupted scientist creating The Void.
The Sixty Four Saga
The second part of the Voidverse story arc. During this saga, Sixty Four must save his friend and love interest Amy Cerato from the evils of The Void.
In the third saga, Eric Four, son of Sixty Four, must defeat the new ruling evil of The Void after he receives a special gift to complement his power.
Times have changed in the thrilling fourth saga. Keyan Four finds that not all is as it seems, and an evil once thought gone returns to reclaim The Void as his own.
The fifth and final saga follows Colin Four as he uncovers the secrets behind The Void and learns how to stop the ruling evil that has hid from him in plain sight.


  • Voidverse was the only running Dk64rules series of stories for a long time. This story arc is still the biggest ever credited to DK.


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