Virtual Virus: Sneezy's First Mission
Sneezy WiiU Boxart BX
Developer(s) Chill and Fever
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
August 25 2012
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: E Pegi: 7
Genre(s) Platformer, RPG
Media Included Wii U Disc
Virtual Virus: Sneezy's First Mission is the first game in the Virtual Virus series. The series main hero is Sneezy, a virus from the Dr. Mario series. This first game is for Wii U. It is the prequel of Virtual Virus: Digits in Distress


This game follows the first mission of Sneezy, the Virus.

Living in the Swamp Forest in the Mushroom Kingdom. Sneezy is living by it's tribe the Viruses. They are hardly known by the outside-world but by one man: Dr. Louis Slamonella. He once had a experiment with one of the Viruses: Eddy and then wanted to have no more Viruses. He created a scepter that would kill all Viruses at once. He only needed the Pixels of Grace which the princess of Sneezy's tribe Butterfly contains. If Slamonella would marry her, the Pixels of Grace would come into Slamonella's database and then the scepter would have the power to rule the world and defeat the Viruses.

One year later Slamonella kidnapped the princess and the tribe decided that Sneezy and his friends look like the hero from the many legends from the tribe. Sneezy then sets of his quest to find the Black Fever from the same legends, defeating Slamonella and rescuing Butterfly

When Sneezy, Whacky en Dizzy are in the third level of the Swamp Forest, Bruce comes running up from the background. He blocks the path for the crew and utters that he is the chosen hero instead of Sneezy. He then challenges Sneezy for a fight, but only if he has more than 10 enemies infected. Sneezy eventually defeats Bruce. Bruce then runs away, swearing a return.

A few levels later, Sneezy faces Poo Piranha, which has captured the Virus Stinky. Sneezy then begins the battle with the first enemy infected. Sneezy eventually defeats Poo, rescues Stinky and moves on to the next world

When the gang arrives by the second boss: Flambat , Lee Gull comes running up to demonstrate how to see weak spots on bosses. He then joins Sneezy's army to fight Flambat, rescue Coffing and getting to world 3.

When the gang arrives at the last level before the boss, Bruce confronts the heroes. He wants that he has as many enemies infected as himself. Sneezy eventually infects as many enemies, defeats Bruce and succeeds to the next world.



The gameplay is a classic platformer with elements from the Super Mario Bros. series, where this game is a spin-off from. Players defeat enemies by using claws to make a wound, and then infect them with several sicknesses or defeating them with more claw swipes. The main sickness is Chill but in each world, a different Virus is found. Each having different abilities. Players start with Sneezy, Dizzy (a red Virus) and Whacky (a yellow virus). The one to last level in each world is a 3D level with many enemies and a point to switch between Virusses. If a certain Virus is traveling too long, it gets sick and needs to be recovered by buying Soup.


At the end of each world, a boss is found. Every enemy infected by Sneezy will then fight for him in a turn-based battle while Sneezy is on the enemy. Each time he has done a attack, he can move to a pre-set place much like in a point-and-click. Attacking is done by choosing a enemy infected earlier and tap on the spot on the Wii U Gamepad to attack the enemy on that place just like in Plants vs. Zombies. On some places are weak spots that only are seen with the Wii U Game Pad making this a cross between the turnbased fighting system of the Mario and Luigi series, and traveling around the enemy like in Zelda games, altough movement is limited to mostly two or three sides. When the boss is defeated, Sneezy gets 10 HP extra, beginning with 20.


Every boss has a few Twistpoints. Sneezy must hit all the Twistpoints to defeat the boss. They are only seen on the Wii U Gamepad and are recognized by the swirl symbol. After all Twistpoints have been hit, Sneezy only needs to damage the boss enough to make him die, as the Twistpoints are only one of the requirements to defeat a boss.


Every enemy has a so called effect. It is divided in 3 categories: Home, Sea and Danger Zone. Enemies encountered first in World 1,2,3 fall in the category Home, World 4,5,6 fall in the category Sea and the last 3 worlds enemies are the category Danger Zone. Every Virus have stats, and a that stats decide if the enemy is buffed or nerfed. Also the category Home stands for control, the category Sea stands for speed, and the category Danger Zone stands for how high the Virus can jump.

Super Guide

Virtual Virus: Sneezy's First Mission introduces a new kind of Super Guide. Instead of a computer controlled player taking over, a map of the level appears on the Wii U Gamepad, and the player can tap the part of the level he or she wants a tutorial of.



These are the heroes of the game.

Image Character Bio Unlocked Stats
TBA Sneezy

Sneezy is the lil boy it's all about. Altough he doesn't really believe he is the chosen hero. He does his plight

Availible at start Home +0 Sea +0 Danger Zone +0
TBA Dizzy

Dizzy is a good boy, altough overshadowed by Sneezy, he is proud to be part of the team, but he is pretty naive. He likes to pull pranks on Sneezy and is always optimistic. Bad jokes are his specialities.

Availible at start Home +1 Sea -1 Danger Zone +1
TBA Whacky

Whacky is a silent boy. He does not say much but attacks the gang of Slamonella and takes his job serious. He has Twitter though.

Availible at start Home: +2 Sea: -1 Danger Zone: -1
Stinky Stinky

Stinky is a stinking toddler. Some tell that his farts rival that of a skunk. Stinky likes to throw stuff, or putting stuff in his mouth. He is not really helpful for the team, but hey.. He's only a toddler

Defeat Poo Piranha Home: +3 Sea: -3 Danger Zone: +0
Coffing Coffing

Coffing constantly coughs, and loud! His constant coughing is very irritating for others but he can't help! He likes to walk in little caves and cough really hard in them. He has the strange ability to break the fourth wall while coughing. He does note for example that some interdimensional pressure helps on the bosses to defeat them.

Defeat Flambat Home: +3 Sea: -4 Danger Zone: +1
Smoky Smoky

Smoky is the little son of Smogolio. He can blow smoke as he lives in the big city. He tries to be cool to girls, but always fails. He has the power to control smoke, but that does not impress them.

Defeat Magmite Home: -4 Sea: +5 Danger Zone: -1
Dementio 2 Dementio

Dementio is an old, beach-loving, complaining man and as he forgets what he is saying. He is repeating mostly. He doesn't care about much thing except for himself and his mustache, which he treats as a pet.

Defeat Sir Pin Home: +1 Sea: +4 Danger Zone: -5
Clammy Clammy

Clammy is a coldhearted woman and the wife of Smogolio. She's constantly mocking about Smogolio and that he does not care 'bout Smoky. She dreams of a romantic beachvacation with Smogolio but knows that will not happen.

Defeat Sqhit Home: +0 Sea: +3 Danger Zone: -3
Smogolio Smogolio

Smogolio is the lazy middle-aged man. He likes to call himself Bronch and does not like it when people call him by his own name as he shouts 'Bronch it is'! then. He always smokes but he does not get sick or anything. He always notes that they live in an world with some weird battle tactics, referring to the unique battle system of the game. He shares this trait with Lee Gull.

Defeat Barfy Bulldog Home: +4 Sea: -2 Danger Zone: -2
TBA Big Boss

Once a teacher, Big Boss is the boss of the resistence that tries to take over the Fever Factory now.

Defeat Megavitamin Mecha Home: -5 Sea: +0 Danger Zone: +5
TBA Brucya 'Bruce' McNay

Bruce calls himself the chosen hero but knows that it is Sneezy. He wants to prove that he is a better hero. He joins the party after it is discovered that 'he' is the bratty girl who lives next to Sneezy and realizes that they could better team up.

Reach the bosslevel of Slamonella number 2 Home: +0 Sea: -5 Danger Zone: +5
TBA Lee Gull

Lee Gull is Sneezy's Martial Arts teacher and runs the Forest Dojo. He is unlockable too! He tried many times to defeat evil, but as the Virusses are living in a dense forest, evil never showed up.

Get every Tribe Token Home: +5 Sea: +0 Danger Zone: +0
Princess Princess Butterfly

The princess is the source of the Pixels of Grace. She is a very warm hearted princess, but very dumb sometimes and likes practical jokes.



TBA Wise Tribemen

The Wise Tribemen teach Sneezy how to be a real hero. They also give tips how to complete parts of levels after dying 8 times in a row. They also are in the forest to open a shop where Sneezy can buy movies about hidden passages and cookies. They really like cookies.

TBA Eddy Eddy was once the cyborg of Dr. Slamonella, but was freed by Sneezy. He is playable too! Eddy likes to go out the forest to breathe fresh air. Beat all bosses with rank A. Home: +0 Sea: +0 Danger Zone: +0


Character Description
Dr. Louis Slamonella This is the evil doc it is all about. He wants one thing: No viruses. Although it sounds good. He does not now that the medicine has it's flopsides for the world...
Eddroid Eddroid is the evil cyborg version of the Virus that has been captured a long time ago: Eddy.
Fawful Fawful is the actual villain of the game. He wants to combine The Pixels of Grace so with his machines so he could conquer the world.
Midbus Midbus is the loyal, but dumb follower of Fawful. Midbus fights Brucya while the others are fighting Fawful.


Item Used in Cost Description
Mushroom Levels N/A Let's Sneezy take another hit before dying.
Sneeze Flower Levels N/A Can Sneezy make sneeze and thus making infecting enemies easier. It can also be used to stick objects toghether.
Flight no Fight Bossfights 25 Coins Let's Sneezy feel no pain in battle for 3 turns.
Hemoglobin Bossfights 25 Coins Warps Sneezy the closest Twistpoint.
Little Cookie Bossfights 5 Coins Revives 5 HP
Big Cookie Bossfights 10 Coins Revives 10 HP
Honey Cookie Bossfights 15 Coins Revives 15 HP
Fruit Cookie Bossfights 20 Coins Revives 15 HP and makes your next attack stronger.
Jelly Cookie Bossfights 20 Coins Revives 20 HP
Food of the Hero Bossfights Awarded after defeating a boss. Revives 30 HP
Soup The menu 20 Coins Heals partymembers so you can use them in battles.
Tribe Tokens The Shop N/A Let you buy extra things in the Tribe Shop.


Main article: Virtual Virus: Sneezy's First Mission/ Worlds


Toothie and Peter are your pets and they all have their own abilities.



Toothie can lift Sneezy to higher places and can defeat enemies by touching them evading grounded enemies effectively.


Peter is hold like a dog to a line. He can bite enemies and he can be angled right up so he can bite aired enemies.


Both Toothie and Peter have 3 power-ups. They must be used to traverse to the level.

Image Used By Power-Up Effect
Transform nav balloon active ToothyToothie Blue Berry Let's Toothie drill through yellow mud
Berry Red ToothyToothie Red Berry Let's Toothie launch Sneezy to let him reach hidden places. The player can use the Wii U Gamepad to move the cursor.
Transform nav light active ToothyToothie Yellow Berry Let's Toothy throw his bodyparts to use as platforms. The player can tap the place the platform needs to go on the Wii U Gamepad.
Navi Firefly Peter Blue Firefly Let's Peter dig through black mud. Wheras Toothie's ability is used to advance to the next part of the level, Peter can pick up special items while he is digging. His route can be drawn on the Wii U Gamepad.
Leaf Firefly Peter Red Firefly Let's Peter run around, leaving Sneezy behind, so he can hit switches. His route can be drawed on the Wii U Gamepad.
Ciela Firefly Peter Yellow Firefly Let's Peter change himself in a Beanstalk, or in a rope for going over a pit.


The bosses are fought at the end at each world with the enemies infected. A rank is awarded depending on how fast the boss is defeated.

  • Rank A= 15 enemies or less.
  • Rank B= 25 enemies or less.
  • Rank C= 35 enemies or less.
  • Rank D= 45 enemies or less.
  • Rank E= 50+ enemies

When the Boss is attacked on his weak spots, he gets 2x the damage, however, Sneezy receives 1.5x damage when attacked.

Boss Description Twistpoints HP Weak Spots
Prima and Pari Piranha, the twin plants Prima and Pari are encountered in World 1. They are a Piranha Plants grown together with spiked leaves in a cross pattern. Both heads don't like each other, because one is fan of snapping, and the other loves chowing. They attack by setting out the spikes on their leaves. At the end of the leaves and in the middle. The weirdgrown spot on both heads.
Flambat, the light bat Flambat is encountered in World 2. Flambat is a Swooper made of fire. He does not like that people often assosiates him with evil. He attacks by setting his wings on fire and flapping Sneezy of. At his wings and his crow-like paws His horns
Magmite, the huge lava insect Magmite is encounterd in World 3: She is a biggened mite, or how she calls a 'Fly-a-Way'. She likes that she is biggened by Slamonella's technology as she wants to be seen, altough she does not realise that she is in a vulcano where no-one sees her . She attacks by flipping around. On her wings and on her eyes. Her shoes
Sir Pin, the pirate crab Sir Pin is encountered in World 4. Being a old pirate stuck on a island, Pin likes contact and was very happy when Dementio was brought there. He attacks by trying to pinch Sneezy of. On his hands and tail On his feet
Sqhit,the hit squid Sqhit is encountered in World 5. She is a bullying Blooper, as her motto is: 'Hittin it'. She has two ponytails and likes the cartoon symbol for impact, which she has on her belly. On her 7 tentacles and on her belly. By the spot of the missing 8 tentacle
Barfy Bulldog, the crazy dog Barfy is a a sick bulldog, and the possible pet of Slamonella. He likes to bite and suprise people by his reach he has, has he is tied to a stake. On his hairless spots. His nose
Megavitamin Mecha, Slamonella's invention The Megavitamin Mecha was once build to function as a automatic Megavitaminsuspender, but some modifies and it works as a controllable warmecha. The bossfight will not be as usual, instead, Sneezy gets put in a jar and the Mecha begins to drop Megavitamins. Sneezy must climb out the jar using the Vitamins as a ladder. He then must land on top of the mecha and attack the legs to let the mecha explode. Both legs of the robot N/A N/A
Eddroid, Slamonella's cyborg friend After the mecha explodes, Eddroid comes out. He challenges Sneezy to a platforming fight. Sneezy accepts and begins to battle. Sneezy must claw Eddroid 3 times to let him explode, revealing the Virus kidnapped a long time ago: Eddy. N/A N/A N/A
Dr. Slamonella, the evil Doc 1 The first battle is classic platform battle. Sneezy must hit the switch at the back to let explode Slamonella, which was a robot actually. The robot uses the scepter as a wand to fire lasers which follow Sneezy. N/A N/A N/A
Dr. Slamonella, the evil Doc 2 The second battle is against the real Slamonella. He uses the Power of Love to make himself giant, which Smogolio calls a 'platform cliché'. Sneezy then jumps in Slamonella and with the Black Fever in his claws, he begins to attack. The flowing blood can be used to travel fast through the body. All of Slamonella's organs His belly
Fawful Fawful is the main villain of the game. He wants to put the Power of Love in one of his machines to make the ultimate machine. Fawfuls tactic is to fly in one of his jetpacks. Sneezy fails the first try's. Then Slamonella comes to help. Sitting in the Megavitamin Mecha, he helps Sneezy to come close to Fawful by throwing Megavitamins to make a ladder. Sneezy eventually gets by Fawful, defeats him and lands in the Swamp Forest. Both jetpack sides, the main tank and his hat.
Midbus Brucya and Eddy challenge Midbus to a classic turn-based fight. There are no Twistpoints and Brucya has no army, making this a Mario & Luigi fight. N/A


Name Description Effect
Cells Cells are the basic enemies. They have a shell on their heads. Home
Shams Shams are Koopa-like enemies with glasses. Home
Cloudo's and Vitams Cloudo's are enemies which spit Vitams. Vitams are walking Megavitamins with spikes on their heads. Home
Polds Polds are Piranha Plants with extra leaves which fold if Sneezy touches them. Home
Toeths Toeths are Pokey-like enemies which have a spiky tongue Home
Vitabullets Vitabullets are Megavitamin bullets. They are shot from sideway jars. Sea
Pill Dozers Pill Dozers can dig through mud and the ground. Sea
Hits Hits are underwater enemies which try to ram over the ship in World 5-1 and 5-2 Sea
Bads Bads are Pirate Crabs that work for Sir Pin. They try to pinch Sneezy. Sea
Pidgies Pidgies are pidges that fly around and if they see Sneezy, they go after him. Sea
Vitsham's Vitsham's are a special vareity of Shams which throw Megavitamins. Danger Zone
Blocks Encountered in Fever Factory, Blocks fire lasers to Sneezy. Danger Zone
Jahrs Jahrs are obstacles that fall on Sneezy. They have a open bottom, so Sneezy must climb out via Megavitamins that fall in the Jahr when Sneezy is trapped. Danger Zone
Mechas Mechas are enemies that follow Sneezy through doors and pipes. They are smaller versions of the Megavitamin Mecha. Danger Zone
Fawms Fawms are the stronger Fawfulized versions of Shams. Danger Zone


Set 1: Action

Bruce's Shooting Range

The player starts with Bruce holding his blaster and cardbox made enemies appear. The goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible

Vitam's Rollcourse

The player must roll a Vitam egg through a random obstacle course as fast as possible.

Spider's Sneeze

The player controls Sneezy and the goal is to climb up the tree with snot from Sneezy without getting hit by Vitabullets.

Cloudo Shootcourse

The player must kill enemies using a dead Cloudo to shoot and a living one to fly.

Set 2: Puzzle


This is Picross with pictures from Sneezy and his friends. Unveil the picture by pecking the right squares as a Oxpeecer.

Dr. Sneezy

Dr. Mario, but then with Sneezy. Kill the Cells by sneezing into the jar!

Sliding Puzzles

Sliding Puzzles from various characters in the game.

Cell Buster

Cell Buster is the Virtual Virus-version of Virus Buster.

Set 3: Luck

Sneezy's Super Slot

A normal luck slot, where the player can win Coins.

Black Whack

Whacky hosts a round of Black Jack, win from Whacky to earn coins.


The player plays memory with Whacky. If the player has a good pair, the player earns 2 coins.

Whack-y Mole!

The player must use the WiiU Gamepad to tap on the Pill Dozers to defeat them as Whacky.

Time Attack

Do levels again to get the best time!

Level Bruce's Time
1-1 0:50:00
1-2 1:00:00
1-3 1:05:00
1-4 0:48:00
2-1 1:03:56
2-2 1:06:48
2-3 1:10:23
2-4 1:02:28
3-1 1:05:74
3-2 1:07:57
3-3 1:10:63
3-4 1:12:53
4-1 1:15:00
4-2 1:17:47
4-3 1:20:29
4-4 1:24:83
5-1 1:26:29
5-2 1:30:74
5-3 1:28:23
5-2 1:28:29
5-3 1:30:34


Try to defeat as many opponents as you can with a pre-set army. (Get 25 Tribe Tokens)

Challenge 1

Defeat opponents with 50 enemies.

Challenge 2

Defeat opponents with 25 enemies.

Challenge 3

Defeat opponents with 15 enemies.

Challenge 4

Defeat opponents with 5 enemies.

Boss Rush

Challenge all your favorite bosses here! (Get 40 Tribe Tokens)

Forest Dojo

Learn special technques from your grandfather. Lee Gull. (Buy Soup for him so he is not ill anymore.)

Lesson 1: Basics

Here teaches Lee how to claw and to make an army.

Lesson 2: The Armymenu

Here Lee gives lesson about removing enemies, choosing the right enemies and changing the order of fighting.

Lesson 3: The basics of battle

Here Lee will teach the beginnings of battle such as walking around and attacking with the army.

Lesson 4: Twistpoints

Lee teaches the player the Twistpoints and how to work with them.

Lesson 5: Effects of attacks

in the last basic lesson, Lee will teach about the different effects different enemies and partymembers have.

Lesson 1X: Mastermoves

Lee will teach different moves such as riding Toothie and walking with Peter.

Lesson 2X: Commander Codes

Sneezy will learn the hidden things of the Armymenu, such as replacing enemies wisely.

Lesson 3X: The right attacks

Sneezy will be learned how to choose the right route, and scanning hidden weak spots with the Wii U Gamepad.

Lesson 4X: Twisting 'bout it

The player will be learned how to master Twistpoints.

Lesson 5X: It's Super Effective!

In this lesson it is teached how to use effects wisely.

Level Designer

The good ol' level designer. (5 Tribe Tokens per set of parts)

All sets have all the blocks encountered in the story in their respective world, such as slopes.


Forest Set

  • Toxic Water
  • Yellow Mud
  • Black Mud
  • Toothie
  • Peter
  • Chomp Block
  • Sneeze Flower
  • All Berry's
  • All Fireflies
  • Keys

Cave Set

  • Rolling Rocks

Vulcano Set

  • Lava

Beach Set

  • Donut Blocks

Ocean Set

  • Water

Intercity Set

  • Cars
  • Buildings

Laboratory Set

  • Reacting Tubes

Outer Space Set

  • Planets


All worlds get their own background in the designer when the player has picked up all Tribe Tokens in the respective world. These are the extra backgrounds:

  • 8-Bit World
  • Dark World
  • Lava World
  • Village World

Online Sharing

Players are free to download their levels to MiiVerse and Nintendo Network. Other players can rate the level and import them to their savefiles and if allowed, edit the level freely, though the same set and background has to be used.

Nintendo Challenges

Nintendo will also organize challenges, much like in the Mario VS. Donkey Kong series. The first challenge must be a level where Peter can use Chomp Blocks to traverse the level.


  • T0M V 1.2, for creating the background of the boxart and supporting me.
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