Valentine Amoria Female
370 years old Omnis
FULL NAME Valentine Amoria
POWERS Heart manipulation

Myortia, sunsets, romance novels


Shacklebolt, negativity, lemons


Valerie “Valentine” Amoria is an Omnis sorceress, one of the eight Elemental Pioneers of the Omnis Clan, known as the Pioneer of Love. A well-liked socialite with a typically flirtatious, friendly demeanor, she’s introduced in Superstition as spiteful, almost heartbroken. It’s later revealed this is because of a falling-out with Myortia, her former lover, who broke off of their relationship following her excommunication. Valentine decides to operate separately from the other Pioneers after finding out Myortia snuck into the mission, in order to find her and give her a piece of her mind.


Valentine, like her fellow Pioneer peers, is an Omnis, an ethereal humanoid creature with magical powers: as such, her body type is similar to a human female. Her skin is a pale pink, and she sports bright pink hair, with one side of her head shaved. She has several hearts tattooed on her face around her eyes: she also sports a scar on her left eye, implied to have been a result of her final confrontation with Myortia. The dress she wears on duty is a faded magenta, with spiked frills on the neck of it. The center of the dress has her heart insignia imprinted into the center, though, in Superstition, the heart is grayed-out and cracked when you meet her, alluding to her emotional state at the time of your meeting. The heart is surrounded by several small emblems representing different emotions, such as joy, sadness, and love. On her legs, she wears striped stockings of a pink and red color. She also carries two of her Heart Rings around her arms with her.


Typically, Valentine is described to be flirtatious, friendly, and a bit spunky, though able to keep her cool under stress. The most amicable of the Elemental Pioneers, her popularity stems from just how sweet she typically is. She’s also supposedly great at giving relationship advice. She’s the most well-liked of the Pioneers publicly, though she doesn’t like a lot of her fellow mages aside from Myortia, Pynamo, and Serpentina.

In Superstition, however, Valentine’s demeanor is wildly different from how she’s described. She initially comes off as simply moody and bothered, though she initially greets Lucky with a certain curiousness, at first acting somewhat friendly to him. When she realizes he’s been traveling with Myortia, and when Myortia herself shows up, however, her behavior becomes more angry, almost spiteful. It’s clear she’s certainly not over the way Myortia acted towards her, and it shows in how she talks to her: she even acts more aggressively in the boss fight if you play as Myortia over Lucky.

Powers and Abilities

Valentine wields two different magic types in battle: amokinesis (love manipulation) and cardiokinesis (heart manipulation). She combines these two techniques to form a battle style known as Heartbreaker Magic, where she materializes hearts to use as projectiles in battle. She can also force romantic attraction to her on certain targets to manipulate targets at will, though this works based on who she’s trying to charm.

Additionally, she wields weapons known as Heart Rings: fast-moving rings that leave trails of smoke in their wake, bashing into opponents. She typically wears two of them around her arms in the case she has to battle someone without warning.



Valentine actually treats Lucky passively when the two first meet while Lucky is separated from Myortia: she senses he’s in love with someone, and questions him, to which he reacts with bafflement, but curiosity. Even after Myortia is revealed to have been traveling with him, Valentine states she doesn’t fault him for making the mistake of siding with her, and that he seems like a nice guy, albeit naive. She does go significantly easier on Lucky than Myortia in her battle, so there’s certainly a little more positivity in their relationship compared to her and the dark sorceress.


Valentine and Myortia began as friends after not knowing each-other very well through the Omnis Clan, and their friendship eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship, which lasted many years. However, when Myortia was to be excommunicated, she pleaded Valentine to allow her to stay with the Clan in secret, to which Valentine refused, not willing to put her life on the line. Furious, Myortia lashed out at her, before realizing what she was doing: Shacklebolt found the two, however, and Myortia was kicked out, simultaneously ending their relationship. Valentine felt immense anger, sorrow, and spite from this encounter: despite still being in love with her, she forced Myortia from her heart, treating her cruelly (but with slight regret) when the two meet each-other again in the Autumnwood Grove.

When the two meet in Omnitopia Core, Valentine addresses Myortia as a comrade instead of a bitter enemy, likely due to the situation: she continues to do so throughout the Battle of Omnitopia Core. After Myortia is injured while fighting Black Cat later, Valentine rushes to help her, only for Myortia to apologize for her previous actions for the first time since her excommunication.

It is revealed in the epilogue that Valentine forgave Myortia for her actions after the battle ended, and the two decided to embark on a journey around the world, leaving Omnitopia in the process. This, plus Myortia’s behavior towards Valentine later, all but confirms the two‘s relationship has begun again.


  • Her appearance was somewhat inspired by the “magical girl anime protagonist” archetype of character design, such as with Sailor Moon, though it’s also partially inspired by Zarya from Overwatch.


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