VOLT: Trinity
Developer(s) Fantasize Studios and Bomb Productions Games
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Neo, Nintendo Silver, Wii U, Nintendo Immerse
Release Date(s)
Summer 2014
Story, Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: E10Rating - Everyone 10 and Up
PEGI: 7Rating - Ages 7 and Up
CERO: CERO B - 12+
OFLC: OFLC PG - Parental Guidance Suggested
Genre(s) 3D Platformer/Beat Em' Up
Series Volt
Predecessor VOLT: Second Impact
Successor VOLT Seed
Media Included Neo Cartridge, Nintendo Silver Disc, Wii U Disc, Nintendo Immerse Disc

VOLT: Trinity is the sequel to the 2013 game VOLT: Second Impact, and the conclusion to the first trilogy of the VOLT series. It builds on gameplay in a few ways, but is more story-driven than its predecessors.


Volt's Story

A month after Second Impact was frozen, Volt and Hailey are in Sparkville. Hailey's too weak to adventure, but has set up a computer so she can still help Volt out. However, the ice on Second Impact begins to crack and the remaining Ominous attack Sparkville. Volt fends them off and heads off to find what they're up to.

On his way through the Crazed Canyons, Volt runs into Torchie, who says Volt should stay behind to defend Hailey. Volt refuses and the two briefly fight a bit, but end up deciding to go their own ways. Volt faces off with an Ominous Tank and heads off through the canyons.

Volt enters the Skies of Sorrow hoping to find the Ominous, but comes across a flying pirate ship. The captain introduces himself as Aero, and tells Volt that this is the ghost ship Hurricane. He captures Volt, but he manages to escape and fight Aero off for long enough to get out of the Skies.

On his travels through the Angered Arctic, Volt gets a message from Hailey, who says there should be a Crystal of Cures that could heal her up. Volt searches for it, but it is guarded by a frozen Giga Grunt. Volt manages to defeat it and takes the Crystal of Cures back with him on his way to Sparkville.

Upon crossing into Frenzied Furnaces, Volt is ambushed by an army of Grunts lead by Strato, who survived the freezing of Second Impact and was saved by the Ominous, who made him into a cyborg. The two have a heated battle and Volt barely escapes, but is watched by an odd probe Strato sent.

Volt rushes through the Jostled Junkyard, attempting to get back to Sparkville, when Aero appears, shooting the probe and explaining that the Hurricane was shot down, leaving him here. Volt faces him, but Aero tells him to simply find his way home and that Strato is his to kill, and vanishes.

Volt arrives in Sparkville and heals Hailey, but this peace is not for long, as Aero rides on a broken-down Hurricane with a fleet of Ominous ships in tow. Volt rushes up to help him, and Torchie is onboard too, curiously. Volt fights a few Ominous, as he, Aero, and Torchie prepare for a fight, ending on a cliffhanger.

Torchie's Story

It's been a month since Second Impact was narrowly averted, and Torchie has been training- he couldn't help last time, but this time things are different, and he's ready to fight. However, just as he prepares to head back into town, he notices something on the horizon- the Ominous. He rushes through the Jostled Junkyard, beating down Ominous, but there's too many to take down, and he decides to head back and warn Volt.

In the Crazed Canyon, the Ominous keep coming, and Torchie barely manages to make it to the entrance. A mysterious pirate crosses his path and quickly dispatches Torchie, who gets up and heads towards Sparkville. As Volt rushes through, Torchie warns him to not come through, and the two have a brief scuffle. Torchie continues, defeating an Ominous Tank on his way to the Frenzied Furnaces.

In the Furnaces, Torchie finds Strato, who is putting the final touches on the plans for the Furnaces. Torchie sneaks through and shuts down quite a few Ominous, but eventually Strato catches him and the two fight, with Torchie barely paralyzing Strato in a panicked escape. However, just when he thinks he's safe, the mysterious pirate swoops up and captures him.

Welcome, citizen, to the world of 2500. As is tradition, with your teenage years comes freedom from home. All youths are equipped with standardized Gear, and a weapon of their choice for self-defense. Venture out into your homeworld - most likely Mars, as it is the most populated and thriving world colonized. [TRANSMISSION INTERRUPTED]

On the ship, the pirate introduces himself as Aero, and demands to know what Strato's planning at the Furnaces. While Torchie refuses to answer, Aero tries to fight the information from him, and sends Torchie plummeting into the Skies of Sorrow. In the Skies, he rushes through the patrolling Ominous forces and into the Angered Arctic.

In the Angered Arctic, Torchie thinks he's safe, and tries to contact Volt. However, just as he does, a recently damaged Giga Grunt attacks him and breaks his communication device. With no idea of where to go, the fiery Sparkling heads to Sparkville.

During his trek to Sparkville, Torchie finds himself trapped in the Jostled Junkyard by the Ominous, until Aero swoops in and saves him. Aero explains that he's just angered the entire Ominous fleet, and Torchie complies to help him. The two head off to save Volt, and the final battle is on...

Aero's Story

Aero's story begins with a flashback to his youth, aboard the Hurricane. Strato has killed his father and gloats that Aero is now in his debt as well, sending Ominous Grunts to test him. Aero quickly defeats them, and the flashback ends as he wakes up aboard the Hurricane, with his sister Aquina saying they've made it to their destination.

Aero gets off the Hurricane and enters the Angered Arctic, knowing from his map that there's a treasure nearby. He blasts his way through Ominous Grunts and finds the Crystal of Cures, but a Giga Grunt attacks, nearly overwhelming him. Aero shoots him down and learns of a treasure somewhere in the Crazed Canyons.

In the Crazed Canyons, Aero finds a strange Sparkling named Torchie who says he's guarding the area. Aero proceeds to fight him, beating him and warning him that he won't let anything get in his way. He also finds the treasure, and sets a course for the Skies of Sorrow.

Upon arrival in the Skies of Sorrow, Aero prepares to rest, but sees a small blue Sparkling facing off with the Ominous. Just for fun, Aero kidnaps him and introduces himself. The Sparkling manages to fight back and although he escapes, Aero feels he's hurt him enough for now and doubts the little guy can do much.

On his way to a new treasure, Strato shoots down the Hurricane, warning Aero that time is almost up. Aero tells him not to worry, but is trapped in the Jostled Junkyard. He manages to shoot his way out and finds the blue Sparkling again, introducing himself as Volt. Aero learns that Strato was weakened by Volt and sets off to finish him, seeing it as his one chance to free himself of the debt.

Aero charges into the Frenzied Furnace, quickly mowing through the systems. He figures out from an Ominous Grunt that the furnaces were made to channel heat, and that there was a cannon at the top where this heat would be used to thaw Second Impact. Aero goes through the furnace and faces off with Strato, seemingly killing him for a moment, but Strato rises, nearly killing Aero and ordering a full attack on Sparkville. Aero free-falls from the furnace, but is caught by his sister Aquina, piloting the Hurricane II. Aero picks up Torchie and sets his course for Sparkville, with the Ominous fleets in tow. Volt boards and the 3 heroes prepare for the biggest fight they've faced yet.

Final Story

With the trio united, Volt, Torchie, and Aero fight with waves of Ominous aboard the Hurricane. Using the cannons, Aero rips most of the left side of the fleet off, but fails to destroy the battleship with Strato aboard. With the entire fleet following, Volt finally comes to the realization- Aero's plan could end with Sparkville in ruins. Volt demands Aero stop the ship, but he says that defeating the Ominous is worth a few lives. Very angry at Aero, Volt takes the helm and turns the ship around, charging straight through the Ominous fleet and flying straight into the portal they came through.

The Hurricane reappears in space near Second Impact, and Volt gives the controls back to Aero. Impressed by Volt's bravery he lets the blue sparkling plan their course. Volt leaves Torchie and Aero to start up the plan and jumps into the portal, using an old jetpack Aero had onboard to propel himself. While Torchie and Aero manage to break through the shields of Second Impact, Volt crashes the remaining Ominous ships (sans the battleship) by infiltrating their circuits and grabs Hailey, quickly dashing up the falling fleet to the portal.

With the group united onboard the Hurricane, Volt, Aero, and Torchie storm Second Impact, running through the ice to reach the top, where they can go inside the meteor and neutralize the threat. However, just as they reach their goal, Strato's battleship teleports in, and open-fires on the group. The trio weakened, Strato steps down and prepares to personally finish Volt, but Aero shoots his sword out of his hand. Strato, infuriated, short-circuits his cybernetics, revealing his scars and burns from falling from space. He and Volt fight while Aero shoots down the battleship and Torchie deals with the oncoming Ominous.

Strato and Volt seem to be at a stalemate in their battle, both evenly matched with their power. However, Strato activates his final plan- the Impact's Trump, a giant exo-skeletal armor connected to Second Impact. Aero and Torchie provide support and Volt deals the final blow, heavily over-charging the suit. Aero rushes the group onto the Hurricane, but Volt stays behind for a moment.

Strato lies on the ground, dying from exhaustion and finally succumbing to his wounds. He tells Volt he deserves peace for one reason- he finally had the willpower to kill. As his glowing body slowly dims, he rambles that Volt has cold blood on his hands, blood he can't wash off, and that he'll never be quite the same. Volt remains silent and stoic as he salutes Strato's corpse and walks away onto the Hurricane.

During the credits, we see the group saying their goodbyes and going on their own adventures. Aero, finally free of his debt to Strato, relaxes on the Hurricane- although we see him polishing his equipment for some more treasure-hunting. Torchie finally gets to settle down and live a little, and acts as a community leader in the repair of Sparkville. Volt and Hailey, the latter finally healed up, head off to new places, to find new friends, new foes, and live a life of adventure as always. The credits end with a shot of Volt and Hailey running through some plains, and a zoom-out to show Chargio- finally free of Strato, Second Impact, and the Ominous.


Controls (using Immerse GamePad layout)


  • Left Control Stick: Move around
  • Right Control Stick: Move camera
  • A: Jump
  • B/Touchscreen: Control nearest enemy
  • X/Y: Use ability
  • Trigger buttons: Zoom in


  • Left Control Stick: Move around
  • Right Control Stick: Move camera
  • A: Jump
  • B: Punch
  • X/Y: Jab
  • Trigger buttons: Zoom in


  • Left Control Stick: Move around
  • Right Control Stick: Move camera
  • A: Jump
  • B/X/Y: Shoot
  • Touchscreen: Target nearest enemy
  • Trigger buttons: Zoom in


The gameplay has been revamped slightly from Second Impact with more subtle changes. There aren't many large changes to the formula, but there are 3 playable characters-

  • Volt (traditional VOLT gameplay)
  • Torchie (melee and combos)
  • Aero (gun-based gameplay)

Each character has their own story and upgrades, and unique powers. Volt plays just as he did before with his upgrades being for Grunts, Torchie is a puncher who can buy new combos with Lytes, and Aero is a gunslinger who can buy new guns to use. One large change is difficulties- there's Grunt Grinder (easy), Armored Annihilator (medium), Giga Gambler (hard), and once you beat Giga Gambler, Strato Slayer (very hard)!


See the Enemies page for this info.


See the Upgrades page for this info.


Multiplayer is back and better in VOLT: Trinity with refined modes. Now, you can create and customize up to 4 custom Sparklings with Style (Gunslinger [Aero], Possessor [Volt], or Fighter [Torchie]), color, and look. You can use your custom Sparklings in all Multiplayer modes- even co-op! Like Second Impact, all maps are based on levels in-game.


Conquest returns from Second Impact- there are 2 Lytes, and your job is to capture the enemy team's Lyte. There are Ominous Grunts around the map (the number varies depending on how many Possessors are on your team) for the Possessors to take over.


Assault is similar to Conquest, but in a more deathmatch tone- just rack up kills and you'll be good.


Survival also returns, and is better than ever with custom Sparklings. Up to 10 players can try to survive as long as they can in endless hordes of Grunts- the longer you go and the more you beat, the more upgrades you can get.


Story Co-Op returns with custom Sparklings! You can team up as one type or try to spread your luck with multiple kinds of Sparklings- either way, get ready for an adventure. If you aren't using custom Sparklings, you default to the recolor Volts from Second Impact.


# Track Title Plays When
01 Main Theme When starting the game/In the intro
02 Main Menu at the Main Menu

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