VOLT Avenge logo
Studio(s) Fantasize Cinema
Distributor(s) Paramount
Type Computer Animated
Genre(s) Adventure/Drama
Theatrical Release Date(s)
July 3rd, 2016
Home Edition Release Date(s)
February 7th, 2017 (packaged with VOLT Avenge)
Age Rating(s)
Original Language English
Runtime 109 minutes
Series VOLT

VOLT Avenge is the second movie based on the VOLT series, and the sixth entry in the main story. Similar to REvenge, it was planned to be a game, but the decision was made to move the series to a movie format, and the story concepts were animated as a movie after REvenge's switch was started. It came out on September 26th, 2016, and an indirect sequel, tentatively titled VOLT VII, is planned for late 2017.



VOLT Avenge logo

A spaceship once again looms over Chargio. Several months after the death of Volt, the Teslians have gained the upper hand in the war. Galvanisa sits atop her throne, monitoring several spires across the surface of the planet. "Victory is imminent. What remains of their army is scraps, and they grow weaker with every blow. Nothing is in our way now, my horde.", she whispers as the horde continues to fly around her in a cyclone, carrying files and weapons around. The camera focuses on one Teslian, holding a strange tablet. On its screen, odd characters flash. Quickly the characters fade from yellow to blue, and the tablet sparks slightly as the characters rearrange to show Volt's face, as the logo fades in.

Hailey walks into the military base, low on troops and supplies. Cinder is in the middle of a speech as she enters, talking to a group of troops. "-and you all are our last hope to get back control over Sector J6. Your mission is to infiltrate the spire there, get the Void Engine, and call for reinforcements immediately. After that, you'll be taken back to base. So, Hailey- you ready to lead the mission?" Hailey stops in her tracks and looks at Cinder. "Sure, but only because I'm the best you have."

On board the mothership, the strange blue sparks begin to travel through the ship, leading to a strange tube. Around it are several other tubes, all hooked up to a pained-looking Teslian. Fog forms in the tubes, more Teslians appear and fly off. The sparks enter one of the tubes, and as another pulse of energy enters the base Teslian, the tubes activate, and in the infiltrated tube, Volt forms. "Back to business.", he says softly as he steps out of the tube and enters a wire. Once again, he begins travelling through the ship.

Meanwhile, Galvanisa discusses the counter-strike against the army at Sector J6 with two large figures. "You see, my loyal generals,", she says as she puts a finger up to one of their necks. "Intel shows they plan to steal a Void Engine. That kind of asset can't be lost, or eventually we'll be just as doomed as those flawed under-evolved beings.", she finishes, revealing the generals to be Torchie and Aero locked in large suits with several mechanical pieces attached to their eyes, hands, and spinal cords. "Send the troops in, and leave no Sparkling un-maimed."

Hailey and a group of troops ascend up the spire in an elevator, preparing for action. Hailey prepares her hand into a harpoon-styled icicle, and looks upwards. She hears a buzzing noise and signals to the troops to brace themselves as she plunges her sharpened hand into the wall, stopping the elevator. The buzzing noise grows stronger and thumping is heard from above and below. Hailey gulps as a sharp, metallic hand pierces the ceiling and begins glowing green. "OUT.", she yells and she pierces a larger hole through the floor and jumps down, through a horde of Teslians.

Volt reappears in front of a Void Engine, looking around it. "Glad to be back at Point B. Now, let's see what Point C is...", he says as he enters the Void Engine. His eyes briefly become white, and he enters the Void Engine. His body travels through the Void, flying towards a strange light quickly. Thoughts of infinity, its opposites, and the knowledge amassed through his life flash around him, taking an abstract physical form.

Hailey hangs onto the elevator shaft's walls, as the Teslians get closer and closer. Quickly, she dashes up to the swarm and freezes her way through them, passing through the wreckage of the elevator. She pries open two doors and enters, seeing a Void Engine. However, Torchie drops down from the ceiling and pins Hailey to the wall. "All... will be... assimilated. All will be assimilated.", he says in a monotone voice. However, from the Void Engine, Volt appears. Hailey freezes over Torchie's implanted optical sensor and kicks him off, running to Volt. Not having time to explain, Volt's eyes quickly flash with Teslian symbols and the Hurricane busts through a wall.

Volt and Hailey run on board the Hurricane and begin flying away with its powerful Teslian engine. Volt sighs and looks to Hailey as he steers the Hurricane far away from the spire. "Yes, Hailey, I died. I know what it feels like... but the thing is, the Void absorbed all of the stuff in the spire back then, including me. My wounds didn't matter in the Void, and while I was dead, I drifted until I ended up at Point B- the mothership's engine. From there, what was left of my mind drifted across the circuits until I was mentally in one piece and I had all the knowledge I needed to escape."

Hailey hugs Volt, telling him about how much he was missed across the army and what happened. Volt nods, somewhat blushing, and lands the Hurricane at the military base. Cinder steps outside to see Volt striding towards him. "Top of the morning, general.", he says as he walks by the awestruck Sparkling. Inside the base, Volt discusses the mechanics of the Void Engine along with his revival to scientists, who think they have a solution to their problems thanks to Volt.

Galvanisa, on board her ship, orders for immediate strikes across the planet in a fit of rage. "Volt took advantage of our Void... clever, I must admit, but this time I will not rest for a second until I've extinguished every atom of his being.", she yells. Aero looks to the monitors and notices the route of the Hurricane from the spire. "My queen... they revealed their location. Sector L4. It was right in front of us.", he says. Galvanisa smirks and presses a button, as the camera zooms out to reveal a huge ring of ships armed with cannons, all pointed precisely at the army's base.

Back at the base, Volt is seated in a strange pod. The scientists calibrate some dials and nod to Volt, who nods back through a small window that slams shut. "Testing Void Resonance on Volt... gentlemen, let's make some infinite energy.", one of the scientists says, flicking a switch. The pod emits a white aura and strange, jagged white branches rip through the metal. The switch is quickly turned off, and Volt exits the pod. "Void Resonance is tricky. If you try to channel the Void into the physical world without proper protection, the Void and the physical plane mix and that happens.", Volt explains, sitting down and sighing.

Hailey and Volt sit down at a table in the mess hall, eating some muffins. "...not as nice as all those months ago.". Hailey mumbles, looking down at her tray. "Hailey, I... I've been wondering about something,", Volt says as Hailey perks up slightly. "-and it's something Galvanisa said, about me being oblivious to you. How is that true? We're great friends.", he finishes, eating some more muffins. "Yeah... great friends.", Hailey says. " friends." Volt ponders a moment, smiles, and looks at Hailey again. "Yeah. Best friends forever." Hailey sighs a bit and continues eating.

Galvanisa flies around the swarm, collecting data from her servants. "The Void Engine is almost ready to power our array. With this, Volt will die, his world will die, everything he knows will be ripped apart.", she says with an evil smirk. "My minions... ARISE. Ready the array, we fire soon!", Galvanisa yells as she flies up and attaches herself to several wires, revealed to be hooked up to the Void Engine. The array's cannons light up in a spectrum of various colors, until settling on a blinding white. Each one sends a beam to one center, where a mass of Void energy begins forming.

Volt arrives in the labs, where the swelling mass of Void has been reported and is being monitored. The scientists explain its Void Resonance is low, but could steadily rise. Volt's eyes once again flash with Teslian symbols as he analyzes their technology, and he sees that the Void Engine powering the Resonance is itself fueled by Galvanisa. He and Hailey prepare for an attack as a missile is aimed at the Resonance. However, even with the missile charged and launched at high speed, it simply vanishes into the void as soon as it makes contact.

Volt and Hailey fly to the Void Resonance on board the Hurricane, as Volt explains his plan- he'll enter the Void Resonance, travel to Galvanisa, and detonate an explosive, destroying the Teslians and leaving the Void Resonance powerless and thus without reason to enter the physical plane. Volt straps on a jetpack, and looks to the Void Resonance. "Hailey... this time it's gonna be a lot harder to come back if I die in there. Just remember... we're the best of friends.", Volt says as he kisses Hailey. Hailey gasps as he flies off into the Void Resonance, smiling as she sees Volt disappear.

Volt re-enters the Void, and begins travelling to Galvanisa's point. However, he begins shifting through the Void randomly, farther and farther away from Galvanisa. On Chargio, scientists confirm the worst-case scenario is happening- the Void Resonance is reaching instability and will branch to Chargio soon, dragging it into a collapsing meta-physical existence. Volt barely manages to reach another point, and lands aboard one of the ships in the array. Quickly, he begins escaping the ship, as it collapses into the Void Resonance.

Volt transmits himself from ship to ship, and finally arrives on the mothership, on the opposite side of the ship from Galvanisa. As he rushes through the ship's circuits, Aero and Torchie detect his entrance and begin turning up the Void Engine's power. Galvanisa looks pained, but smirks as she watches the Void Resonance. "We may die... but... we can enter a stalemate, forged from the confusion the very universe has over our existence.", she yells out. As her emotions rise, so does the danger of the Void Resonance.

As Aero and Torchie search for Volt, he appears behind them in a corridor. "Aero. Torchie. You don't have to do this.", he says. Suddenly, white branches of the Void Resonance begin piercing the ship, and Volt attempts to fight them as the corridor collapses. Aero fires several blasts at Volt, who dodges them, allowing them to pass into the Void. Suddenly, the ship rapidly turns, nearly sending Volt into the Void. He barely manages to grab Aero, who in turn is holding onto Torchie, all of them hanging over the Void. Volt struggles to pull them up, but manages.

Aero and Torchie lie on the wall, and Volt's eyes once again flash with Teslian symbols. Aero barely pulls himself out of his armor, sluggish and confused. "...sorry about all that.", he says, smirking to Volt. Next to them, Torchie rises from the husk of the armor. The three of them look down to the Void, and decide to aim themselves for Galvanisa. The trio jumps down, but another branch hits Torchie, knocking him off course. Aero sees the point for the Void Engine and summons a wind to blow Volt and him to the point. Meanwhile, Torchie falls into another portal, and gets propelled to the Hurricane.

As Volt and Aero pass through the Void point, they land near Galvanisa, who barely manages to look over at them. As she does, more Void branches appear, bursting out of her eyes and reaching around the room. "This is it, Volt... the Void's true strength. This time, I'll turn you into nothing but dust in the wind. This time, there's no second chances.", she says as her arms are replaced with Void branches. Volt begins deploying the explosive to destroy the Void Engine, while Aero uses his blaster to shatter the branches like glass.

Torchie sits down on the Hurricane, still hurt from being knocked around by a Void branch. Hailey steers the ship as more branches grow from the Resonance, and barely dodges one that would burst through the hull of the ship. Meanwhile, on Chargio, the branches have grown far enough that they've begun to form a 'coat' around the planet. Several missiles are fired into the coat, but they simply enter the Void. General Cinder watches from the base, and tells the troops to deploy the 'Voidbreak'.

Volt succeeds in deploying the explosive, which is set to explode in 1 minute. Volt grabs Aero and jumps into the Void, but more branches begin blocking their path. The duo barely escapes, but find themselves above Chargio, which is entirely enveloped in branches. The Void Resonance suddenly pulses, and begins quickly dragging Chargio into the Void. Realizing that if Chargio is in the Void, then the explosive will damage the planet, the duo rushes into the Void, where they find the Hurricane.

Hailey explains to Aero that the Hurricane got caught in the pull, and that the explosive has been disabled by the Teslians. Aero smirks and begins steering the ship towards Galvanisa, while Volt and Torchie keep an eye towards the back as Chargio begins forming in the Void. However, Hailey notices a small object hurled from the physical world- the explosive, with 9 seconds left on the clock. "Aero, get us out of here!", she screams as she tries to encase the explosive in ice.

Suddenly, the Voidbreak comes through the Void, closely following Chargio. Suddenly, the Void Engine mounted on the warhead begins sparking, and black branches form, ripping through the Void and revealing the physical world. However, Volt's explosive impacts with it, causing a massive hole to form in the Void. Volt looks at the hole, as the Void begins collapsing. Aero swerves the ship through the branches, managing to get Volt, Hailey, and Torchie to Galvanisa.

Volt looks at Galvanisa with hatred, and sighs. "Whatever you did to the explosive is making this entire Void collapse. Having been in the Void for quite a while, I know it's quite a bad thing when the Void gets messed with. In a matter of hours, a massive amount of the universe around us is going into the Void.", he says. Galvanisa smirks, her head being the only piece of her un-consumed by the branches. "Exactly... we knew about Voidbreak... so we just had to send back your little toy, multiplied by our brilliance, to begin our ultimate plan- removing every trace of Sparkling blood from this realm."

Volt's eyes once again flash with Teslian symbols, this time for an extended period of time as he floats around Galvanisa. He explains that in his time in the ship's circuits, he learned how to manipulate its technology. Suddenly, he stops, face-to-face with Galvanisa, and puts his hands into the Void. The symbols begin flashing more rapidly, as Volt's body begins sparking with electricity. "Hailey, Torchie... get to Aero. I'll be back soon enough.", he says as the entire room is drawn to Galvanisa. Torchie and Hailey jump through a hole into the Void and barely make it back to the Hurricane.

Galvanisa panics as several plates of metal and wires begin forming a tomb around her. "No... this isn't how the plan went. I calculated so many details, yet... this is beyond what I have predicted. My plan has failed... so I suppose this is why you're the dominant species and we aren't, Sparkling.", she says as a metal plate covers her face. Volt begins pulling wires and attaching them to his back, and then, he unleashes a pulse of electricity, evaporating Galvanisa inside of her tomb.

Torchie and Hailey look at the collapsing Void Resonance as the Void Engine begins shutting down, without its power source. More and more holes form in the Resonance, and in a matter of seconds, Chargio is sent back into its proper location, and Volt exits the decaying Void. "Aero, contact Cinder. Tell him we've won the war.", Volt says with a smile. The entire group begins heading back to Chargio for a celebration.

A few days later, back on Chargio, the team stands in the plaza of New Sparkville, while it is still being built. A golden statue of the four stands behind them, and they wear medals of honor for saving the world. Aero decides to stay in New Sparkville in case new threats appear, when suddenly Cinder walks up to him and the group. "You are all truly heroes. At such a young age, you've already saved the world so many times... and that's why I've put in a good word for you. Welcome to our new program- the Chargio Vanguard Agency.", he says. Volt looks to Hailey, then back to Cinder. "Alright then. And when the time comes that our world's being attacked again, we'll all be there."

In a post-credits scene, two scientists walk through the base, mostly abandoned after the war. One of the two speaks into a headset. "Alright, Cinder, we've found the subject... are you sure this should be under wraps to the people who just saved our world?", he says as the camera pans to a Void Engine, its light still flickering.



Reception for VOLT Avenge was higher than REvenge, with several critics citing the drama surrounding Volt's death as a central piece of the movie's improvement. However, like REvenge before, critics weren't that happy with the fact that it relied on heavy knowledge of the games to be understood. The average scores were 82/100.


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VOLT Avenge, like its prequel, was originally planned as an Immerse MODU launch title, but after the story became much more prominent than the gameplay, the story concepts were slightly revised to add elements that wouldn't be expressable through the gameplay, and then animated as a movie. Unlike REvenge, though, it was made completely of new animation, while REvenge had remastered cutscene footage from the game's beta.

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