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Well, Welcome to my Talkpage, enjoy your session of continuos flaming and typing alike (More of the latter). Index:

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Welcome to my talk page, Talk all you like and refrain from flaming. Enjoy,
Waddel Dii, Fantendo Wiki

'k. Empire Ants - Working the machine... Read the Fandemonium finale!


I did. Degenerator was simply just unreasonable at the moment, and she asked me (both in the real world and online) to mediate for her.

I wanted her in a sports game, which is not an excuse and I should take her out now.

Right. Thats why I made Mario Power Sluggers.


If you think my article is good enough to be featured now, wait until I'm actually done with it, this will be the most epic fangame in history. With tons of pictures and links to other pages such as Smash Eggs and Trampolines. And I appreciate your kindness, I'll add you on my friends list on my userpage, just put your signature.

Sprite1Get Over Here!Sprite1

It's because I'm focusing mainly on getting my featured article Hehehe. :D Sprite1Get Over Here!Sprite1

You're getting better, but not every user will become a sysop. It takes a ton of dedication. Most sysops have to have been on Fantendo for a really long time. You can't expect to be a sysop after a month, I think there's been only one sysop who did that. Empire Ants - Working the machine... Read the Fandemonium finale!

Hi ^^

I could see you as a future sysop, though. Empire Ants - Working the machine... Read the Fandemonium finale!


I changed the clam into squiggler check it out. Sprite1Get Over Here!Sprite1

I do, good idea since it's almost Halloween and you can use boos as a theme for it. Sprite1Get Over Here!Sprite1

Don't do that, please?

Doing that will only make her angry.


First off, Zook had it coming. Second, at least it wasn't the one of my bro's hocks.

No, he wasn't gonna beat me up. I was saying it was either beat him with a metal crowbar or gut him with a guillutine hock. I think I made the better choice.

You get an answer...

I'm trying to improve it. It begins with a small change, but when I see it makes it wrong, I change it again, until I think it's perfect. Pesh3DArendYoshiSMSJ(talk)Blazey(contribs.)JackJ3d


I've got a proposition for you. Respond if you accept. PenguinyLemmy the PenguinPenguiny

You and me could make a parody game starring Degenerator as the main character! XD! 'Course, we should get permission from CW first. PenguinyLemmy the PenguinPenguiny

This is gonna rock! We should put Harley in it too! And btw, I think Degenerator should be a purple Goomba with Teal eyes? Respond if you have a better idea. PenguinyLemmy the PenguinPenguiny

Pls help me

Can you asks MQM why he's been ignoring me lately. I want to know why.

Sprite1Get Over Here!Sprite1

Wanted Fan And Kool!

Yes Thier's Similarities Between Us! First Of All Wanted Fan Is My Cousin. And Wanted Fan Likes Everything I Do, So Yeah And We Both Have a Habit Of Doing Capitols After A Space . Glad You Noticed! 17:54, October 6, 2010 (UTC)

Oh, awesome! Thanks, Waddel!

TuckerSigYE Rage and love.Babbysmoochumstalk


How did you make the statistics box for the K-Koopa game? I tried to make one but it's hard. Can you teach me step by step on my talk page? User:IMansoorferoz/sig


Um..... Call me a moron but.......uh.......I tried, and didn't understand. What's the code for the regular infobox? User:IMansoorferoz/sig

Guess what?

I did it! I made my own template!

Koopa Points

Tell me what do you think! Thanks a lot for showing me instructions! User:IMansooferoz/sig

Guess what?

I did it! I made my own template!

Koopa Points

Tell me what do you think! Thanks a lot for showing me instructions! User:IMansooferoz/sig

Liking that Pirate Goomba I made, eh? QuorraDaft Punk is EPIC!Tron Guy

Welcome Back Dude! Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me...!

Yeah sure. I will tell you some boxers soon. Oh and You Missed 5 Promotions. BTW, I love your sig! :D Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me...!

Well, there was only 1 election. Just after you left. There was a shortlist of candidates, infact. You can view the blogs by Cobweb, or here is a quick summary. Uily won the first election the Sprak Won the day after and then me, and one of my promises was to Get YE To Crat and on the same day as me he got Promoted and then Metal Locked Recently returned, who you NEVER met. Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me...!

Next Year, But, I see 2 users who soon will be ready. Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me...

No, I'm not saying anything. I've told one of them, but I'm not in charge. Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me...!

you stupid

Coincidentally, I had the same idea...

I wanted to write about the whole Miss Toodles problem in a blog, but I didn't know when. Maybe we should ask a sysop to block Miss Toodles, because she's making too much edits about Tom & Jerry, Pink Panther, and recently Bananas In Pajamas too, and that's she's even making new accounts (sockpuppets) to do that, pretending to be more than one (plus that her grammar sucks, but that's not a good reason). You know that has good consequences, since then we don't have a user anymore that write those things and that we can delete all her articles without her creating them again.
I told everything you already knew, didn't I? Pesh3DArendYoshiSMSJ(talk)Blazey(contribs.)JackJ3d

Anyways, both of us want that Miss Toodles to be blocked. But I don't think we'll accomplish that by waiting. Pesh3DArendYoshiSMSJ(talk)Blazey(contribs.)JackJ3d

It depends how u display them, so a bigger explanation, then I will say yes or no. Sounds like a yes, but I need more explanation because it may ruin the other games I'm planning.

Forgot to sign PolisBig kahuna burgerKanin

Do they evolve because if they do I need to know what to or from. PolisBig kahuna burgerKanin

Ok. Remeber to send me a link to the page when you are done, so I can see it! :) PolisBig kahuna burgerKanin

Sorry, I can't I'm at school, but lookie, I made the Ella-Metals MMORPG that we were planning, add to it if ya like. Thanks, Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me...!


Buddy, please don't hate me for a few reasons.

1. I don't do the FFL fixtures, Clyde does through a random number generator.

2. The 3 teams who are near the top of whose pages I made are NOT my teams, I only made the pages so I could get season 3 started for you and the rest.

3. I'm not always a f*cking d*ck.


Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me...!

INFLATED EGO?!?!?!? "Instant classic was SARCASTIC!"


Can't I'm at school, just chat to me here bro. Thanks, EllaFOCStelios7ChilliFDesperation(talk)Padge

Can't chat

Hi Waddel Dii. I don't really have the time to chat, but I will gladly answer any questions you have about Woweegee. -User: Lequare IV

I'm on room vanilla2! :D Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me...!

You were there and I have to go to my next lesson now, sorry. Bye bro', see ya later, maybe. EllaFOCStelios7ChilliFDesperation(talk)Padge

Hello, Waddel. Would you like to make music for my game Darmanitan Slam? VictoryStar 20:38, December 24, 2011 (UTC)

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