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Vicky Victorious
Vicky Victorious, the reporter willing to get to the bottom of any case
AGE 30
BIRTHDAY January 30th
WEIGHT 121 pounds lbs
CLASS News reporter
"Gorrila Tactics", burritos, talking to people
Boring interviews, being upstaged, dark chocolate

Vicky Victorious (full name Victoria Avala Victorious) is a news reporter working for Channel 17 News in the Seattle Area. She was introduced in the short story Interviews with the Victorious.


Vicky Victorious is a brown-haired woman with a white complexion. She has brown eyes and a winning smile. She is commonly seen with shirts or dresses with blue and dark blue stripes running across them; she claims this is to make her figure look thinner and blue is one of her favorite colors (with the other two being opal and moonwhite).


Vicky Victorious is a news reporter that will do whatever it takes to get a good story, usually having to resort to guerrilla tactics (which she pronounces as "gorilla tactics") to do so. She is rather materialistic, self-absorbed, and egotistical, seeing herself as a A-List Reporter even though she runs on a local TV station in a dying industry. She also tends to have D-List talent in this field as well, becoming quickly bored with her interview subjects if she's not interested in what they have to say and generally not respecting the privacy of others.

Vicky Victorious considers herself on a first-name basis with several characters, even though most do not actually remember her or actually met her before. She also seems to be poorly rehearsed in social skills despite being a reporter; she often interrupts her subjects and asks them questions they're clearly uncomfortable with discussing. While not often crude, she will engage in such conversation if provoked to do so. She also tends to do a lot to make herself sound interesting, such as make up favorite foods on the spot or claim to know a lot about sports while getting details mixed up.

She is excellent into playing into people's negative emotions, managing to twist stories into any direction she likes or uncovering inadverdant, freudian confessions.

She seems to be very against the superhuman society, particularly taking aim at Unten Bluzen and his group for either minor misdeeds or misunderstandings, which she rants about constantly on her show. While originally she was told to shy away from these rants, public perception has slowly come around to understanding where she is coming from and reflecting her values as of Stand Out Stories.

In later stories, Channel 17 takes off due to it's staunch stance against the rise in super powered heroes, seeing them as irresponsible and dangerous. Vicky spearheads a movement that slowly grows into something even she can't control, her ego becoming much inflated due to this.


Minor Roles

Vicky Victorious is rather noteworthy as she tends to appear in a lot of stories but with a minor role given her job as a news anchor. Here is a list of her minor appearances.

  • Just Like Old Friends - Vicky Victorious appears at the crash site of Kiva Glaive's ship and reports on it, attempting to link the aliens to Unten Bluzen. She later reports on Teun and Hera's robbery at the bank using the laser pointers Nycho and Obena sold to them. She additionally comments on the many potholes and carvings of dicks in the streets as a result of the "Concrete Cutters".
  • Fantendo - Zenith - Vicky can first be seen talking to Sam in Alaska, asking him about Unten's whereabouts. She can later be heard in a voiceover talking about the Kolobian pods that landed on Earth, and later appears at the Fantendo Firehouse in an attempt to talk to Silence, but ends up getting a response from The Enemy instead.

Interviews with the Victorious

Vicky appears as the main character of the story, beginning the story at Rubelline Tifft's mansion during a Christmas Day party. While other characters are distracted, she finds Unten sitting alone and attempts to interview him, to mostly disastrous results. Rachel then appears, having been looking for Vicky after realizing she lost track of her. Rachel agrees to be interviewed by Vicky after Vicky expresses interest.

Fallen Crusade


Stand Out Stories

Powers and Abilities

Vicky Victorious has no abilities due to her being a normal human being. She claims to have gotten a journalism degree at Harvard, although when asked for proof she just darts to another question rather awkwardly.





  • Vicky Victorious is the second post-Victory character to be created by Exotoro (tbc), although her concept was created during the planning of Interviews with the Victorious. Her last name was added as a subtle double nod, her last name being Victorious and she's interviewing the cast of Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, aka the Victorious.
  • Vicky was originally named Veronica, however there was already a character named Veronica in GONE into Home Life and the creator didn't want people to get confused between the two.
  • Her news channel, Channel 17 News, is a nod to the number 17, which is a reccuring motif throughout Exotoro's work.
  • Vicky is implied to be a former bank robber in Just Like Old Friends.