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Velocity Fighters is an umbrella fighting game centered around characters of White's interests. It will be set to release some time after Super Smash Bros. Scrap.




Series Character Moveset
Super Mario Bros. Paper Mario Standard Special: Pixl Ability
Side Special: Shell Shock
Up Special: Dimensional Flip
Down Special: Tattle
Final Smash: Pure Hearts
Blue Toad Standard Special: Tanooki Swipe
Side Special: Cat Tackle
Up Special: Propeller Block
Down Special: Double Cherry
Final Smash: Meowser
Captain Toad Standard Special: Super Pickaxe
Side Special: Headlamp
Up Special: Star Hook
Down Special: Turnip
Final Smash: Draggadon
Bowser Jr. Standard Special: Clown Cannon
Side Special: Clown Kart Dash
Up Special: Abandon Ship!
Down Special: Mechakoopa
Final Smash: Shadow Mario
Daisy Standard Special: Super Ball
Side Special: Bombshell Koopa
Up Special: Bunny Flight
Down Special: Nyololin
Final Smash: Sky Pop
Waluigi Standard Special: Liar Ball
Side Special: Whirluigi
Up Special: Twist Dunk
Down Special: Wall-Luigi
Final Smash: Bob-Omb Cannon
Dimentio Standard Special: Energy Blast
Side Special: Magic Field
Up Special: Dimensional Warp
Down Special: Clone
Final Smash: Super Dimentio
Merlon Standard Special:
Side Special:
Up Special:
Down Special:
Final Smash: Light Prognosticus
Motley Bossblob Standard Special:
Side Special:
Up Special:
Down Special:
Final Smash: Bossblob
Kirby Super Star Beta Knight Standard Special: Mach Tornado
Side Special: Drill Rush
Up Special: Shuttle Loop
Down Special: Dimensional Warp
Final Smash: Sword Pillars
Ribbon Standard Special: Shard Toss
Side Special: Shard Rush
Up Special: Fairy Flight
Down Special: Shard Barrier
Final Smash: Shard Gun
Magolor Standard Special: Energy Sphere
Side Special: Purple Flare
Up Special: Void Warp
Down Special: Matter Spine
Final Smash: Master Crown
Poppy Bro. Jr. and Wheelie Bike Standard Special: Bomb Toss
Side Special: Wheelie Dash
Up Special: Explosive Impact
Down Special: Bomb Drop
Final Smash: Crash
Tac Standard Special: Copy Steal
Side Special: Snatch Shot
Up Special: Birdon
Down Special: Patch Equip
Final Smash: Dyna Blade
Chilly Standard Special: Ice Breath
Side Special: Ice Ball
Up Special: Ice Jet
Down Special: Ice Storm
Final Smash: Snow Bowl
Wiz Standard Special:
Side Special:
Up Special:
Down Special:
Final Smash:
Kid Icarus Pit Standard Special: Palutena's Arrow
Side Special: Upperdash Arm
Up Special: Power of Flight
Down Special: Guardian Orbitars
Final Smash: Three Sacred Treasures
Phosphora Standard Special: Bolt Strike
Side Special: Phosphora Bow
Up Special: Flash Dash
Down Special: Discharge
Final Smash: Lightning Dragon
Pittoo Standard Special: Dark Pit Staff
Side Special: Violet Palm
Up Special: Wings of Pandora
Down Special: Shadow Magnet
Final Smash: Lightning Chariot
Viridi Standard Special: Nutski Shot
Side Special: Lethinium Laser
Up Special: Parashooter Lift
Down Special: Bumpety Bomb
Final Smash: Reset Grenade
Hades Standard Special:
Side Special:
Up Special:
Down Special:
Final Smash:
Chaos Kin Standard Special:
Side Special:
Up Special:
Down Special:
Final Smash:
Light Fighter Standard Special: Burst Blade
Side Special: Lancer Staff
Up Special: Rocket Jump
Down Special: Power Thief
Final Smash: Debuff Beacon
The Legend of Zelda Din Standard Special: Goddess's Dance
Side Special: Din's Fire
Up Special: Flare Warp
Down Special: Din's Charm
Final Smash: Rod of Seasons
Lana Standard Special: Magic Barrier
Side Special: Spear Toss
Up Special: Barrier Rebound
Down Special: Deku Shield
Final Smash: Summoning Gate
Ice Climber Ice Climbers Standard Special: Ice Shot
Side Special: Squall Hammer
Up Special: Belay
Down Special: Blizzard
Final Smash: Iceberg
Super Smash Bros. Primid Standard Special: Scope Primid
Side Special: Glire
Up Special: Buckot
Down Special: Poppant
Final Smash: Shadow Bugs
Red Alloy Standard Special: Metal Punch
Side Special: Platinum Boost
Up Special: Metal Dive
Down Special: Metal Kick
Final Smash: Off Waves
Mii Fighters Standard Special: Brawler - Swordfighter - Gunner
Side Special: Brawler - Swordfighter - Gunner
Up Special: Brawler - Swordfighter - Gunner
Down Special: Brawler - Swordfighter - Gunner
Final Smash: Brawler - Swordfighter - Gunner
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