Developer(s) Brendan
Publisher(s) 1001 Spears
Platform(s) *PS3
  • Xbox One
  • PC
  • Wii U
Age Rating(s) T
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The player encounters a Babirusa, one of the prominent wildlife in Venture.

Venture is a sandbox video game.


The game starts in a procedurally generated world. The player, taking on the role of Robert Jacob, must survive in Venture, an Earth-like planet full of alike and different lifeforms. Players can craft items from materials gained throughout the world, and build structures to reside in. The creatures include serene ones like Babirusa (alien swine), Hei (wingless birds), Bovines (cows, duh), and Ewes (sheep), all of which can be killed for food (besides Ewes, only supplying polyester). Vengeful monsters include Cannibals (cannibalistic humans, duh), Shooters (skinny humans with wooden rifles), Crawlers (large light beige spiders), and a much more unusual one, Pipipis (light beige hot dog guys). Players can make complex circuit boards with the fictional mineral, Scarlet Rock. Did I mention all the freaking mining you do in this game? Players can mine throughout the planet for ores, and also uncover ancient structures like Torture Chambers (with cannibals buried with it!).

Players can also access the inner core of Venture, Hell. Hell is full of flames and the Venture version of selenium (Hellrack). Other materials harvestable in Hell include magma, Fluorescentstone, Spirit Sand, and gravel (which of those is not like the others?). Hell is also home to deadly monsters; Undead Labmen, half decayed zombies with blood-coated mandibles and golden claymores, and Espouses, titanic ghostly ephyna that have guns in their mouths which shoot burning meteorites.



  • Bruh support is still continuing on PS3 and Wii U versions but it isn't infinite.
  • Switch and PS4 versions are slated for a 2018 release.
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