VineVille is the main hub world in the Ella-Metals series, the hometown of no ordinary citizens if they have a power in the last name they can control it, from a explosion which happened a billion years ago. It has appeared in every Ella-Metals game to date. It's greater location is currently unknown. It is a stage in many crossovers, most recently in the 2013 game Stelios Scramble. Others include Fantendo Smash Bros. Uproar and Super Fantendo Strikers to name a few.

Area History

VineVille's known history dates back to billions of years ago. Animals lived in harmony in their habitat. A meteorite, hurled onto their habitat. Few life forms survived. This event was unknown until it was discovered that in that place there was a little industrial town. People started to be ill, and noticed vines and plants next to the buildings of it. This was ignored by the doctors.

However, in late 1840, on the first year anniversary of the town's creation, these small plants were suddenly sprouting to the size of buildings. Made up by many, small broken parts of the living meteorite's DNA.

The meteorite and the vines had germs inside with DNA allowing to control different elements. This, however, didn't stop VineVille from being an industrial town... as it still, to this day, has plenty of fabrics. A chunk of the meteorite which holds many of it's powers still to be used for it's full potential is constantly guarded, but also a tourist attraction. It also gives off a gas which is implented in genes, some could skip a generation, so not all citizens are power-bearers. It is surrounded by vines, which citizens can climb up with Vine Climb. It was a industrial town affected heavily by the Industrial Revolution, with cotton and money as the main exports.

The town centre is a statue of Ella Metals. At the top end of the town near the canyon, there is the meteorite, solely guarded by 3 men. It gives off a gas in sunlight releasing chemicals into the humans genes to pass on their powers to there off-spring, without this, they would just be normal humans.

In 2134, a constant war is taking place between superheroes and villains to take VineVille as their territory, causing residents to leave. Jacob the Time Lord convinces the authorities to only allow one superhero to protect VineVille, little do they know the extent of Jacob's powers. Jacob forces them to fight through the ages before the winner battles him in the VineVillian Arena. When he is defeated, he tries to kill Kaisser, but fails and flees.

Only to be found a year later, in the events of Fallen Crest. He has started his own empire and Caleb and his friends are forced to stop him. Eventually, Caleb takes back the ground and VineVille turns into a thriving metropolis again.


VineVille is estimated to have a population of 25,000 with mostly all citizens inheriting Powers. It is considered by some to be illegal to have too many non-powers for the sake of their wellbeing as they cannot defend themselves hence, 97% of these citizens have Powers.

Powers are given to VineVillian's by inhaling The Meteorite's oxygen. If the person has offspring, their powers will be decided by 3 factors.

  • Solid Power's - If the same elemental genetics inherited from one or both parents to have one elemental power.
  • Half Power's - If the parents parents don't have any elemental genes in them, but the pregnant woman has inherited the metorites power through oxygen, the offspring is given ability for all elements if a sample is touched. Their powers wears off after a minute, until they touch another element. Only one element can be controlled at once.
  • Cross Power's - If both parents power genes are inherited, so they have 2 powers, for example Elizabeth Pasta. These cases are much more rare in modern VineVillians.



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