Vessa is a 3D platformer developed by Pyro Enterprises in the vein of games such as Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario 64, and A Hat in Time, while taking elements of these titles and refining them into the director's idealized version of a collectathon platformer, with a focus on enjoyable movement tools and rewarding, fulfilling exploration.

The game was a launch title for the company's third console, the Onyx, alongside SHIFT and Crestseeker.


The basic gameplay of Vessa is structured similarly to that of most sandbox Mario titles- the player is dropped in a large 3D environment with a multitude of goals to achieve at any given time, with the player having to navigate across the environment using whatever tools they have at their disposal, be it with the protagonist's natural set of tools or level-specific power-ups or mechanics. Similar to 64 or Sunshine, the levels in Vessa tend to be split up into multiple variants of the same stage, known as Phases, with each Phase sharing basic similarities though offering different alterations to the level, be it aesthetically or in terms of the actual level structure.

Every Phase has one primary overarching goal, which leads to the collection of an Energy Core, the game's main collectible. Once an Energy Core is collected, the next Phase for the level is unlocked, giving players the option to advance forward to the next Phase, remain in their current Phase to explore longer, or return to the game's hub world, Lostways Castle. In addition to Energy Cores, each Phase contains multiple smaller collectibles known as Scrap Metal. While Energy Cores are used to open up access to new levels and progress the game, Scrap Metal is instead used as a currency to purchase Charms, items that can be equipped to the player to modify their skills and customize their playstyle.

As all levels take on a sandbox approach to level design, Warp Points have been scattered across levels as a means of transportation across the levels. While not all Warp Points may be accessible in every Phase initially, all activated Warp Points retroactively become available in past Phases, leading to additional secrets available by backtracking.


  • Left Stick - Move
  • Right Stick - Camera Control
  • A - Jump
  • X - Attack (on ground)/Grapple (in air)
  • L - Crouch (on ground)/Ground Pound (in air)
  • R - Dash
  • C - Pull up map (hold)


The story begins a junkyard at night time, a small letter flapping through the wind as it lands next to a girl in a dirt-covered sleeping bag. The letter rams her in the head, jolting her awake as she opens it up to reveal the contents.

Dear Trash Child,
We at Lostways Castle hope this letter reaches you within good time. That is, if it ever gets to you. We have an emergency on our hands! Our lord's daughter, Lady Esselia, is suffering from a terrible affliction, and her father is nowhere to be found! We do not know why, but with her last breath before slipping into a coma, she asked for you- the girl from the Scraplands.
Please, come to the castle and help save Esselia!
Oh dear... What a disaster.

A determined look on her face, the girl shoves the letter in her pocket and runs into the night, heading towards a large castle.

Once the girl arrives at the castle, she is greeted by a knight and maid who escort her to a room on the ground floor. Lying on a bed inside was a girl about her age in a beautiful gown, frozen in sleep as a strange metallic growth crept across her body. The knight explained that something had cursed Esselia with a form of magitek virus, and that Lord Hallan had left in order to pursue a cure. However, he had not come back from this venture after several weeks, leaving the castle staff with only one option; a girl that Esselia had mentioned by name, the scrap hunter Vessa.

Vessa, determined to help Esselia, asks the knight what can be done to aid her. The knight explains that Hallan's primary goal was hunting down Energy Cores, relics of the past he believed could be tied to his daughter's condition. Vessa heads out, armed with the knowledge that these cores could save Esselia and cure her illness.

After clearing the Emerald Dragonshrine, Vessa returns to Lostways Castle to find Lord Hallan having returned home, carrying a small satchel of Energy Cores. Initially confused as to who the vagabond child was, he greets Vessa warmly after being told his daughter asked her to assist his work. Hallan states that despite his research and travels, he still lacks any clue on the origin of Esselia's sickness, and his growing concern has lead him to considering other methods of finding a cure. Thanking Vessa for her efforts, he ventures off into the upper levels of the castle, desperate to find a cure somewhere in the world.

After clearing the Opal Dragonshrine, Vessa encounters Lord Hallan once more, who claimed that he had uncovered a cure for his daughter's condition that did not require the Energy Cores at all. The man spoke of the legendary amethyst dragon Pulzar, who would have the power to undo Esselia's illness, and whom Hallan would force and swordpoint to revert it. Vessa expressed interest in following him, but he refused, stating that Pulzar was too dangerous for anybody but him to handle in spite of Vessa's brave efforts in retrieving the Energy Cores. Opening the door to the highest tower of Lostways Castle, Hallan climbed up the stairs in search of the gateway to Pulzar's domain- with Vessa tagging along, determined to help save Esselia.

Making her way up to the top of the tower, Vessa stumbled upon yet another gateway to a Dragonshrine. The pink-purple crystals gave it clearly away as the sealing grounds of Pulzar, the mastermind behind the attack of the dragons many years ago- why would the gateway to it be tucked away inside Lostways Castle? Continuing through the level, she eventually came across Hallan in the shrine which sealed away Pulzar, as his sword shone with light that crumbled away part of the statue... to reveal what looked like a woman with dragon claws and scales. Was this Pulzar all along?

Hallan, his heroic tone of voice changing to a solemn and serious one, demanded to know if Pulzar was behind the sickness inflicting Esselia. The woman replied that she wasn't proud of doing so, but she was in fact the origin of her sickness- she just needed a motivator for Hallan to set her free from her prison. When asked why she went through all this, Pulzar simply started tearing up. The dragon stated that all she wanted to do was see her child one more time, to which Vessa chimed in and asked what was going on. Though Hallan looked horrified, Pulzar explained that she wasn't the scary monster that Hallan had made out to the world; she was actually Hallan's wife, and Esselia was their child. Hallan interjected quickly, stating that the dragons desired the entire land of Lostways for themselves, believing themselves to be angels from on high and superior to all below- it was for the good of the land that he had them sealed away in the Dragonshrines, especially when Pulzar herself revealed her true intentions. Pulzar began tearing up again, saying that she just wanted a happy life with her husband and daughter in a perfect utopia. Glowing with vibrant energy, she burst from her seal and knocked Hallan out cold, channeling purple energy into his body. As Hallan rose zombie-like from the ground and pointed his blade towards Vessa, Pulzar decreed that she would indeed cure Esselia... after she had paid back the land of Lostways for her torment.

Against all odds, Vessa managed to defeat Pulzar and restore Hallan to consciousness. The latter began to recite the magic that would restore Pulzar's seal, but Vessa interrupted him, a determined look on her face. The amethyst dragon staggered away, taking flight with her large wings and vowing to exact revenge on Hallan for his actions. Keeping her promise, however, she snapped her fingers as a great pulse rippled across the shrine- she no longer had any reason to torment the daughter she loved so much. Vessa returned to the castle with Hallan, reaching Esselia's room to see that her infection had vanished, and she had returned to being absolutely fine. The palace staff began celebrating as Hallan and Esselia thanked Vessa for her hard work, stating that any reward she desired would be given to her. Pointing at a nearby knight, Vessa indicated she wished to join the ranks of the Lostways knights; seeing it as a simple action, Hallan knighted her and welcomed the young tinkerer to what would be her new home.

If the player has collected every Mystery Jewel in the game, a secret cutscene is unlocked in which Vessa is seen stringing the jewels together into a necklace. Upon completion, however, the jewels shine brightly and merge into a singular color-changing jewel, which speaks to Vessa through some form of telepathic connection. The jewel congratulates Vessa for her heroism and determination to standing up for what was right, but warns her that a massive threat to the universe was building and that she would be an incredible asset for defending it. Eagerly accepting this task, Vessa grabbed the jewel as the room was engulfed in radiant light...


Our plucky young protagonist, Vessa is a young girl who lives in the Scraplands, spending her lonely days experimenting and tinkering with bits of metal. Her one dream is to become a hero like her idol, Lord Hallan, and become famous and beloved enough to escape her dreary junkyard life. One day, Vessa's dreams begin to approach reality, as she is summoned to Lostways Castle for an important quest. Lord Hallan's daughter, Esselia, has fallen victim to a strange magitechnic illness, and the great hero himself has gone missing in his quest for a cure. Trusty yo-yo in hand, Vessa sets off to find her idol and find the Energy Cores she believes will cure Esselia's condition!



The fair, kind, and beautiful daughter of famed hero Lord Hallan, Esselia was known to all as one of the brightest lights in the kingdom of Lostways, and a treasure to everyone. Now fallen victim to a form of accursed affliction that is corroding her body and essence, she lies in a coma as her father has gone out into the world in search of a cure. With time running out, her only hope is Vessa, a girl she has tried to contact after seeing her once before. Will she survive this infection?
Lord Hallan
A pure-hearted and noble hero who slew multiple evil threats in the past, most notably the great amethyst dragon Pulzar. Having left behind his glory days as a swordsmaster to live a peaceful life in Lostways Castle, he set off once again to the realm of adventure when his daughter became stricken with the magitek illness. Though he has claimed he can bring back a cure, he has not been seen for some time...
The legendary amethyst dragon who was sealed away by the brave Lord Hallan- in reality, Pulzar is Hallan's ex-wife and the mother of Esselia, sealed away by Hallan simply for desiring a better world for her race and the people she loved. Seeking revenge, she instigates the plot by making Esselia sick, motivating Hallan into freeing her as a last resort. She doesn't see herself as evil, just a mother who was wronged for trying to defend her child... She is a threat to the kingdom of Lostways, though. Defend the kingdom by stopping her!


Glim The golden diamond-shaped currency of Lostways. Found everywhere and acts as currency to purchase Scrap Metal, Map Pieces, and cosmetics, as well as temporary buffs. Vessa loses some Glim upon death.
Heartflower A heart-shaped flower that hovers in the air with its spinning leaves. Restores 1 unit of health if collected.
Heartwater Shimmering pools of water with a shiny, rainbowy tint to it, famed for its ability to heal the wounds of those who drink it. Much like water in Super Mario 64, Heartwater restores all of Vessa's health if she surfaces in it, and is useful as a consistent source of health regeneration.
Royal Heartflower A very large and rare Heartflower known for its magnificent bloom and coloration. When collected, it restores all 6 units of Vessa's health. Commonly found before boss fights, or hidden as a reward in challenging locations.
Magicomb The cyan blue honeycomb made by Magic Bees. It's a bit tough to chew, but they say if you pick one up, it provides plenty of vitamins and minerals, as well as a magic boost to your vitality that provides a single piece of shield. Very useful when trying to protect your health!
Map Piece A magical scrap of paper by an ancient cartographer. Found in varying amounts across areas, collecting Map Pieces will auto-fill quadrants of the player's map, giving them a better view of the area. Unlike most collectibles, Map Pieces can also be purchased at stores if so desired, helping give players that need aid navigating a stage an extra boost.
Energy Core Glass spheres radiating a silver and gold energy, created by an ancient civilization skilled in the magitechnic arts. The primary objective of every Phase, getting Energy Cores unlocks new levels and advances the story.
Trifecta Pieces Pieces of a triangle-shaped runestone that tends to open up various objects or doors when brought together. The pieces are often scattered within a localized area, and must all be brought together to trigger some form of response.
Scrap Metal Pieces of shiny metal dotted across the landscape. Though not required at all to advance the game, Scrap Metal can be used to upgrade Vessa and craft Charms for her, so it is highly encouraged you seek this metal out!
Glyph Octagonal rune with a variety of colors. One Glyph exists in a Phase, and when collected, a more difficult variant of the phase's challenge becomes accessible, usually with more complex requirements. Not all Phases have Glyphs.
Mystery Jewel What are these rainbow-colored hexagons? There is only one in each level, tucked away in some very hidden and hard to access corner, though they exist in every Phase. Collect them all, and a special reward might be in your future!
Bombagranate Explosive fruit native to certain areas of Lostways. When Vessa grapples onto one, it attaches to her yo-yo and she begins spinning it around, able to lob the fruit or ram it into something in order to create an explosion.
Water Bombagranate A variant breed of the Bombagranate that explodes into water rather than fire. Functions the exact same other than the explosive effect.
Rolling objects Many large round objects, such as large fruits or snowballs, can be ridden on by simply jumping onto it, enabling Vessa to roll it around by moving. These spheres obey physics and slide around the level, usually smashing objects in their path.
Cocoa An item exclusive to the Goodwell Village stage, Cocoa is a brown liquid measured in the player's Cocoa Meter, and is dual-purpose. When used by the player, Cocoa is drained to create resistance to the cold, harsh landscape of the stage, nullifying the damage and slowing effect of the cold. In addition, cocoa can be spent to help straggling people in the wilderness return to the village, showing the player's goodwill at the cost of survival.


Tornado Blossom A small green flower that spins in the wind like a little pinwheel. When Vessa picks it up, she becomes Wind Vessa, gaining a white and green coloration. Wind Vessa is able to hold Jump to spin her yo-yo around and create a tornado- not only does this give her additional height, but it also lets her slowly hover downwards to glide long distances or land in precise spots.
Dragonpepper A red-hot pepper with tiny little dragon-wing leaves. Picking it up turns Vessa into Dragon Vessa, gaining a red and orange coloration. Dragon Vessa's dash is replaced with a powerful fiery spin attack with a wide radius, and her ground-pound is replaced with a fiery drill attack. As expected, these attacks let you ignite objects, but they are also useful for spinning or drilling gears and screws.
Spiderstone A glowing red stone wrapped in spiderwebs. When Vessa picks it up, she becomes Spider Vessa, giving her a black and white coloration. Spider Vessa's midair yo-yo attack is now upgraded when there are no grapple targets, causing her to fire a line of webbing directly upward. This line can be used as both a method of swinging from place to place and a method of attaching various things together.
Hydro Lily Small blue flowers found floating in or on the surface of water. Picking one up turns Vessa into Hydro Vessa, gaining a blue and green coloration. Though ineffective on land, Hydro Vessa has increased mobility underwater, effectively being an auto-pilot ability that grants her increase agility. She also has infinite air underwater in this state.
Magic Feather A floating rainbow-colored feather that shimmers with brilliant light. Collecting one turns Vessa into Angel Vessa, giving her a very white coloration as well as tiny wings and a rainbow glow. Angel Vessa has a super-powered dash that can be charged by holding down and releasing the button. Though the dash only goes straight at first, the path can be altered by moving the directional stick, effectively granting her flight until she crashes into something.
Megatitanite A chunky rock with silver crystals in it- it almost looks like it has a cute pair of eyes! Megatitanite turns Vessa into Metal Vessa, giving her a cast-iron metal look and increasing her weight immensely. Metal Vessa is rendered immune to a fair amount of attacks, mainly blunt physical damage, and is heavy enough to sink to the bottom of water and weigh down heavy switches. Though her jump is severely weakened in height, she can still grapple with ease, turning her into a wrecking ball in some instances.
Tinny Disguise A pile of broken parts of what used to be a Tinny. Though not a true power-up, Vessa can wear these parts as a disguise for use in enemy-filled areas, as they will foolishly believe that she's just another Tinny. The disguise lasts until Vessa takes any form of damage- don't get caught unawares!


Plushy Charm A delicate and soft charm that makes you feel warm and comfortable. When worn, activates Relax Mode, which grants Vessa regenerating health and immunity to falling into pits. Recommended for beginner platformer players or just people looking to relax.
Risky Business Equipping this charm sets Vessa's HP to 1 permanently- while also tripling the Glim she acquires. Risky proposition for grinding, but can also be utilized to create psuedo-Daredevil runs of missions for added challenge.
Halftime Slows the game speed down a lot... as well as Vessa's. Has advantages and disadvantages, making it more or less up to preference.
Doubletime Speeds the game speed up a lot... as well as Vessa's. Has advantages and disadvantages, making it more or less up to preference.
Copycat This accursed little charm spawns a dark replica of Vessa with tiny cat ears. Despite its cute looks, this clone hunts Vessa down constantly, copying her movements precisely- don't touch it unless you want to take damage!
Jump Dodger Equipping this charm causes Vessa to turn yellow for a few frames when jumping. During this short window of opportunity, Vessa becomes immune to damage, letting it act as a dodge maneuver.
Raccoon-Tail Charm A furry charm that mysteriously allows Vessa to turn into an immobile statue when she crouches. This statue is immune to most damage, but there is some startup and endlag when she transforms into and back from the statue which makes her vulnerable.
Return to Sender When Vessa gets hit while wearing this charm, a big explosion will go off around her to damage nearby enemies. Perfect for getting in a little payback on unsuspecting enemies.
Freefaller While wearing this charm, Vessa becomes immune to fall damage. This doesn't slow or alter her trajectory or air mobility at all, but simply nullifies damage from falling from great heights.
Air-Yo Descent Holding the Jump button in midair with this charm equipped causes Vessa to slowly descend to the ground, using a nerfed version of the Tornado Blossom's glide power that does not provide any extra height and reduced distance. Helps one land in treacherous situations.
Max Heart+ Provides Vessa with an additional hitpoint. Simple yet effective.
Magic Honey Provides Vessa with one unit of Shield, provided by Magic Honeycomb. Regenerates any time Vessa touches a Warp Point.
Honey Overdrive Doubles Vessa's HP... but converts it all into Shields instead, preventing her from restoring HP through the use of Heartflowers or other means. Only Magic Honeycomb can restore her HP now...
Dive Momentum+ Added momentum causes Vessa's midair dive to gain greater distance and speed, letting her platform more effectively. Can backfire when trying to precisely land on small platforms, however.
Underwater Dive+ Similar to Dive Momentum+, but with far greater effects that last longer. Only functions underwater, making traversal quicker if a tad slippery.
Triple Jump Gives Vessa a midair triple jump! It doesn't really gain a lot of height, but it's very useful for covering horizontal distance in the air!
Metal Detector Enables Vessa to see the locations of Scrap on her map and in the environment if she's close enough. Only works on sections of the map she has collected a map piece for.
Seraph Feathers A special charm unlocked by collecting every Mystery Jewel and completing the game. Enables Vessa to trigger a buffed version of Angel Vessa by double jumping, which lets her turn in all directions while flying as well as stopping in midair. Inactive during Phases that the player has not collected an Energy Core for- it's simply a reward for messing around after completing difficult trials.


Hub World
Lostways Castle
Lord Hallan and Esselia's home, a magnificent castle staffed by brave knights and charming maids. Lostways Castle is the hub of the game, having no true Phases but instead offering access to myriad levels. It does have multiple Energy Cores and pieces of Scrap Metal hidden throughout, however- explore away!
Phase 1
The Foyer
The ground floor of Lostways Castle, the place where Vessa begins her adventure. There isn't much remarkable on this floor, as it's mainly just a round room with multiple doors that lead to levels as well as the exterior of the castle itself. There's a few secrets to be found in the Foyer, but not as many as later floors.
Stages in the Foyer include Greengrove, Ironhardt Fortress, Tornado Town, Kalana Sandsea, Lavender Lakes, Mt. Jotunn, and The Ruby Dragonshrine.
Phase 2
The Courtyard
Lostways Castle's inner courtyard, a bright place filled with green grass, colorful flowers, and beautiful architecture. Just like the Foyer, though, it's a major level hub, which means exploration and secrets! The Courtyard needs the Ruby Key to be unlocked.
Stages in the Foyer include Gigafruit Shoreline, Spidra Manor, The Infinite Beanstalk, Sunset City, Cirque de Crystalle, Red Tomato Grill, and The Emerald Dragonshrine.
Phase 3
The Basement
The basement of Lostways Castle is more a labyrinth than anything else; it's much more maze-like than the other level hubs, with greater levels of deduction required to find all the level entrances. This is where the game begins to ramp up in difficulty.
Stages in the Basement include 24 Carrot Isle, Scarabopolis, Goodwell Village, Royal Waterworks, Runik Crypt, Salamander Sanctuary, and the Sapphire Dragonshrine.
Phase 4
The Upper Halls
The upper levels of the castle is close in layout to the foyer, being a more obvious central hub with portals to the levels displayed very obviously. However, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of secrets hidden in the Upper Halls, either. This is also the area where things truly go from a breeze to a true challenge, testing players who haven't yet perfected their skills.
Stages in the Upper Halls include Adrift Airlines, Corros Labs, Gamble Galaxy, Magna-Ma Volcano, Forgotten Reef, Spirit Temple, and the Opal Dragonshrine.
Phase 5
The Tower

Foyer Stages

Stage 1
The ruins of what appears to be some form of train station, left in a mossy valley to turn green and leafy over the course of who knows how many years. Greengrove is a perfect place to begin any adventurer's journey- mossy hills, hidden tunnels, lamps to practice your swinging, and ancient Tinny robots to provide the first taste of combat. Explore Greengrove and find those Energy Cores!
Stage 2
Ironhardt Fortress
A majestic floating castle crafted from stone and iron bricks, packed with tons of artillery and knights guarding the place. Lead by King Stone-Chin, the fortress is currently under siege by some of Lord Hallan's knights, who believe a piece of the cure for Esselia is within. Help the knights take down Stone-Chin and take over the fortress!
Stage 3
Tornado Town
Tornado Town is a peaceful land populated by feathery Byrdlings and dotted with many windmills, which generate power for the town. A major export here is the Tornado Blossom, a power-up that lets Vessa explore the skies to an even greater extent.
Stage 4
Kalana Sandsea
Kalana Sandsea is vast, a huge desert populated by only a few tiny towns. One can consider it so large it's a hassle to traverse, but with the special Sandjet item, Vessa can surf across the dunes at record speed! The locals sure do love Sandjet racing; maybe they'll give you some rewards if you can beat them!
Stage 5
Lavender Lakes
The first water-themed level, Lavender Lakes is a pristine and beautiful lake surrounded by a dense fog. Famous for its purple flowers and multiple floating islands, many of which act as ideal grappling targets, it's also an ideal area to get situated with the game's swimming controls in a peaceful environment.
Stage 6
Mt. Jotunn
The skeletal body of an ancient titan, now frozen so deep into the ice that it's basically become a glacier. Though this icy trek may be difficult, you can use the Dragonpepper power-up to melt your way through parts of the titan's body, making shortcuts and unlocking secret areas. Watch out, though... Some of the titan's organs or white blood cells might wake up when reheated!
Shrine 1
The Ruby Dragonshrine
An ancient shrine dedicated to one of Pulzar's fallen servants, the ruby dragon Arkeo. This stone structure, suspended in a void of red mist, has overgrown with ruby crystals, and has become a dangerous gauntlet that Vessa must traverse in order to reach the shrine proper and battle against Arkeo's Spirit, the last remaining remnant of the once proud dragon.

Courtyard Stages

Stage 7
Gigafruit Shoreline
A sprawling beach famed for its white sand and surprisingly fertile soil, leading to abundant growth of various fruits in the region. These fruits, such as watermelons, oranges, and cantaloupes, all tend to be round in shape, meaning that Vessa is able to leap atop them in order to navigate the area atop giant spheres of potential destruction.
Stage 8
Spidra Manor
A crumbling old mansion now lived in by a horde of spiders, ruled by Queen Spidra. The stage itself doesn't take place inside the manor alone, but also extends to underground caverns located under the manor, which are larger and more expansive than those found in Greengrove. This level is the debut of the Spiderstone powerup, and some puzzles may require use of this new swinging ability to progress.
Stage 9
The Infinite Beanstalk
From one tiny seed grew the Infinite Beanstalk, an endlessly long vine poking through the clouds and wrapping around itself in beautiful, ornate designs. The Infinite Beanstalk has a lot of curly vines that can be grappled onto, and overall, it's a very parkour-based area. Be sure to check out the giant beans growing out of the walls, since there could be goodies inside!
Stage 10
Sunset City
A walled mechanical city floating in the ocean, seemingly trapped in perpetual sunset. The upper floors of the city are a kind and relaxing residential district, with plenty of shops and relaxation areas, but the city's inner bowels are full of Tinny enemies and hazardous machinery. Be careful when exploring the very inner sanctum of the city, as this steam-filled, hazardous core is filled with some of the trickiest traps in the game!
Stage 11
Cirque de Crystalle
This special travelling circus is said to travel by comet, and the giant star-dotted crystals around the tents seem to correlate to this belief. Cirque de Crystalle consists of a couple large tents on a large stone pillar emerging from the sea, and each tent has their own vast complex of shops and platforming gauntlets within. Want to quickly travel around the area? Use Vessa's yo-yo to grapple onto one of the many Trapezecoasters around the area!
Stage 12
Red Tomato Grill
This giant restaurant is shockingly popular for both its rustic architecture, made from white stone and decorated with tons of tomato plants, as well as the delicious food that they craft from their homegrown wares. Though there are some more standard platforming challenges around the area, the quests here take on a more RPG style, with some fetch quests involved. Vessa can even learn how to make a pizza with enough hard work at the local cooking station!
Shrine 2
The Emerald Dragonshrine
Another shrine to seal away one of Pulzar's servants, this place housed the once mighty emerald dragon Cervius. However, Cervius has decayed away so much that not even his spirit remains; instead, the automated security system makes Vessa's life a hassle in this linear stage instead. To obtain the Emerald Key and progress with her quest, Vessa must battle the Guardian Stone, once proud warden of Cervius's seal.

Basement Stages

Stage 13
24 Carrot Isle
A decrepid old island with dying trees. Once full of vibrant gardens and giant carrots, they've all since been eaten up by the rabbits that have infested the island. The bulk of the map takes place on a small farm and the rabbit tunnels underneath it, which house both friendly bunnies and threatening enemies. It's a miniature maze under that barn; good luck navigating!
Stage 14
A beautiful golden metropolis in the middle of a white sandy desert, inhabited by friendly scarab creatures. Scarabopolis is smaller than most maps, but the city-like structure is exceptionally dense, leading a myriad of ways to approach the platforming challenges presented. Some of the city's structures can change in-between Phases, so keep an eye on the layout!
Stage 15
Goodwell Village
Goodwell Village, meant to be founded on the ideals of kindness and gratitude, is finding itself devoid of almost anybody after being stuck in a harsh snowstorm. To brave the wilderness, Vessa must return to the central village and refill her Cocoa to keep herself warm; however, sacrificing Cocoa to help NPCs return to the village is mandatory in order to expand the number of collectibles available to her. Be kind!
Stage 16
Royal Waterworks
For a sewer with pipes covering the walls and floor, these waterworks are shockingly clean- there's even gold plating here and there! More importantly, the Royal Waterworks are home to Pristina, the water spirit, who offers rewards based on various mini-challenges in the central hub of the levels. Different Phases unlock different challenges and areas to explore, so go for it!
Stage 17
Runik Crypt
A strange cross between graveyard and dungeon, the cobblestone ruins of Runic Crypt are full of ghosts, ghouls, and zombies of all kinds! It's also full of tons of secrets, as well as ancient runes with explosive effects that can be used to solve puzzles and deal with certain enemies. Beware of the Cryptkeeper, however; it's a nigh-invincible enemy that patrols the map, and if he catches you, you're in big trouble...
Stage 18
Salamander Sanctuary
High in the mountains lurks the Salamander Sanctuary, home to a religious group of salamanders who use the magma in the mountain to worship their fire goddess. Consisting of a large temple suspended over a pit of magma, the sanctuary is almost comparable to a Zelda dungon, with each Phase of the stage slowly progressing towards the goal of unlocking the mysterious door located on the top.
Shrine 3
The Sapphire Dragonshrine
Another linear stage meant to serve as the prison for another of Pulzar's minions, the sapphire dragon Zenia. Unlike most, however, Zenia has actually managed to break free of some of her bond, leading to her taking over the prison of the Dragonshrine. This means it has become far more hostile than the past two Dragonshrines, and at the end, Vessa will have to deal with a fully-powered (yet aged) Zenia.

Upper Halls Stages

Stage 19
Adrift Airlines
A floating airport high up in the clouds. Many of the platforms in this area are suspended over bottomless pits, making traversal exceptionally treacherous. The central airport hub itself, however, is a densely packed town with NPCs from all over the game world. Some missions may require the player to remain on moving platforms while dodging hazards.
Stage 20
Corros Labs
A strange building filled with glowing green acid and slimy monsters. It's almost a survival horror level, with the same map being used in each Phase as more and more rooms are unlocked. Be careful to avoid the creepy monsters that could be lurking around every corner!
Stage 21
Gamble Galaxy
Gamble Galaxy is a fashionable and glamorous space-themed casino floating adrift on the edge of the world. True to its theme, all of the Energy Cores in Gamble Galaxy have to be purchased with specific currency to the world, which can be earned by either betting on minigames, finding it lying around, or performing errands for NPCs. How you approach each mission is up to you!
Stage 22
Magna-Ma Volcano
This volcano is very unique; instead of just spewing molten rock, the lava it produces is raw molten iron, giving it very strange magnetic properties. Many Phases in this stage has Vessa deal with the magnetic lava in its platforming, from riding atop it on magnetic balls to influencing the direction of magma streams.
Stage 23
Forgotten Reef
A single island in the middle of a vast, black ocean, said to contain a horrifying secret. This stage eschews Phases entirely by acting as a vast free-roam world, encouraging players to search every nook and cranny to find rewards and lore about the mystery of the reef.
Stage 24
Spirit Temple
A mysterious location floating in the void, phasing in and out of reality and only kept intact due to the power of the mysterious bells laying around, which cause portions of the stage to become tangible or intangible. Platforming meets puzzles as the player needs to carefully determine how to approach each and every challenge they face.
Shrine 4
The Opal Dragonshrine
The final of the four Dragonshrines, this one housing the armored dragon Perzista. Once again, the level is highly linear, but the stage hazards become even more dangerous and deadly. Making it to the goal is challenging enough; do you have the skills to take down Perzista?

Tower Stages


King Frumple
Greengrove Phase 4
An overgrown Frumple enemy caused by the excessive rains in Greengrove's Phase 3. Having assimilated metallic armor from multiple Tinny enemies, King Frumple think's he's pretty invincible, chasing after Vessa on the large platform he's staked as his turf. Unfortunately, that armor doesn't fully cover his backside, meaning it's only a matter of making your way behind him and grappling onto the vines like a handle. Once grabbed onto, Vessa has to swing him around, throwing him into the large Bombagranates on the arena's edge. Each time she does this, King Frumple gets faster, as well as firing metal projectiles in an arc to attack Vessa. Three explosive attacks, and King Frumple perishes, rewarding an Energy Core.
Kalana Sandsea Phase 5
A giant worm residing in the desert, it's been on a rampage and lobbing giant fireballs across the sandsea. The Dunewyrm resides in a giant sand trap similarly to that of an antlion, and is fought entirely while riding on a Sandjet; players must navigate the swirling sand pit, avoiding the fireballs descending from above, and use the Sandjet's spin attack to deal damage to segments of the worm's carapace. Be wary, however, as the center of the pit can suck Vessa in, and provoking the Dunewyrm long enough can cause it to release a fiery shockwave to force her back. Every broken segment makes the beast more and more enraged, causing it to launch more fireballs and begin sticking spikes out of the sandpit. Once all 4 segments are broken, the Dunewyrm is slain and Vessa is rewarded with an Energy Core.
Arkeo's Spirit
The Ruby Dragonshrine
One of the four ancient crystal dragons that once served under Pulzar, now sealed away in the Ruby Dragonshrine for all eternity. Arkeo has withered away, and has now become naught but a specter of his former self. Enraged at Vessa's appearance, he threatens her death. Arkeo attacks by launching spires of ruby-colored crystal from his mouth, breathing streams of fire, and dive-bombing the stage to create shockwaves. As a ghost, Vessa cannot attack him directly. Instead, she must make him tangible by grappling onto a ruby crystal, spinning it around, and launching it into Arkeo, giving him solid form. While Arkeo is solid, he too can be grappled onto and damaged- use any tool at your disposal to damage him, and after plenty of hits, the spirit is finally vanquished as Vessa gains access to the Ruby Key.
The Infinite Beanstalk Phase 4
A giant mantis-like bug that's been eating away at the Infinite Beanstalk, as well as stealing all the beans for itself. The Stalker leaps about the arena, unleashing shockwaves, roaring to call down beans which also unleash shockwaves. It can also slash at Vessa if she comes into range, or throw kunai-like leaves at her at high speed. To stun the Stalker, Vessa can grab some of the beans off of the ground and hurl them at the Stalker's head, leaving it open to attack.
Comet Clown
Cirque de Crystalle Phase 3
An ethereal jester from another world, harnessing the power of the cosmos itself. Vessa's going to have to fight this thing as an act in the circus, and it will take significant effort to evade its attacks. Comet Clown is fought on a floating sphere, similar to the planets in Super Mario Galaxy; it pops out of the ground intermittently, firing icy comets that circumnavigate the planet and freeze Vessa on contact, as well as firing off circular rings of fire that also circle the planet. In order to open up the fiend for attack, Vessa has to latch onto one of the pom-poms of its jester hat, yanking the hat off, and ground-pounding its head. Every time the Comet Clown takes damage, it becomes faster and more ferocious, and it is defeated after being hit three times.
Guardian Stone
The Emerald Dragonshrine
A massive golem overgrown with emerald crystal, and the former guardian of Cervius before the emerald dragon passed on. Now overly aggressive, it attacks anyone and everyone who enters the shrine, including Vessa. The Guardian Stone attacks in a variety of bullet-hell style patterns, dropping bombs and crystal shards from the top of the screen while standing still alongside using fist-pounding attacks. While the weak point on its chest can conceivably be attacked at any time, pulling apart its armor with a grapple may make things easier, as well as waiting for the boss's fists to become stuck in the ground. Upon the boss's defeat, Vessa obtains the Emerald Key.
Royal Waterworks Any Phase
Once all of her challenges are completed, Pristina offers Vessa one final challenge; a boss fight. Pristina's arena is full of a thin layer of water, not enough to drown in but enough to hinder the player's movements. Pristina herself periodically pops in and out of the water to throw junk at Vessa, occasionally summoning circular waves of water that pulse across the arena in a disorienting pattern. She can only be damaged when solid, which occurs when Vessa hurls the occasional ice cube into her body. When frozen, she gains additional attacks, such as a triple shot of icicles and a faster pair of dual shockwaves. After taking enough hits while frozen, she will break out of the ice, dropping multiple ice boulders onto the arena.
The Mighty Salamancer
Salamander Sanctuary Phase 5
You've solved all the puzzles of the sanctuary and triumphed over all its challenges; now, you must face the Salamancer, mighty flame-breathing master of his domain. The Salamancer's battle is held entirely from a top-down perspective, harkening back to classic Zelda bosses, and he attacks by firing streams of magma at Vessa which linger on the floor for a short time. Eventually, the Salamancer will begin to charge up a massive blue fireball, which Vessa can knock back with her yo-yo attacks. After a quick back and forth, the mage will be hit by his own attack, allowing Vessa to ground-pound his head. Follow this pattern 3 times to defeat the boss.
The Sapphire Dragonshrine
The third of Pulzar's minions, and shockingly a dragon who has managed to remain alive and well at the cost of most of her power. Zenia attacks Vessa in a show of power, aiming to demonstrate that Pulzar and her minions are preparing to return to Lostways. Zenia's fight takes place entirely within the air, firing homing crystal missiles at Vessa in order to damage her as well as summoning small Draglings to aid her. As it remains entirely within the air, Vessa must continuously collect Magic Feathers in order to remain in flight, pursuing Zenia and dodging her attacks. Zenia can be harmed simply by ramming into her, and every strike makes the boss faster and grants her new methods of firing crystals. After four hits, Zenia is slain, giving Vessa the Sapphire Key.
Captain Magna-Ma
Magna-Ma Volcano Phase 2
A strange man in a superhero costume who resides at the very peak of Magna-Ma Volcano, causing eruptions with his magnetic power. The boss is fought on the volcano's peak, with Vessa riding a large magnetic ball in the lava itself; in many respects, it takes on the form of a sumo battle, with each fighter attempting to ram into the other to knock them off the edge of the volcano. Captain Magna-Ma attacks Vessa by firing onslaughts of fireballs and causing waves in the magnetic lava, throwing the player off-balance. After ramming the boss off the side three times, Captain Magna-Ma eventually trips and falls into the lava, ending the battle.
The Unspeakable
Forgotten Reef
This ancient clockwork bird was sealed within the islands of the Forgotten Reef, and after Vessa's exploration of the island, the siren has been unleashed to potentially wreak havoc upon the world. The Unspeakable's arena consists of the entire map, with Vessa fighting the boss on a modified sea-riding Sandjet, which is equipped with a cannon for ranged combat and is fired by pressing X; the cannon automatically locks onto The Unspeakable's various weak points, leaving the player to focus on dodging attacks, and can also be charged by holding and releasing the button. The player is tasked with pursuing the Unspeakable as they fly around the map, firing off shockwaves, gear-like homing blades, and giant lasers. The boss has five weak points, located on its chest, head, back, and shoulders; after breaking them all, the central core of the boss is revealed and Vessa becomes able to destroy it for good.
The Opal Dragonshrine
Perzista, the opal dragon and the final of Pulzar's four resurrected servants. He does not hold back when encountering Vessa, transforming into his fully-powered dragon form and preparing to slay the child once and for all. Perzista is fought on a large flat platform with the camera locked to face him, and he attacks by breathing crystal breath onto the platform, slashing with his massive claws, and charging spreadshot beams from his crystal horn, which only emerges when he is about to fire. Vessa must grapple said horn in order to stun Perzista and enable her to climb atop his head, where she may attack his horn in order to shatter it. This cycle repeats three times.
After his horn is broken, Perzista becomes faster and fires off more projectiles, circling the arena in order to avoid being grappled. However, his stronger attacks begin shaking down Bombagranates, which fall constantly from the sky; these can be grappled and thrown at Perzista in order to make him topple and become vulnerable. After ground-pounding his head three times, Perzista is slain and Vessa is victorious, obtaining the Opal Key.
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