Vanish Mario in Super Mario Star Journey.

Vanish Mario, AKA Vanish Luigi, is one of the many Power-Ups used by Mario and Luigi. This Power-Up is either accessible by using the Vanish Flower, Vanish Cap or Vanish Box.


Vanish Mario can walk through certain walls and cages. As his name suggests, Vanish Mario is less visible than Mario self. Not only that, he's completely invisible for every single enemy, so Vanish Mario can pass them unharmed and ignored. In Super Mario 64, he was able to walk on freezing water. In Goomsday Wii, Vanish Luigi was capable of passing through every kind of obstacle except fire and enemies. A Ground Pound would send him right through the ground.


The appearance is mixed in each of the Power-Up's game appearances. In its debut, Super Mario 64, Vanish Mario is just transparent. EEA Inc. decided to give Vanish Mario the same appearance as in Super Mario 64, in their game Super Mario Nation.

In the remake Super Mario 64 DS, Luigi was the only one who could access the Vanish Power-Up via a Power Flower. In this game, Vanish Luigi had his texture broke in pieces. Luigi wasn't transparent at all. Vanish Luigi had this same appearance in Goomsday Wii.

APIM Group, Inc. decided to give Vanish Mario a mix of the two appearances. Vanish Mario was transparent in Super Mario Star Journey, but was also broken up in several square pieces. The grooves are visible as well, though, but less transparent.


  • Boos in the Mario Kart series can make players transparent, but invisible for the computer or the player who is not the user of a Boo. Not only that, Off-road increases like the user is riding on normal asphalted road, while he/she is actually riding in the sand or grass. This is completely similar with Vanish Mario, besides the fact that it's gotten by a Boo, plus that the Boo attempts to steal an item.
  • Vanish Mario seems to replace Boo Mario in Super Mario Nation.


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