Species Origin Fairy
First Appearance Winged Nexus
Latest Appearance Fantendo Hearts: Past Odyssey

Vampires are a type of fairy appearing in the Winged Nexus series. Vampire fairies primarily live in Lunitia, a much smaller island than Pretiuma.

Elemental fairies who become vampire fairies lose their innate magical ability, and must study magic in order to re-learn their ability if they so desire.


Vampire Fairies, shortly after being bitten by a vampire, begin to develop traits typical to vampirism (and to the particular bloodline the Vampire who bit them belonged to). Vampirism can be identified by a Fairy's skin beginning to turn a pale colour, their teeth beginning to elongate, and a noticeable increase in physical strength and general health.

Vampire fairies experience a constant craving for non-vampire blood; this is most typically obtained from drinking from other Elemental Fairies necks. Vampirism itself is spread, however, through biting. These two traits allow vampirism to spread rather quickly through a community. Weakblood Vampires are the only vampires who do not thirst for blood, although they still consider it delicious. When no other fairies are around, Vampires can drink blood from animals or other creatures, but vampirism does not spread to most non-fairy creatures (and often with smaller animals enough blood is taken for them to die from blood loss).


Amongst the vampires there are a number of different bloodlines, with unique appearances and abilities. A vampire is always of the same bloodline as the vampire that infected them.


Weakblood Vampires manifest the typical symptoms of vampirism the least, both positive and negative; they are the most likely to be able to live peacefully outside of Lunitia. Some Weakblood Vampires use this trait to continue their pre-vampirism life as usual, while others use it to infiltrate society and cause chaos.

Weakblood Vampires are mostly shunned within Vampire society, due to their relative weakness (possessing neither the innate Elemental magic, or the stronger abilities other Vampire bloodlines possess).

Weakblood Vampires are considered the masters of infiltration due to their resemblance to non-Vampire Fairies.


Prince Vampires are the most common of all vampires, making up the majority of the population and being the most associated with the word "vampire" to non-vampires.



Prisoner Vampires are the least common of all vampires, due to the unique traits present in the bloodline. Prisoner Vampires are known for their seclusive nature, a result of their inability to survive when exposed to sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight causes Prisoner Vampire's skin to burn, and eventual death. Exposure to any light, however, is painful to a Prisoner Vampire whose eyes are adapted to seeing in the dark.

Prisoner Vampires have the ability to conjure magical "Prisons", cocoon-like objects which hang from the ceiling that Prisoner Vampires use while sleeping. Caves below Lunitia are often full of discarded Prisons created by the Prisoner Vampires who dwell within to avoid the sun.

Prisoner Vampires are considered the masters of stealth, due to their natural habitat being in the shadows.


Enigma Vampires are the most powerful of all the bloodlines. They are gifted with incredibly enhanced strength and agility, much more so than any other type of vampire. In return, however, they are rendered incapable of speech.

Enigma Vampires are considered the masters of combat, due to their natural strength.

Notable Members

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