Virtua Mantis(japanese:仮想カマキリプレーヤー, lit. Hypothetical Mantis Player) is a console made by 77 Heru's Inc. The Virtua Mantis, unlike traditional consoles, takes the form of goggles, that when put on, takes the player into a virtual world, where the Video Game takes place. The success of the Virtua Mantis has even changed Education in Japan, which use Educational Video Games via the Virtua Mantis, rather than the child physically going to school. The Mantis also has Internet Connectivity, which allows the player to interact with other children. The Virtua Mantis has revolutionized the gaming Industry, as parents no longer have to worry about fitness, education, or the child losing vision. Virtual Mantis games are downloaded directly into the Virtua Mantis via the Virtua Mantis store, which is accessed by the Virtua Mantis itself.

Games for the Virtua Mantis

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