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Vermilion Ashes is a television series directed solely by Illusion Works to air on exclusive online platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and later the Pacifico, it also was also given as a free Pacifico Pro title later on. It first aired on October 31, with a new episode being released every week following that date, finally concluding on January 9. The first and only season had a total of 13 episodes.

The show contains a wide variety of characters, some familiar and some completely new, for example, Tess from the Radioactive gaming series features as one of the main characters, whereas Vermilion, a completely new character, also features as one of the main characters. 


Character Biography

Vermilion is the leader and creator of the Agents of A.S.H.E.S. She is eighteen years old and has a lot of experience in the world of crime and organisation. 

Vermilion is a level-headed girl and she is known for having the most common sense in the group. While Aveira is the brain, she is often impulsive. Vermilion has purple hair and a lip piercing, and often wears a black top which says "Vermilion" on in big bold letters in a graffiti style.



Aveira is second in command to Vermilion and is the brains of the organisation. She is known for having the best arithmatic and way of thinking in the organisation, however she is often impulsive and makes rash decisions, which often land her in trouble. 

Aveira has faded pink hair, with faded pink glasses. These glasses have most of her gadgets which she's designed herself. She wears a lab coat as she is often creating new items for the team to use.



Ash is the most mysterious agent in the organisation. He wears a completely black suit and carries around a black gun with him. He is Aveira's brother, but they don't live together. 

He enjoys using the target practice arena in the agency to test his capabilites with a gun, and often he proves successful. He is very skilled with many weapons, such as a sword, but he can even make everyday objects into weapons through his way of thinking. 



Zara is the brawn of the group. She often trains in the dojo in the town where the organisation resides, which makes her very strong. She also likes to perform techniques such as yoga and meditation to relax her state of mind, which make her emotionally strong-willed. 

She has blonde hair which she keeps in a ponytail, and wears a black crop-top with white tracksuit trousers. Even though she is a martial artist, she isn't aggressive to other people, however she does enjoy debating and never lets someone say something that is incorrect or false.

Episode Guide

No. (series) No. (season) Title Air Date
1 1 Revenge is a Sinister Voice October 31, 2015
Tess is seen unconscious on a doctors table in a hospital, location unknown. She suddenly awakens from her sleep, and sits up noticing her surroundings. She gets up from the bed and picks up a clipboard with all her medical records on it, it states that she is a species that isn't human. Upon realizing, Tess quickly makes a getaway for the nearest exit in the hospital, but is noticed by one of the doctors. The team of doctors chase her until they get to the exit of the hospital, where Tess finally manages to escape from their clutches. The doctor then alerts everyone else in the hospital about her departure and the chase begins.
2 2 Vermilion's Agents of A.S.H.E.S. October 31, 2015
Vermilion goes on a mission to locate some new members for the organisation against extra-terrestrial life. She searches for a long while across the galaxy looking for recruits and she manages to find Ash. He then explains that his sister would also be possibly interested in joining the organisation, and they proceed to visit her. Ash's sister, Aveira then agrees to join the organisation alongside the two but then she explains that her best friend called Zara could also be interested in joining up. Upon visiting her Zara seems reluctant to join at first, but is then convinced by Aveira that she should take the risk and just join up. Zara agrees and so Vermilion manages to find three new members, Ash, Aveira and Zara, and they label themselves as the Agents of A.S.H.E.S. (a name suggested by Ash). They then begin the search for Tess.
3 3 Aveira and the Solstice November 7, 2015
Being the bookworm of the group, Aveira takes it upon herself to do more research into the planet Mars in order to estimate where Tess may be fleeing to. After spending days researching all about the planet's history and culture, she discovers that the Solstice was a very big celebration on Mars, therefore she begins to plan to watch the Solstice. Later that night, she watches the Solstice occur but there is no sign of Tess anywhere. She sees a shadowy figure to the back of the field in which she was watching the Solstice, and she proceeds to follow the figure. The figure manages to get away, however a clue is left in the footprint of the shadow: "Illusionary Shoes".
4 4 The Shoe Shop-a-holic November 14, 2015
Aveira returns back to the agency and reports on her findings after the solstice, to the shock of the other agents. Aveira then leaves once again to visit the shoe company whose logo was imprinted in the footprint of the shadowed figure. The clerk of the store admits that a strange customer came in the other day to purchase a pair of platforming boots, however that customer often comes into the shop and buys shoes all the time with a credit card that seems endless. After returning to the agency once more with the somewhat new but rather unnecessary information, Ash realizes his credit card is missing. Zara also realizes that her credit card is missing. The agency then return to the shoe shop and confront the owner and demand that they tell them about the credit cards that were used. Ash and Zara's credit cards are further examined and it turns out that the credit cards Tess used matched the credit cards which had gone missing. The agency remain even more confused than ever before on what is going on, and the episode closes with a scene of Tess standing in a cellar of sorts in completely black and darkened clothing, she then proceeds to flick a light switch on and off three times before the bulb sparks and breaks, leaving a black screen.
5 5 Striking Fear November 21, 2015
Ash devotes all of his time and effort to try and track down the thief of the credit cards which had gone missing in the previous episode, but manages to find no clues or hints related to the credit cards. He decides to go back to the shoe shop and ask if the clerk can give any more details on the credit cards that the customer used, and he describes the customer as being an aggressive blonde haired woman. He returns back to the agency and alerts the other agents that the customer couldn't have been Tess, as the customer had supposed blonde hair. The agency immediately turn to Zara, who looks shocked and angered that they would suspect her. They argue and bicker about the incident, making Zara leave the building to go and breathe for a while. She walks into the forest nearby and punches a few trees to let her aggression run free, however a shadowy figure can be seen lurking behind a tree. The figure lunges and a scream can be heard from in the forest, something not common for Zara to do.
6 6 Buried Alive featuring Zara November 28, 2015
The agents rush outside after hearing the shriek, but find nothing out of the ordinary. They begin to call out for Zara and they got no reply, which makes them shocked and confused. They go back inside the building and a news bulletin from an unknown person, which tells them that Zara has been kidnapped by that same unknown person. They are told that they have to find her within the next ten minutes, otherwise she won't make it out alive. The agency begin to panic, but Vermilion restores the sanity and peace between them. She has an idea where Zara could be held, and they all rush into the forest following Vermilion and her plan. They follow her into an abandoned building that is lurking on top of a cliff, and they search all the rooms of this building for any signs of Zara. They all meet in the basement, where a lot of organs and other body parts lie, and examine around the room, knowing that they need to find her before it's too late. Ash opens a coffin that is suspiciously hung against the wall, and inside Zara lies, seemly dead. The agency begin to fear even more, but to their delight Zara begins to open her eyes. They lift her out of the coffin and quickly escape from the building before anything more can happen.
7 7 Wish Upon a Shooting Star December 5, 2015
The group recover back at the agency. Vermilion hands Zara a blanket and a cup of coffee, and they begin to discuss what actually happened after Zara was kidnapped. Zara explains that the figure that captured her was far from any average human being, and Aveira begins to suspect that Tess is starting to mess with their heads. For once, Vermilion is stumped as to what they should do from now on, and she goes for a walk on the balcony of the building to allow her some time to think. Ash checks the records, and there are no more leads they have to hunt down Tess. Aveira then suggests that it may be for the best that they all look for new job opportunities, as there is nothing else they can do with no more leads. Vermilion sees the agents leaving the building from the balcony and is confused, but then realises what's happening. She tries to convince them to stay, but they won't listen to her. Vermilion then wishes on the balcony for a new lead to come through, or something related to the case to happen which will make them all restore hope in the agency. With no other options, Vermilion decides to check out the abandoned building again, to try and find some other leads that they can use. She finds a tattered hospital bed in one of the rooms, and she notices a clipboard attached to the bottom of the bed, with the name on it saying "Tess".
8 8 Pieces of a Never Ending Puzzle December 12, 2015
Vermilion is very shocked and alarmed by her discovering. She drops the clipboard from her hands and remains absolutely confused, and she tries to piece together everything in her mind. She picks up the clipboard once again and takes the information from it and stores it in her pocket. The battery on her torch dies out, and she begins to get scared without the company of the other agency members. She leaves the building in a panic and rushes back to the agency building. She begins to conduct some reports on her findings in the building, and she comes to the conclusion that maybe there is more to "Tess" than there seems. After hours of research on the agency computer, she discovers that there have been multiple sightings of "Tess" around America, and that there have been many organisations created as a result of her existence, which makes her decipher that maybe her organisation isn't as unique as she first thought. However she notices that there have been no sightings of Tess in Honolulu, which makes her puzzled. She recalls seeing a map of the world in the room in the building where "Tess" was supposedly being kept, and realises Honolulu had a pin next to it on that map. She then begins to call all of the agency members and alerts them of the new lead, making everyone ecstatic and excited for the beginning of the end.
9 9 Martian or No-tian? December 19, 2015
The agency travel to Honolulu, and while being excited about visiting such a tropical destination, they are looking forward to finally cracking the case when it comes to Tess. They have a relaxing flight and land safely, and they immediately begin searching for more clues when it comes to Tess. One of the tourists in the airport explains to them about a strange village in the region, that has been known for hiding a lot of secrets from the public, and of course they decide to check out the village. Upon visiting, they meet a village elder who explains that there are huts in the village she has never even seen anyone walk into or out of, but that they are free to explore to their heart's desire, as that's the village's tourist attraction. They search the huts, but find nothing possibly linked to Tess. They do stumble upon one hut that has a lot of data, and even a computer, which is weird considering the village doesn't appear to have a lot of technology available. Vermilion turns the computer on, and finds a lot of data related to a girl who appears nameless. After some more data mining, she stumbles across a file on the computer labelled "Operation T355.docx", which makes Vermilion suspicious. She opens the file, and finds a lot of information. It states: "Tess, aged 18, supposed martian, on the hunt by various sources, mystery to modern man". The agents are shocked that it's possible they were given false information on their target, and have too many questions in their minds that they can even comprehend. Is "Tess" not even an extra-terrestrial threat?
10 10 The Puppet-Master December 26, 2015
The agents try to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together, trying to use the most sense they possibly can in the situation. Vermilion thinks that the boss of the whole idea of the organisations has something to do with Tess, and that Tess is definitely not who they've been informed that she is. They return back home to the agency, and report back to the boss that they need to desperately talk to them in person. They visit the main organisation building, and return to the Boss. They ask them about the legitimacy of the information that he first gave Vermilion when the whole idea of starting the agency came about, and they state that they received it from the government after the creature escaped from a hospital. Vermilion states that they've found contradicting information, which came from a 100% legitimate source, and she suggests that maybe the government had sent them false information as a ploy, and that they wanted to get people off the scent of Tess instead. The Boss begins to become worried and begins to sweat, they state that they have a meeting to attend to and quickly rush the agents out of the building. They return back to their agency building and notice they have a new message from an unknown source: "If you think you've cracked the code, you're a long way off. There is a lot more to this situation than you've anticipated. You've stepped into trecherous water and you're never going to be able to back out of it now. The Puppet-Master will reveal all soon enough~". 
11 11 Double Trouble, Act I January 2, 2016

Everyone heads to bed after a long and eventful week in the agency. Vermilion heads to bed last, and she falls asleep pretty quickly. Through the night she begins to toss and turn, and eventually wakes up from what seems like a nightmare. She looks around the room in panic but doesn't see anything out of the ordinary, which eases up her panic. However just as she's beginning to doze off again, she sees a shadowy figure in the corner of her eye, and she jolts up in a panic and sees the figure right in the middle of her room. She shouts at the figure, asking what it wants with her. 

???: "You. You're the reason all of this is happening!"

Vermilion: "All of what? I'm just doing my job...tell me who you are anyway!"

???: "I'm...Tess. Charmed to make your acquatance."

Vermilion: She gasps. "You are kidding me right. What the hell are you doing here!!"

Tess: "You see, there is a lot more to this situation than you've anticipated. You've opened a can of worms, so to speak."

Vermilion: "Just tell me what you want already."

Tess: "Well first I need YOU to tell me something, what do you know? If anyone is calling the shots here it's gonna be me. Or, yaknow, another one of your friends might be subject to more torment, hehe."

Vermilion: "F-Fine. My assumption is that the Boss is behind all of this. He's made you out to be an extra-terrestrial being in order to get less people onto your real scent, even though there doesn't seem to be much behind that scent."

Tess: "You couldn't be more wrong! Emphasis on moron. Anywho, I guess I better relief your pretty little head of all the stress of thinking then shall I? It all started when I came to this place, while you are correct - I am not a martian, however Tess is. You see, I specialise in alternate personas. As a baby, I was part of a conjoined twin, who ultimately didn't survive the birth. My father left me and my mother, and she become thoroughly depressed, to the point where she committed suicide. I was left to fend for myself, and as a kid I'd dress up as other people, to try and make me feel less alone in this cruel world. However, as I became older it seemed that I became obsessed with being other people, and not myself, which drove me to create alternate personas, that have somehow become separate entities themselves. It's a sad life, for a sad human being, but it is what it is."

Vermilion: "That's remarkable, and upsetting...wait a second, why are you telling me, your worst enemy, about all of this?"

Tess: "Well that's where it begins to become complicated. Remember how I said that my alternate personalities can eventually become separate entities? Well uh, Vermilion, you're one of my personas."

Vermilion sits in complete shock. She is speechless. The screen fades to black.

12 12 Double Trouble, Act II January 2, 2016
Vermilion remains in shock. Tess grabs her a glass of water from the kitchen and helps settle her down. Tess then explains that even though now that Vermilion knows about this, she isn't able to leave her room, otherwise it would ruin the rest of Tess' plans. Tess then stands up and walks over to the wall, to press a button which activates a contraption that creates a seemly bottomless pit underneath Vermilion's bed, making Vermilion fall down deep into it. She is then sealed inside a box in the basement of the agency, which has been prohibited of entry since the agents first arrived. The other agents all wonder where Vermilion is, but decide to carry on their duties without her. Tess begins to arrange her plan with another shadowy figure, and the two leave the building looking as devious as ever. Tess and the figure manage to summon a black hole over the agency building, putting Vermilion and the other agents in a lot of peril. The agents minus Vermilion leave the building after hearing a large banging noise coming from the outside, and they see the hole above them, and stand speechless, knowing that the end was coming closer than ever.
13 13 The Ultimate Showdown: Alien vs. Ashes January 9, 2016

Vermilion is still trapped in the basement, the oxygen in the plastic box is beginning to recede. She starts to become unconscious, and loses most of her sight and other senses. Meanwhile outside, Tess and the figure are consulting each other on what to do with their plan. Tess enters the basement once more and sees that Vermilion is unconscious, then she presses air holes into the box. She then breaks open a gas canister in the basement, and then leaves. Tess then disguises herself to not be noticed, and she and the figure then begin to shoot fireworks off as a tribute to their plan being successful. Knowing they're up to something, Zara confronts them both and demands an answer out of them into where Vermilion is, and they tell her that they saw somebody take a girl into the basement a while ago. Zara breaks down the door to the basement and sees Vermilion locked up in the box, and she quickly looks around for a way to help her, and she notices a dial, she turns the arrow and it begins to slowly open the box. However soon after, the sparks from the fireworks begin to reach the basement where the gas is laying. Zara grabs Vermilion and shakes her in an attempt to wake her up, to no avail. Zara rushes her and places her at the top of the basement staircase, and goes back to have a look around the place. Vermilion wakes up slowly and notices that the sparks are entering through the window, and her eyes widen. She cries out to Zara to run and she looks over to the window, but it is too late, and the gas explodes. Vermilion runs out of the building, and the whole thing explodes in a rupture of flames.

Vermilion returns to the office building to talk to the Boss once more on what they need to do in order to stop the universe from being sucked into the black hole. They just laugh in her face and explain to her that there is no hope, and that everyone should just give into it and accept their fate. She shrugs, and walks towards the elevator to leave, but she instead runs up the boss and kicks them in the face, making their disguise fade away, revealing to be Tess. A fight scene begins between the two, and they continue to fight whilst travelling up many floors to the top of the building. The roof is sucked off from the black hole and all that can be seen is the two fighting each other. Tess grabs onto a desk, and Vermilion grabs onto a potted plant. The plant begins to lift off the ground, making Vermilion grab Tess' leg instead. Tess tries to kick her off, but to no avail. Vermilion then has an idea, and she states: "It's time hell got a taste of Tess, don't you think?". She puts on Aveira's glasses and cuts out the section of the desk Tess was grabbing onto, and they both are sent into the Black Hole, and it then miraculously closes up. The episode then ends with the credits, and the shadowy figure can be seen from behind, ending with the word...



  • The show was created on a whim by the creator after he felt like writing a story with in-depth scenes and development.
  • It was later decided to have episode synopsis' instead of full length scripts to avoid a heavy workload on the creator's part.
  • Inspiration has came from several different sources, including the Fantendo - Genesis project conducted by Exotoro (tbc).
  • It was originally intended from the beginning of the series that Aveira would be the one to be a Tess incarnate, however this was changed after Episode Four aired.
  • The series has several reference to other television shows and video games, for example:
    • The episode "Vermilion's Agents of A.S.H.E.S." is a spoof on "Marvel's Agents of Shield".
    • The episode "The Ultimate Showdown: Alien vs. Ashes" is a spoof on "Alien vs. Predator".

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