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You really thought you could beat a couple with a bond this strong?
Vespa Agalma after winning against an opponent.
Vespa Agalma (and her boyfriend Adam Ulysses)
Vespa Agalma.png
Vespa Agalma and Adam Ulysses, the back to back power duo.
GENDER Female (Vespa)

Male (Adam)

BIRTHDAY November 29, 1991 (Vespa)

August 5th, 1992 (Adam)

CLASS Fighting Duo
Strafe: Dictator (debut)

Vespa Agalma is a young woman who has a robotic backpack on her shoulders at all times. In the backpack contains the mind of her boyfriend Adam Ulysses. They work as a power duo, fighting in street battles to test their skills and also maybe help save the world if it comes down to it.


Vespa is a blue-haired Brazilian girl with blue eyes. She wears a white coat and a blue dress with a red belt tied around it. She also wears red glasses. She has black boots and blue knee-socks and wears blue gloves. On her back is her boyfriend Adam Ulysses, which is a blue tinted backpack. Adam can pop out up to four limbs at a time, allowing him to crawl or walk on his own, however he'd rather like to stay on Vespa's back.


Vespa is a free-spirit who likes to fight out in the streets, stating it's the best way to meet new people. She likes to test her skills whenever possible, and has set up a schedule to practice her skills three hours every day. She also likes to drink and as a result can usually hold her liquor better than anyone else. Adam is similarly pretty happy, however he misses much of his old life as a human. Vespa understands his desire to become human again but secretly likes him better in backpack form than human and thus hasn't really looked for a way to change him back, which Adam doesn't realize.


Vespa was a scientist for A22's Brazil division and was working on experiments to transfer the human mind into other things. Her boyfriend at the time Adam wanted to become part of the experiment. Somewhat fed up with him at the time, Vespa didn't give it a second thought and transferred his mind into a robotic backpack. Although the experiment worked, reversing it did not. A22 then wanted to incinerate Adam to "end his suffering" but Vespa had other plans and escaped with Adam on her back. She left A22 and got really into street fighting after a encounter while on the run from A22. Since then, they travel the world, going up against the best of the best street fighters.


Vespa and Adam

Both love each other, although Vespa likes things the way they are now while Adam wants to become human again, much to Vespa's dismay. Adam helps Vespa in her street fights while Vespa cleans out his computer system and upgrades it whenever she can.

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Vespa Agalma
Strafe: Dictator (2015)

A worldly street fighter in a romantic relationship with her robotic backpack, which has the mind of a guy named Adam Ulysses. The two are a great duo, but their desires are different. Adam wants to become human again, while Vespa would rather keep his mind inside of a robotic backpack, which isn't known by Adam.


  • The characters were inspired by fighting game characters mostly from SNK but also a little from Capcom.