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Vector the Crocodile, Sonic Heroes
Vector the Crocodile
ベクターザクロコダイル Bekutā za Kurokodairu
Vector Team Sonic Racing.png
Vector the Crocodile, as he appears in Team Sonic Racing.
SPECIES Crocodile
AGE 20
Espio the Chameleon (partner)
Charmy Bee (partner)
Knuckles the Echidna (former partner)
Mighty the Armadillo (former partner)
OCCUPATION(S) Leader of the Chaotix Detective Agency
Strength, various breaths, investigation skills
Knuckles' Chaotix
Sonic Heroes
Shadow the Hedgehog
Sonic Generations
Sonic Forces
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Mark Biagi (2004)
Carther Cathcart (2004-2006)
Dan Green (2006-2010)
Keith Silverstein (2010-present)

Vector the Crocodile, or simply Vector, is a recurring character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is the founder and current leader of the Chaotix Detective Agency, which he runs alongside his partners Espio the Chameleon and Charmy Bee. In spite of his brutish exterior and loud and outspoken mannerisms, Vector is a kindred spirit. He's always willing to take any job that pays good money, but if someone is truly in need, he will take the job for free. He's a capable detective and natural born leader, and will always see through a case until it is solved. He is often a playable or supporting character in the Sonic series.


Knuckles' Chaotix

Vector and the rest of the Chaotix debut in Knuckles' Chaotix as playable characters. Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic build a new base, the Newtrogic High Zone, on top of a mysterious island that has arisen from the sea. Knuckles and the rest of the Chaotix go over there to investigate and stop the doctor. In the end, they manage to defeat him and destroy the base, freeing the island.

As a character, Vector is able to perform a midair dash, going in any of the four cardinal or diagonal directions at a high speed, which can be used to clear large gaps, reach new areas, or dash into enemies to damage them.

Sonic Heroes

Vector lounging in Sonic Heroes.

Vector's next appearance is in Sonic Heroes, forming Team Chaotix alongside Espio and Charmy. Their campaign opens with Vector lounging in the agency's headquarters, listening to music when Charmy bursts into the room holding a parcel. He bumps into Vector, causing a walkie-talkie to fall out of the parcel and into his hand. From it, and unknown client requests the Chaotix's services, promising to pay handsomely. Espio expresses concern for their mysterious client, but Vector reminds him of their policy to never turn down paid work, so they set out.

Throughout the game, Team Chaotix are given various objectives from their client, such as finding hermit crabs, freeing a caged Chao, or destroying a certain amount of enemies. They also encounter Dr. Eggman on numerous occasions, though by the end of the game it is revealed that it is actually Metal Sonic in disguise, downloading data on them and the rest of the heroes. Vector manages to catch on to this, and after defeating "Dr. Eggman" in Final Fortress, which melts into metal revealing it was a fake, he punches down a door to a jail cell, revealing the true Dr. Eggman being their client all along. Eggman is surprised that he knew it was him, but Vector replies with that it's all part of being a good detective. Eggman promises that he will pay them once he's taken over the world, but the Chaotix attack him for promising something he didn't have.

During the Last Story, Vector and the rest of Team Chaotix accompany the other three teams, and witness Metal Sonic transform into Metal Madness. Eggman explains that Metal Sonic has copied the heroes' data with the power of Chaos, and that to defeat him they would need the seven Chaos Emeralds. Thankfully, all four teams reveal that they collected all seven throughout their adventures. Team Chaotix, Team Dark, and Team Rose all teamed up to distract Metal Madness long enough for Team Sonic to use the Chaos Emeralds to transform into their Super states. Once Metal Sonic is defeated, Vector is about to declare the case closed before Charmy reminds him of the payment they were promised. The three angrily glare at Eggman who tries to sneak away, and then chase after him.

As a member of Team Chaotix, Vector serves as the trio's Power-type character. As such, he has the highest physical strength of the three and is most effective in combat and destroying obstacles. When he is in the lead, he is able to hold Espio and Charmy in his mouth and spit them out like projectiles at enemies. He is also able to blow bubblegum, which can either damage enemies or be used to carry the trio up gusts of wind.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Vector, Espio, and Charmy on the Space Colony ARK in Shadow the Hedgehog.

Vector and the rest of the Chaotix appear in Shadow the Hedgehog, but are non-playable support characters. In this game, they are working on the case surrounding Gerald Robotnik, G.U.N., and the ultimate life form. He appears in several levels, either physically or mentioned.

In Prison Island, shortly after the Black Arms launched their invasion, Vector sent Charmy out to find five secret discs from G.U.N., which Shadow can help with. In Mad Matrix, he rushed Espio as he tried to hack into Eggman's computer while silencing Charmy's bugging until Shadow arried. He created a portal into Mad Matrix, and Vector ordered Espio to go with him to locate the files in the database they needed. He travels with Shadow himself in Cosmic Fall, where he needs to find the main computer room while the Black Arms were attacking the Space Colony ARK. When they reached the computer room, they met Black Doom, who tries to convince Shadow he was an evil experiment. Vector says to not believe him and focus on attacking. Though Black Doom is defeated, Shadow still feels guilt for the tragedies he caused, despite Vector trying to convince him otherwise.

During the Last Story, the Chaotix found the main computer on the Space Colony ARK and tried to hack into it. They managed to access to a video by Gerald Robotnik which played throughout the rest of the world, which gave Shadow the courage to defeat the Black Arms once and for all.

Sonic Generations

Vector after being rescued in Sonic Generations.

Vector appears in Sonic Generations along with the rest of Sonic's friends, who host a surprise birthday party for him. However, just as the party began, the Time Eater appeared and started capturing all of Sonic's allies, including Vector. This flung him into White Space, and he was turned into a statue. After Sonic and Classic Sonic free Vector by completing Rooftop Run, he thanks them for rescuing him, telling him he had suspicions that someone or something was controlling the Time Eater. During the final battle after both Sonics are crushed by the Time Eater, Vector and everyone else appear to give them courage, just before they use the Chaos Emeralds to turn into their Super states. Once the Time Eater is defeated, Vector and the others are sent back to Sonic's birthday party, and bid Classic Sonic and Classic Tails farewell as they go back to their time period.

While Vector is unplayable, he is featured in two Challenge Acts; one in Crisis City and one in Rooftop Run. In Crisis City, he will aid Classic Sonic by throwing him in a wide arc, allowing him to reach areas that would be otherwise inaccessible. In Rooftop Run, he and Sonic have a contest to see how long they can relay a music note to each other, which Sonic can do with the Homing Attack. The note gets progressively faster until Vector can't keep up and is defeated.

Sonic Forces

Vector with the rest of the Resistance in Sonic Forces.

Vector is once again a non-playable character in Sonic Forces. He joins the Resistance after Eggman defeats and seemingly kills Sonic, and takes over the world. He laments that people are too afraid to fight the doctor back with Sonic gone. He and the rest are the introduced to the Avatar, the newest recruit to the Resistance, before it is found out Sonic is being held hostage in the newly-rebuilt Death Egg. Throughout the game, Vector is seen supporting Sonic and the Avatar through communication.

During the final sequence, Vector and the rest of the Resistance appear to launch a final assault on Eggman's forces, with Vector taking out a sizable amount of them himself. This comes to a head when Sonic, Classic Sonic, and the Avatar finally manage to defeat Infinite and Dr. Eggman, freeing the world of his reign. He is last seen with the rest of the Resistance, and agrees to help clean the world up of remains of the doctor's influence.

Mario & Sonic series

Vector has appeared as a playable character in every game in the Mario & Sonic series, starting with Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. In each game he has been classified as a Power-type character, meaning he excels in events that require strength, such as Hammer Throw or Javelin Throw, while being more difficult to use in speed-based events like 100m and 4x100m Relay as a result.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Vector appears as a Sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, using his 2D artwork from Sonic Channel. When equipped, he will increase the power of direct attacks by +10.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Vector appears as a Trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, obtainable at random or after being purchased from the Trophy Shop.

"Presenting Vector the Crocodile, ace detective! Loud-mouthed and bossy on the outside, but a real softy on the inside. Despite having a business to run, he'll lend his keen eye and brilliant mind free of charge to anyone in need. ...Someone should really make a film about his life!"

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Vector, Espio, and Charmy appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a single Spirit, named Chaotix, which is a Novice (★) Primary Spirit. They are a Defense-type spirit, and as such increase the power of grabs and throws when equipped. The Spirit Battle is against Pichu, King K. Rool, and an invisible Sonic, representing Charmy, Vector, and Espio respectively. All three use their 3D artwork from Sonic Channel.



2D artwork of Vector.

Vector is a large crocodile with green scales, red spikes down his back, and yellow eyes. He sports a thick body which starts broad at his head and arms and gets gradually thinner down his legs and tail. Vector's stomach, mouth, and arms are a lighter shade of green than the rest of his body. He wears black shoes with white stripes, black shoulderpads, white gloves with black-and-gold cuffs, and a golden chain around his neck. Vector also wears a wireless pair of headphones around his head, which he constantly listens to music to.


The brains behind the Chaotix Detective Agency, Vector is a true leader that keeps a cool head even in the most difficult situations. He enjoys his position as leader, though the power can sometimes get to his head, resulting in him being bossy in nature. Despite this, he uses his deductive reasoning and common sense to solve any case, though isn't above showing them off.

Vector expresses a tough exterior, and while he can find peaceful solutions to a problem, he usually tries to use brute force and takes an aggressive approach when facing problems. He also speaks in a rough tone and may not sweat the details. Deep down though, Vector is a gentle giant, and has a heart of gold. While he will never turn down paying work, if someone is truly in need, he will help them out free of charge. He can also display a calm and relaxed personality, allowing him to get along well with others, especially Espio and Charmy in spite of their constant bickering. Equally, Vector cares deeply for his friends and is always loyal to them.

Nonetheless, Vector can be aggressive and argumentative at times, and can quickly have a snappy attitude when things don't go his way, especially when insulted or peeved. He is also generally very direct with his choice of words, often saying whatever is on his mind and sometimes being outright rude. Further, while displaying generosity towards his clients, he has shown a selfish streak towards his teammates, such as taking Charmy's pudding or only buying dessert for himself.

Aside from detective work, Vector's other interest includes music, as shown by him constantly listening to his headphones whenever he has alone time. He also believes himself to have a great singing voice, though his friends claim otherwise. He also has a dream of getting rich, and has a policy to never turn down work that pays. He will take any job that pays good income, and gets motivated by money alone.


Super Smash Bros. Charged

Vector appears as a Trophy and Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Charged. He is a Advanced-type Spirit that makes the user start the battle invisible when equipped. The Spirit battle is King K. Rool, who is aggressive and will use Blunderbuss often.


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