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Vessa Female
19 years old Unknown (Human-like)
POWERS Yo-yo Mastery
Technical skills
Powers granted by assorted power-ups
BIRTHDAY "Sunny month"
OCCUPATION(S) Hero of Lostways
Member of the Royal Guard

Vessa is the protagonist of her titular game, being a young child hailing from the junk-filled locale of the Scraplands. Having an intense adventurous spirit and willingness to help others, Vessa makes hit her goal to solve the problems of the people of Lostways, fending off many various sorts of threats in the process.


As a classical mute protagonist, Vessa is cheerful, optimistic, and incredibly curious. She has a passion for learning about and exploring new things, which seemingly stem from both her lonely upbringing in the Scraplands and her penchant for tinkering with machinery. Though rarely seen sad, this lonely side of hers occasionally reveals itself if she is isolated from others for a long time. Vessa is also notably affectionate to those who show her kindness, often showcasing this in the form of gifts or physical acts of affection like hugs.


Vessa is a young being who resembles a human girl in their early teens- it is unconfirmed whether or not she is a true human. Her most distinct features are her dark red hair and her overall scrawny posture.

Vessa's typical outfit consists of khaki shorts, a black and gold T-shirt, a small backpack, and black shoes. The colors of these clothes have demonstrated the ability to shift based on the various power-ups Vessa uses to augment her abilities. Her hair is often decorated with a small clip resembling a four-pointed star, which also changes based on power-up forms. Vessa's forearms are often seen wrapped in bandages, though this seems to be tied to her yo-yo rather than being a sign of injury.


In her natural state, Vessa has few outstanding abilities outside of above-average athletic skill and rather high intelligence concerning machinery. She is also notable for her use of a yo-yo weapon, which she is seen using for both combat and for traversal through environments.

Specific Abilities


  • Tornado Blossom: Grants Vessa the ability to manipulate wind to a limited degree. Often used alongside her yo-yo to create a propeller-like tool, which aids in creating gusts of wind or slowing her descent.
  • Dragonpepper: Enables Vessa to create small bursts of flame on command. Used in drill-like spinning attacks, which can pierce through enemy guards.
  • Spiderstone: Upgrades the bandages connected to the yo-yo into spider silk, which seems to extend for a much longer distance. Can stick to almost any surface, provided it is not too slick or lacks traction.
  • Hydro Lily: Grants Vessa the ability to breathe in water, as well as enhanced undersea swimming skills.
  • Megatitanite: Turns Vessa into solid metal, making her effectively invincible to all forms of damage and increasing her density greatly. This enables her to use her own body as an incredibly powerful physical weapon. Has the cost of reducing her mobility slightly.
  • Magic Feather: Grants Vessa both limited flight capabilities and the power to summon an aura of intense light. These flight skills manifest in the form of a midair dash, which damages foes Vessa rams into.
  • Seraph Feathers: An upgraded version of the Magic Feather that provides infinite flight and more powerful control over Angel Vessa's light aura powers. Unlike the tiny cartoonish wings provided by Angel Vessa, the Seraph Feathers generate much larger wings with white and gold feathers.
  • "Light Mage" Form: A strange power-up form seen in Boss Blitzkrieg. Possesses the same light-controlling powers as the Angel Vessa, but without the flight and seemingly no true time limit.


  • Limited Time Manipulation: The Double Time and Halftime charms enable Vessa to speed up or slow the flow of time, respectively. These alterations are universal, at least seemingly to a wide localized area around Vessa.
  • Pyromancy: The Return to Sender charm enables Vessa to create explosive blasts whenever she is harmed by something in a retaliatory fashion. Short-ranged, but very powerful.
  • Summoning: The Copycat charm enables Vessa to summon a shadowy duplicate of herself named Copycat. This ability rarely acts beneficially to her, as the mischievous spirit only seems to chase her down and copy her movements.



Vessa's debut, featuring her origin as well as her introduction to her idol, Lord Hallan, and the girl who would later become close friends with her, Esselia. The game also features Vessa's first encounter with Pulzar, the dragon who would effectively become Vessa's primary rival.

Fantendo X Zone Revolution

Vessa makes a playable appearance in this first game outside her series. She is found fighting alongside Esselia as a Pair Unit.

Boss Blitzkrieg

Vessa makes a playable appearance in this crossover title. Notable for being the debut of her Light Mage form.



  • Vessa is modeled after Mario, aiming to be an intentionally simple and likable protagonist as well as harken back to the games that inspired her own game. Inspiration was also taken from protagonist Hat Kid from A Hat in Time, primarily in her mannerisms and positive demeanor.
    • Her use of a yo-yo as a primary weapon stem from Kirby Super Star, Kirby Star Allies, and the fangame Yo! Noid 2, which featured yo-yos used in similar fashions as weapons and grappling hook-like tools.
    • Vessa's older appearance in Shining Hero is modeled after Sora's design in Kingdom Hearts II, with the design and nature of her magic scarf being modeled after the Faust Hat from Devil May Cry V.