Vahala is a playable character in the Draco Duel series. Vahala works as ruler of the Arcanian Underworld, working alongside Satan to guard the gates of hell and pass judgement on the evil souls that enter there, and punishing them if necessary.



In their humanoid form, Vahala resembles a human wearing skeletal-themed clothing, primarily a skull mask and bone wings, as well as a red and orange blouse with a pattern of a flame depicted on it. They also appear to be wearing a grey skin-tight suit, with claws on the hands and feet, and they also have a bone accessory holding up their grey hair.

In their dragon form, Vahala takes the form of an entirely skeletal serpentine, whose main body consists of a narrow, curving spine. Their bone tail is tipped with a black axe, which they use as a weapon in battle, and they also have fiery wings while being able to breathe fire.


Vahala is notoriously known as an evil spirit, however, this is not entirely the case, as despite living in hell and working with Satan, Vahala is not evil, but merely delivering justice in acts such as destroying the souls of evil beings who enter the underworld. Vahala seems to care very greatly about their home world, joining the heroes to protect it from being destroyed by Xsomnis. Towards other members of their species, Vahala acts somewhat sarcastic while joking around a lot, particularly towards Qezalt whom they seem to have a grudge against.


Vahala has access to a range of attacks while in their dragon form. These are listed in order of first usable appearance in the Draco Duel series, with moves listed in orange debuting in Draco Duel and moves listed in lime debuting in Draco Duel 2.

  • Infernal Blade - Strikes at the target with their burning tail. This attack has a good range and high damage, however it's slow and easily avoided.
  • Fume Flames - Casts a wall of red flames which last for around 10 seconds. Touching these flames will Burn anyone who touches them and the flames can also create a toxic cloud of smoke.
  • Furious Skyclaw - Soars into their air, lighting their body on fire before soaring back down to crash into the foe, inflicting massive damage with their burning claws on impact.
  • Necromancy - After charging, a flaming aura appears around Vahala, which causes three skeletons to rise out of the ground as they seek a target.
  • Blazing Hell Catastrophe - This Etherial Finale is activated by using any attack. After the attack connects, a second, immensely powerful attack summoning fiery spirits, demons, skeletons and burning flames will be landed on the target.
  • Burning Wings - Lights their wings on fire and glides forwards to damage the opponent. Vahala moves very quickly while using this attack and thus it can be used as a utility to move around quickly.
  • Shadow Bone - Summons a shadowy bone out of the earth, which slams into the target for heavy damage while transferring status conditions onto the target.



Vahala was born from fire in the Underworld thousands of years ago, and ever since has worked with Satan to guard the gates to hell and destroy any evil spirits that enter. Notable victims of Vahala where King Yucatan and Queen Juliana, Arcania's monarchs that were executed and killed after the Etherial Crisis following the Great War. Ever since, Vahala has been seen travelling the surface world on rare occasions.

Draco Duel

Vahala makes their first playable appearance in Draco Duel. In this game, Vahala is one of the most formidable Draconids to take part in the Duel league, among the ranks of Qezalt and other supernatural and powerful Draconids. Their home stage is Dragonbreak Falls.

Draco Duel 2

Vahala is the 20th and final character to appear in this game's story mode, A Rift in Time. Making their first appearance at the end of Chapter 6, Vahala is approached by Lumino and Qezalt for assistance in restoring Lumino's powers that had been lost during a battle with Slyza earlier. Once Vahala grants this wish, they join the heroes to help defend the Etherial Heart from Wywyrm's invading army, upon realising that if Xsomnis were to escape from the Etherial Realm, their home in the Underworld would be destroyed.

Once Chapter 6 is completed, Vahala joins the rest of the game's playable characters in the final battle against Xsomnis and returns to the Underworld once she is defeated by Lumino. Compared to most other characters in A Rift in Time, Vahala has a relatively minor role and very few playable appearances in levels.

Other Appearances



Vahala and Qezalt seem to have a pre-existing rivalry during the events of A Rift in Time, as seen when they constantly teass and mock Qezalt once he enters the Underworld alongside Lumino. Vahala and Qezalt also argue during the end of the chapter battle against Wywyrm, but in this desperate situation, they are able to put their differences aside and fight for a better cause.


Vahala and Lumino are allies, but despite this, Vahala also mocks and teases Lumino, albeit not to the same degree as they do to Qezalt. This is mostly because Vahala respects Lumino's power as a hero, and when he requests for his powers to be restored by Vahala, they have no hesitation in doing so.


Although Satan is not seen or depicted in the Draco Duel games aside from several references in character dialogue, it can be inferred that Vahala and Satan share a very close, sibling-like friendship, having spent thousands of years destroying evil souls in the Underworld together.



  • Vahala's name is derived from Valhalla, the afterlife in Norse mythology where soldiers felled in battle live alongside Odin.
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