For the dictator named "Vega" in Japan, see M. Bison.

Vega, known as Balrog (バルログ) in Japan, is one of the bosses of the Street Fighter fighting game series.

Vega was born to a noble family in Catalonia, Spain. As he matured, Vega studied Bullfighting, a cultural tradition amongst the nobles. Afterward, he went to Japan and learned Ninjutsu, a style he believed meshed well with his natural grace and agility. Returning home, Vega combined Bullfighting with Ninjutsu and went into an underground cage fighting circuit where quickly became one of the best. Tragedy struck one day when Vega witnessed the murder of his beautiful mother at the hands of his unattractive father. Her murder was punishment for disrespecting him as his father believed. Witnessing this tragic event warped Vega's mind and from then on he lived a double life; a suave nobleman by day and a narcissistic killer by night who enjoys mutilating ugly people to death using a three-pronged wrist-mounted razor-sharp claw. His very first victim was his stepfather.

Vega's brutal fighting skills and remorseless nature impressed the criminal leader known as M. Bison so much that he came to him personally with an offer to join Shadaloo. Vega accepted Bison's offer purely to improve his own aesthetic senses.

After joining Shadaloo, Bison instated Vega as one of his three personal grand master bodyguards.Vega oversaw assassination operations for Shadaloo as well and was associated with Cammy and the Shadaloo assassins known as The Dolls. However, Vega failed to protect Bison's secret Psycho Drive project.

It is unknown what Vega has been doing since the fall of Shadaloo, although it's assumed he still continues his murderous rampages or has been arrested and sent to prison for his crimes. He is also rumored to have returned to bullfighting. He returns in Street Fighter IV, being re-recruited by Shadaloo; an offer he quickly accepts. Since then, he returns to his job as Shadaloo assassin, assisting Bison in his attack on Seth's SIN organization, stealing valuable data, and attempting to kill Chun-Li by setting off the fire alarm, which releases a toxic, fire-retardant spray.

Nintendo vs. Capcom

Vega appears in Nintendo vs. Capcom as an unlockable playable character. He is unlocked by beating arcade with 3 Street Fighter characters. When fighting as him, if he loses his mask he loses his temper. He can still lose his claw after too many guards.

Special Moves

Rolling Crystal Flash: Charge Back then Forward + Punch. Vega rolls into a ball and launches himself forward in a series of forward tumbles, with his claw extended out towards the opponent, ending with a crouching punch using his claw hand.

Sky High Claw: Charge Down then Up + Punch. Vega will leap towards the edge of the screen and kick-jump off of it, gliding horizontally towards his opponent with claw outstretched

Flying Barcelona Attack: Charge Down then Up + Kick then Punch. Vega will leap towards the edge of the screen and kick-jump off of it high into the air and towards his opponent.  If no further input is entered, Vega lands harmlessly.  If, however, a punch button is pressed, Vega will angle himself upside-down and slash viciously at his opponent's head.

Izuna Drop: Charge Down then Up + Kick then directional Punch. Vega will leap towards the edge of the screen and kick-jump off of it high into the air and towards his opponent. If punch AND a direction (left or right) is pressed, Vega will grab his opponent around the waist and slam them into the ground.  The Izuna Drop can even be performed on an airborne opponent

Scarlet Terror: Charge Back-Down then Forward + Kick. Vega will flip forward kicking his opponent in the chin and knocking him/her up.

Rolling Izuna Drop: Charge Back-Down then Forward-Down, Back-Down and Forward Up + Kick then directional Punch. After executing the proper motion, Vega will leap into the air and bounce off of the wall, moving towards the opponent. If the player executes an Izuna Drop properly, Vega will lift the opponent off the floor and proceed slam the opponent on the ground several times. If the player opts to press Punch alone instead, Vega will perform the Flying Barcelona Attack but much stronger.

Scarlet Mirage: Charge Back then Forward, Back and Forward + Kick. Vega blackflips forward kicking his opponent before launching himself into the air knocking his opponent up as well.

Red Impact:Charge Back then Forward, Back and Forward + Punch. Vega swipes his claw left. If it connects without getting blocked his opponent is tosses into the air then lands painfully on Vega's claw which Vega raised up.

Bloody High Claw: Charge Back-down, then Forward-Down, Back-Down and Forward Up + all Kick buttons. Vega performs multiple Sky High Claw attacks on his opponent in quick succession, rising higher and higher up the screen every time.  He can control which wall he first dives off of by ending the motion towards the corner of choice in the diagonally up direction.

Vega flies diagonally downwards from whichever corner he hopped off of — meaning he probably won't land this if his opponent is near the wall from which he jumps. He also needs to hit the wall before he's safe from counter-attacks - this move goes through projectiles and is a really effective attack against fireball spammers.

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