Villager (USBIV)



Universe SSB Animal Crossing Series
Appearances in SSB Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS
Availability Startable
Final Smash Dream Home
Tier A+ (11)

Villager is a startable playable character for Ultra Smash Bros. IV and the protagonist of the Animal Crossing series. He was been anounced at December 5, the same day were Animal Crossing: Wild World was released. In his own series, Villager is a own-player character who lives in player's own city and helps other animal friends by making their tasks and help them.

Villager has alternate costumes as in Smash 4 as male  and as female like Wii Fit Trainer, Robin, and Corrin

Villager has no recorded voiceclips but they ripped the sound effects of Animal Crossing series for his moveset.

Villager ranks the 11th place of the 103th (A+) in the tier list behind the Sheik and after Kirby. This is a notable rise for Villager being a high tier character in Smash 4

Villager maintains his position to be one of the best zoning and camping character in the game.  


Ground attacks

Aerial attacks

Grabs & throws

Special moves

Name Special Moves Percentage Description
Neutral Special
Pocket Default
Garden C1
Pocket Plus C2
Bug Throw C3
Side Special
Lloid Rocket Default
Liftoff Lloid C1
Pushy Lloid C2
Lloid's Blast C3
Down Special
Timber Default
Timber Counter C1
Super Timber C2
Timber Guard C3
Up Special
Balloon Trip Default
Extreme Balloon Trip C1
Balloon High Jump C2
Bubble C3
Final Smash
Dream Home
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