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  • I live in Ireland
  • I was born on February 5
  • My occupation is artist
  • I am the last of a dying breed
call me beep me if you wanna reach me


🧈you butter go to prom with me🧈

.peachfuz (talk) 22:18, February 27, 2020 (UTC)

Proposal: Community Collaboration

So, Me and Ootwar had a discussion about closer collaboration between the communities of Ideas Wiki, Game Ideas Wiki, TV Ideas Wiki, Dream Fiction Wiki, Fanon Wiki, Video Game Fanon Wiki, Movie Fanon Wiki, TV Fanon Wiki, Anime Fanon Wiki, Manga Fanon Wiki, Comic Book Fanon Wiki, Music Fanon Wiki, Random-ness Wiki, Parody Wiki, Creativity Wiki, Fictional TV Stations Wiki, Fictional Radio Stations Wiki, Fictional Automobile Companies Wiki, Fantendo and Scratchpad.
but if we make such announcement. i'll prefer a neutral observer site.
What do you think about the idea? Wazzupguys (talk) 15:28, April 25, 2019 (UTC)

Unfair things

Excuse me, but I think it's highly unfair that on this wiki, articles are deleted if they are too short. There could be a low amount of imformation about the fanmade subject, so I don't think it's appropriate that people have their articles deleted just because they are short. Elevenblue (talk) 08:07, May 10, 2020 (UTC)

When you wanna page me it's okay

I want to be your friend


I am sorry for the sonic and splatoo n crossover thing. Will you be my friend.

Call me beep me and you are wakes me where you wanna patriots okay I just care well tell her here myself okay that's all

I you're reading this can i be your friend?

Let's just delete this topic and forget it ever existed --tehSmile (talk) 10:43, June 5, 2020 (UTC)

Ok, but how about this? It didn't spawn any conversations yet, it's not too late.--tehSmile (talk) 10:42, June 6, 2020 (UTC)


hey man... (oof i dunno what to say) uuh... you still working on that splatoon 3 thing?.... i guess thats all i have to say... stay safe and dont get covid

PicklesaysNE (talk) 03:33, June 30, 2020 (UTC)

welp thats gud... good luck XD

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