Viven La Vida
Viven, the fallen Herald.
Viven, Queen of Nothing
SPECIES Human/Herald
AGE 21
BIRTHDAY May 25th, 1995
WEIGHT 160 pounds (without armor) lbs
ALIGNMENT Whatever's right... right?
CLASS Herald
Strawberries, the number 42
Death and all his friends, getting lost
WEAPONS Universal Portals

Black Blade

Everyone needs a knight to bare their burdens...
Viven's disdained declaration of what she does

Viven (full name Viven La Vida) is a "Herald", a person that can open up alternate universes and with the help of the Stenographer Stones, create alternate universes. She also has the unique ability to see and interact with ghosts and spirits, often not a positive experience for her.


Viven is a red-haired woman who wears a hair band and keeps most of her hair up in spikes. She has very long bangs that cover her eyes. She has brown skin. She wears a black suit of armor with a four point red star on it, and the torso and lower arms is red colored. The armor chestplate splits off at a rather glossy skirt and she wears red and gold armored "stockings".


Viven is the opposite of Zellen Harley Quimbleson in many ways, as she cares for human life to a freakish extent and hops around to other universes to fight for what she believes to be right, even if she was not directly involved with the conflict to begin with. This comes from her trauma of not being able to save her family originally as she was unwilling to participate in the War of Brine.

Viven has become severely depressed as a result, having to kill so many people in causes she is not entirely sure she is in the right for fighting with. She doesn't stay in any universe for long as her enemies begin to haunt her, requiring her to keep moving between parallel universes. Despite her sadness, she attempts to stay cheery, often smiling even when crying.

She enjoys strawberries and the number 42, often eating strawberries alongside her main dish. She especially likes steak with strawberry, much to the disgust of others. She often utilizes the number 42 into things, saying it's her lucky number.


Viven grew up in an alternate universe where the dark ages never really ended. Two kingdoms, one resting on a place so tinged with dark magic that turned the grass violet (known as the kingdom of Falidren) and the other, so blinded by light magic that it washed out their shields and armor (known as the kingdom of Halicor). In the events that would lead to the War of Brine, Halicor's Queen was mysteriously turned into salt.

The Halicor Kingdom was quick to blame Falidren, who turned out not to be behind the attack fairly quickly, but not quickly enough to stop the war. Viven's parents were enlisted to fight against the tyrannical kingdom and Viven herself was asked to fight too despite her young age. Scared, Viven did not participate. In the aftermath of a key battle, Viven came out of hiding after the battle was over and traversed in the ruined village, finding her dead parents in the ruins. Viven, distraught by the experience, enlisted to avenge them. She would kill the corrupt king of Halicor and become it's Queen, but she felt empty inside.

She began to discover her Herald powers after an attempted attack on her life and eventually left her universe to end up in a parallel one where her parents never died. She began to want to become a savior for other people, after failing to save her parents scarred her so badly.

Powers and Abilities

Viven is a Herald, which means she can go to any universe she knows of with her portal powers, as well as summon objects and creatures from other worlds. She can also use the Stenographer Stones to "write" her own alternate universe. Unique to her as a Herald, she has the ability to see ghosts and communicate with them. They cannot physically harm her.

She can summon a giant blade called the "Black Blade" that curses the opponent with temporary blindness if they are to survive her swings. The blade can switch using a mechanism from being able to be wielded comfortably in two hands to being to big to carry, requiring to be dragged and swung with much strength.


It's worth noting that all of her appearances are "canon" to an extent, as in she has memory of everything she's ever been in. Which means that regardless of what universe she's in, she can allude to events that happened in other universes. Which means if she was in a puzzle game, she might reference the events of that in the main!New Fantendoverse because she was actually there. The only truly non-canonical appearances she would have is if she died, but even then she could have tools to fake her own death.




Trophy Information



  • Obviously a lot of the character is based off Coldplay's Viva la Vida album and contains several references to the album.
    • The kingdom of Falidren is subtly hinted to be on a violet hill, turned violet due to all the dark magic used there.
    • Viven's defeat of the king and feeling empty afterwards is a reference to Viva la Vida, her name also being a reference to that song.
    • Viven's favorite number is 42, the name of a song on the album.
    • Ghosts are mentioned throughout the album, especially in Cemeteries of London.
    • The feeling of being tired of war is mentioned throughout the album, but especially explicit in Death and All His Friends. "Death and All His Friends" is one of her noted dislikes.
    • She hates the feeling of being Lost.
    • She likes strawberries, an obvious mention to Strawberry Swing.

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