Vanguard of Spirits
Leader(s) Grand Exarch Xanvor
Alignment Lawful Good
Kind of Group Army
(Notable) Members
Founded at/in 10,000 years prior to Champions of Ascerth
First Appearance Zalvar Online
Latest Appearance Zalvar Online
Settled Area(s) Spirituis Galaxy
Defeat the Nullifier and the Circle of Shadows
Circle of Shadows

"We swear our lives to preserving justice. To ensuring that the monster doesn't consume this galaxy and all we hold dear. For we are the Vanguard of Spirits, and we fight until the very end."

-The motto of the Vanguard of Spirits

The Vanguard of Spirits is an army dedicated to purging the Nullifier and the Circle of Shadows from the galaxy, made up of various beings whose homes were destroyed by the Circle.



The Vanguard of Spirits was founded by Grand Exarch Xanvor of the zalvosh when he and a few of his colleagues encountered the magical spirits of the planet Kalnar. They blessed the group with immortality, and tasked them with preparing an army to stop the Nullifier.

Xanvor would begin to target worlds attacked by the Nullifier's forces, and bring the refugees into their ranks. Said refugees were taught magic and blessed with immortality so they could continue the fight against shadow magic.

The Payload Crisis

The Vanguard would eventually dispatch a robot to the Zalvar Sector to watch the area for shadow magic users. While it would eventually be deactivated, it would later be rediscovered by a group of mercenaries led by Taikari. After fighting their way through the Circle of Shadows, the group would eventually deliver the robot to the Vanguard, and join its ranks.


Command Structure

The magical spirits of Kalnar are the technical leaders of the group, but the Grand Exarch is in charge for the most part. Lieutenants under him have immense influence however.


Anyone is accepted into the Vanguard of Spirits as long as they seek to fight the Nullifier and his armies.

Magic and Technology

Magic is taught to members of the Vanguard should they desire it. In addition, their technology is based on that of the zalvosh, but utilizes magical energy as fuel.


  • The Vanguard of Spirits has a prophecy about the "Chosen Four", mentioning a woman with pistols, two avian defenders, and a proud swordsman who will bring salvation to the galaxy.
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