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Developer(s) Fantasize Studios
Publisher(s) Fantasize Studios
Genre(s) 2D/3D Platformer, Beat Em' Up
First Game VOLT (game)
Most Recent Game VOLT: Second Impact
Wii U, Nintendo Immerse, Neo, Nintendo Silver, 3DS, Immerse Go

The VOLT series is the flagship franchise of Fantasize Studios, and one of their first games (technically, the first was NITROS, but it was their only game for over a decade) to be made. It started in 2013, and from there has spawned many spinoffs and sequels.


The VOLT series has had a variety of titles (6 with pages, and 1 planned) with different types of gameplay. Descriptions of both of the main styles will be available below-


The console titles are 3D platformer beat em' ups. They feature large levels to explore, and are centered around the aspect of possessing Grunts. This style began with the first game, but was refined in sequels to include features like Lytes and upgrades, along with improvements in level design.


The handhelds are the second style of game in the series so far, with 2.5D graphics. The two current handheld titles (3DS and Fusion) are quite different from each other in terms of details, however- 3DS features Volt's grandfather, and ditches the Grunts to focus on the puzzle elements, while Fusion uses the present Volt with enemies to control and more elements from the original game.

Story and Timeline


Chargio is a distant world in space where the climates and environments are diverse and an odd race known as the Sparklings live. The Sparklings are mostly electric-based lifeforms, but there are those who practice things like snow, rain, sunlight, and so on. However, a force of hatred known as the Ominous are known to attack! A small Sparkling trapped under a spell of remaining a child must save his world- his name, Volt!


Pre-First Impact

  • The first element-less Sparkling is born, named Isol
  • Volt is born.
  • A few years before First Impact, Volt saves Chargio from Isol, beginning the family lineage of heroics. (Volt 3DS)

First Impact

  • First Impact, a strange techno-organic meteor, hits Chargio, reshaping the continents and planting the Ominous into the world.
  • Volt defeats the Ominous.

Golden Age

  • Strato is born
  • Volt has a son, also named Volt (from this point we refer to him as Volt Jr.)
  • Volt and Volt Jr. team up to stop an unamed bad guy from chashing the Other-Lands into Chargio's second moon.
  • Volt passes away
  • Volt Jr. faces off with the Ominous, being led by Strato VOLT: Another

Silver Age

  • Volt Jr. has a son, Volt III
  • Strato attacks Volt Jr.'s family, placing a spell on Volt III so he will never grow beyond a child
    • Volt Jr. dies protecting his family, and the rest of the family is killed
  • Strato unleashes the Ominous once more after years of waiting, and Volt III sets out to stop him after he captures all the Sparklings. VOLT
  • Volt III and Hailey meet, and go on an adventure along with a sunlight Sparkling named Torchie VOLT Fusion

Second Impact Era

  • Volt and Hailey go on an adventure to stop Second Impact, Strato's newest plan VOLT: Second Impact
  • Volt, Torchie, and newcomer Aero defeat all Ominous, stop Second Impact finally, and kill Strato VOLT: Trinity

2nd Golden Age

  • Volt goes on an adventure with the dead conqueror Reaper to stop the evil king of the afterlife, Hades VOLT: Reaper's Moonlight

Astral Age

  • Volt, corrupted by dark feelings, becomes the new Ominous seed and stops the new Seedlings. VOLT: Seed
  • The Astrals, ancestors of the Sparklings, declare war on Chargio which ends with the brief revival of Strato VOLT 5 (working title)
  • In wake of the civil war of Astrals nearly destroying Chargio, Volt breaks their Omniview Globe, sending the entire planet into the Limbovoid VOLT 6 (working title)

Final Battles

  • The 'mind' of Chargio goes through a few possibilities of univeres
    • A world where Strato was spared but less evil VOLT Rush
    • A world where Chargio was populated by humans and everything was a tad more mentally skewed towards darkness VOLT: (NOT) The World We Know
    • A world where a warrior known as Zap and his world were closer to Chargio D-Zolt and Volt: Lightning Strikes Twice
  • Volt makes the ultimate choice for Chargio. Finale of VOLT: Last Shot

Volt's Timeline

Volt 3DS

Volt: Another


VOLT: Storming The Castle

VOLT Fusion

VOLT: Second Impact

VOLT: Trinity

VOLT: Reaper's Moonlight

VOLT: Seed

VOLT 5 (working title)

VOLT 6 (working title)

VOLT: (NOT) The World We Know/VOLT Rush/D-Zolt and Volt: Lightning Strikes Twice

Finale of VOLT: Last Shot