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That's everything. Have fun, and let your creativity shine!


Which template looks least weird?--THE TROLL Launchballer.jpgSSS.jpgGirl time.jpgSuper Mario 64 DS.png 19:07, December 13, 2009 (UTC)


Do you want to make a game together?

I created a character his names Fire Guy, a shy guy that can use fire,Maybe we can put him in a game

22:51, December 14, 2009 (UTC)~~Micool26

Ive Got It

The game we could make is Paper Luigi:The secret of the holiday symbols.Luigi needs to find them with help from his new partners.Where I could show my new shy guy, Swamp Guy! There is The crimson heart,The Crystal shamrock,the golden egg,the great pumpkin,The Silver turkey,finally the Glowing Angel.When its all collected everything is back into order.There is also The dark star an anti symbol for black Friday instead of it being a shopping day its like a Friday the the thirteenth.Do you want to do it?


Kindof. First of all, he's not wearing a mask like you made it, you can see his real face under Icklezine, the blue thing that lives on his head. In your picture he's wearing some kind of dress, though I suppose that's my fault for making a bad image. I'll try to use it, though! 1337doom (Talk) (Blog)

I made a stupid mistake.

Ok, I have nothing against you. Sometimes I do happen to overreact, and when I do, it isn't pretty. I'm sorry for yelling at you. You did not deserve it. Why don't we start on a new page? Joo wana beh frindz? :D User:Henrydamoose/ussrsig


Hello are you there?

By the way my user is Micool26 not 266.Why don't you delete my name not just cross it out and you think I'm a n00b.

Ok sorry.01:07, January 1, 2010 (UTC)Micool26 01:07, January 1, 2010 (UTC)Micool26

04:31, December 24, 2009 (UTC)04:31, December 24, 2009 (UTC)~Micool26

I'm sorry for my mistakes again but witch article that I made is most improper?03:29, January 2, 2010 (UTC)Micool26Micool26

Oh sorry.

Oh ok.How do you do the talk thing?

Sure how about a lamb that can be snow or fire type.Here's some names Lambburn,fireep,Combusram,coldam,Chileep,Iceerram.What do you think?

O thanks.I actually thought of the idea a long time ago.

Your welcome.

Do you want to...

... make a game with me? Clyde1998 Talk

err... not really, yet. I'll get back when I do Clyde1998 Talk

Do you want to join my company? Or do you think I'm to much of a n00b for you to join my company?

Ok now choose your position.

I did my signature. It makes a link to my user page but not my talk page. Can you help Me with that?~~Micool26(Talk) 00:12, January 18, 2010 (UTC)

My friend traded them to me using an Action Replay. So, it was kinda' cheap. But, they are very strong and they like me a lot. Also, (And I'll update the list later) the same friend and I got level 100 Arceus's from a Nintendo Event and they have awesome attacks. Only problem is that they wont listen to us until we get all 8 Gym Badges, which shouldn't be a problem for me.

YOSHEH.pngYoshiEgg Say a prayer for the family...Hey,_Hey!_It's_Jerry!.png

I know... We felt kinda' bad about it, but we really needed those Pokemon. Sorry, Pikachu! =(

YOSHEH.pngYoshiEgg Say a prayer for the family...Hey,_Hey!_It's_Jerry!.png


Hi, I'm RedYoshi. So... is Charmander your favorite Pokémon? Mine's Shaymin, as you can see. RY! Hey, it's RY! The series! Come talk to me!

OH CRAP HOW DID MY CATEGORY "Purple Paw Studios" GET ON YOUR USERPAGE?! I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT, SRY! D:--Purple Paw Studios"MOAR!!" 19:15, January 31, 2010 (UTC)

Did you make the pokemon I suggested yet?----~~Micool26The sword isn't for showing 00:36, February 2, 2010 (UTC) 00:44, February 2, 2010 (UTC) 18:32, February 7, 2010 (UTC)

I just want more info on what I need to do to make it better Clyde1998 Talk

That's not what I'm talking about, now. What do I need to do to make it better? Dark Scotland Flag.jpgScotland says We're the Tartan Army Dark Scotland Flag.jpg
OK. Also, Cleverbot agreed with the Scotland-England thing with me. Dark Scotland Flag.jpgScotland says We're the Tartan Army Dark Scotland Flag.jpg

OK. I love Mother 4! What do you have in mind?

YOSHEH.pngYoshiEgg Say a prayer for the family...Hey,_Hey!_It's_Jerry!.png

That sounds awesome! Maybe the main character's name could be Evan, Dexter, (Dex for short) or Dimitri.

YOSHEH.pngYoshiEgg Say a prayer for the family...Hey,_Hey!_It's_Jerry!.png

lol. Thanks! You're not so dumb yourself!

YOSHEH.pngYoshiEgg Say a prayer for the family...Hey,_Hey!_It's_Jerry!.png

(See blog post comment and article later on) lol

YOSHEH.pngYoshiEgg Say a prayer for the family...Hey,_Hey!_It's_Jerry!.png

Alright, it's pretty good, for a starter! The edges could be smoother and stuff, but you'll fix that. Awesomeness!

YOSHEH.pngYoshiEgg Say a prayer for the family...Hey,_Hey!_It's_Jerry!.png

I see that your good at making models. Can you make a McBoo model for me? Mcboo-idle-ML.gifMcBooMcboo-idle-ML.gif

Umm... I don't know... Nice Archipeligo model upgrade, BTW.

YOSHEH.pngYoshiEgg Say a prayer for the family...Hey,_Hey!_It's_Jerry!.png

So, hows the McBoo model coming along (not to rush you or anything). Mcboo-idle-ML.gifMcBooMcboo-idle-ML.gif

Nice model! I might ask you to do some other poses later but this is fine for now. Penguiny.jpgLemmy the PenguinPenguiny.jpg P.s: do you still think my images aren't that good?

Okay, sounds good. Be sure to make an article for him. --Cowbeb (Good Cop Bad Cop)

Hmph! OK, first of all, I specialize in making 2-D artworks more than 3-D artworks. Second, Don't think your better than me, I'm not better than you but your not better than me. And third, see here: user blog:Lemmykoopa24/Who is your favorite member of the Koopa Troop, and look to where your blog post left off! Penguiny.jpgLemmy the PenguinPenguiny.jpg

Okay, but you weren't stupid. jasper SkittlesGray.png

Yeah, but I made him a Tanooki, but they're basically the same thing.

YoshiEgg Nook FTW.PNGIt's YoshiEgg!!! St. Jimmy's coming down across the alleyway... Bloop 3.png

You're making a sprite sheet?! YOU. ARE. MAH. BEST. FRIEND. I don't mind, as long as you make it.

YOSHEH.pngYoshiEgg Say a prayer for the family...Hey,_Hey!_It's_Jerry!.png

P.S. Do you make good artworks like Arend? 'Cause me and my friend Jake need some NSMBWii-styled artworks for Kirby and Meta Knight.

It's OK, also hows the Clyde model coming along? (No rushing you) Clyde1998 Talk

These are awesome!! Thanks!!!!

YOSHEH.pngYoshiEgg Say a prayer for the family...Hey,_Hey!_It's_Jerry!.png

Kay, thanks! Mcboo-idle-ML.gifMcBooMcboo-idle-ML.gif

Don't you mean the proposals? Mcboo-idle-ML.gifMcBooMcboo-idle-ML.gif

Kay, but you have to set it up. Mcboo-idle-ML.gifMcBooMcboo-idle-ML.gif

Wait, ask Plumber or someone to do it. You didn't even propose it. I really don't know how to add stuff to the main page without messing it up. Mcboo-idle-ML.gifMcBooMcboo-idle-ML.gif

I just created it. Edit it please. Mcboo-idle-ML.gifMcBooMcboo-idle-ML.gif

Graphics Tablet Confusion

Here's a link to one of the best graphics tablet makers, according to most users of the tablets. [1]

Sorry, but...

My computer won't allow me on chat. I need something on my computer to do it. TorterraSprite.pngBlazikenSprite.pngStaraptorSprite.gifRedYoshi ChatMiloticSprite.pngGarchompSprite.pngLuxrayicon.png

It says that the IRC isn't connected. TorterraSprite.pngBlazikenSprite.pngStaraptorSprite.gifRedYoshi ChatMiloticSprite.pngGarchompSprite.pngLuxrayicon.png

Whoa, whay would I hate you? You're like one of my friends. Don't woryy. Everyone gets into arguemenents (dumb or reasonable) sometimes! TorterraSprite.pngBlazikenSprite.pngStaraptorSprite.gifRedYoshi ChatMiloticSprite.pngGarchompSprite.pngLuxrayicon.png

Can ya make 3D artwork for Sinless Devil? Shroobyright.pngShroobarioText!Shroobyleft.png

April Fool's

Sadly, it is still considered spam.


Thank you for making the quote of the day something Button said!--Jtolla 15:01, April 2, 2010 (UTC)

They are, and you can totally help! I'm getting Arend to make me a 3D artwork, but he never responds. Think you can?

YoshiEgg Nook FTW.PNGIt's YoshiEgg!!! St. Jimmy's coming down across the alleyway... Bloop 3.png

lol. Yeah. Here, I'll make you a 2D image that you can work off of. Also, you can help create bosses, NPCs, and robot enemies, since I already have the main character and Final Boss all planned out.

YoshiEgg Nook FTW.PNGIt's YoshiEgg!!! St. Jimmy's coming down across the alleyway... Bloop 3.png

Here's the concept art for him. Make sure to make the image of him shiny. (If you're up for it, that is.)

YoshiEgg Nook FTW.PNGIt's YoshiEgg!!! St. Jimmy's coming down across the alleyway... Bloop 3.png

Wheelie Penguin Concept Art.png

Umm, maybe after I'm done with Speed Reborn. Though, I'm planning a sequel to Speed Reborn, prolly entitled Upgraded, where Wheelie Penguin can aqquire upgrades (power-ups) and latch onto vehicles in order to shoot more enemies.

YoshiEgg Nook FTW.PNGIt's YoshiEgg!!! St. Jimmy's coming down across the alleyway... Bloop 3.png

I was talking about the Wheelie Penguin game. You can totally make a YE game! (For YE Day)

YoshiEgg Nook FTW.PNGIt's YoshiEgg!!! St. Jimmy's coming down across the alleyway... Bloop 3.png

lol. Oh. I won't let him make a game because... Well, if you've seen any of his games, you wouldn't want him to make one of yours... *shivers*

YoshiEgg Nook FTW.PNGIt's YoshiEgg!!! St. Jimmy's coming down across the alleyway... Bloop 3.png

OOOOOOOOOK. I get it, now. lol. =P You CAN make a WP game, just not right now. After I finish Speed Reborn, k?

YoshiEgg Nook FTW.PNGIt's YoshiEgg!!! St. Jimmy's coming down across the alleyway... Bloop 3.png

It's cool. Hey, do you have any experience with Flash?

YoshiEgg Nook FTW.PNGIt's YoshiEgg!!! St. Jimmy's coming down across the alleyway... Bloop 3.png

I see... We may have to use that later...

YoshiEgg Nook FTW.PNGIt's YoshiEgg!!! St. Jimmy's coming down across the alleyway... Bloop 3.png

Game making

Hey, Spark01, I was wondering if you could help me make a game. I can't afford the software and wouldn't know touse it if I could, so can you help me?

Yugijak 15:10, April 21, 2010 (UTC)

I was thinking about starting with something simple, like a puzzle game where you use a stick figure that has the power to transform himself and his bodyparts into useful tools and weapons. In fact, the entire game will be about changing not only your character, but changing the arena. My original plan was for it to be an adventure game, but I think it would be more fun as a puzzle game. Anyway, you can use various portals to change the gravity, warp to another spot, and even dispose of enemies. Your character, as I already mentioned, is a stick figure that can also transform. Be it turning into a ball of spikes to climb a rocky cliff, to turning his legs into a rocket to propel yourself to new heights and across gaps, to transforming (within bondaries) into a tank to demolish obstacles. The game, I think, should work like a lock and key system. It's all about finding the right power or using the correct portal to solve the puzzle and escape to the next level. Sometimes acssessing the escape gate wil require multiple powers or using them in unusual ways. Possibly, we may want to take a page or to out of the book of the Zelda series, obviously renowned for it's creative puzzles and unique approach to exploration for that one last little detail that can make the biggest difference.

Thanks. --Mick Cool3D.pngMicool26The sword isn't for showingTransparencyMicool.png 21:00, April 27, 2010 (UTC)

HEY. Congratz on 1,000 edits!! jasper SkittlesGray.png

You find me annoying?! Penguiny.jpgLemmy the PenguinPenguiny.jpg

Arrogant? About my images? No I'm not. Plus, I've just learned how to make my artworks better. And you might have told me this without knowing, but you think that your own images/models aren't good. Don't start telling me that you didn't, because you did. Penguiny.jpgLemmy the PenguinPenguiny.jpg

You have every right to like your Models as I have every right to like my images. But you told me that my images were bad and after I cleared a few things up, you said "I don't think I'm better than you." Therefore, if my images are bad and you don't think your better than me, you think your own images aren't that good. Your a good kid Spark, but could you try to make your messages to me less offensive? Penguiny.jpgLemmy the PenguinPenguiny.jpg

Don't worry about it. If your friends DID insult you behind your back and I knew you in real life, I would TOTALLY stick up for you. Like I said before, your a good kid. :) Penguiny.jpgLemmy the PenguinPenguiny.jpg

This is demo version of you in Mother 3 style. Hope you like it! (if you want to know, this big sprite is en


emy sprite) Dashed Koopa 2.pngPurple!Dashed Koopa 2.pngBlue!Dashed Koopa 2.pngYELLOW!!!

Thanks! But like i said... this is only a demo version, so expect to see more of them! (oh, maybe we could make a fan game that in gallery these sprites could be shown) Dashed Koopa 2.pngPurple!Dashed Koopa 2.pngBlue!Dashed Koopa 2.pngYELLOW!!!

Hi, Spark. I wanted to tell you something regarding my artworks. Not all of my artworks are bad, in fact relatively few of them are (Fawful and Warrior code images sucked, tho). Anyway, most of them are not bad. Here's an example: 180px-Fiery Frank.jpgAnyway, I just wanted to let you know that. Penguiny.jpgLemmy the PenguinPenguiny.jpg

I'm not entirely sure I understood what you meant by that. Penguiny.jpgLemmy the PenguinPenguiny.jpg

I had to read it three times to understand it, and it may be helpful. Thank you. Pesh3D.pngArendYoshiSMSJ.png(talk)Blazey.png(contribs.)JackJ3d.png

I have brawl too. Can I have your Wi-Fi code? --Mick Cool3D.pngMicool26The sword isn't for showingTransparencyMicool.png 17:03, May 29, 2010 (UTC)

Do you are online? I wanted to ask you if i can start Stages section for Super Smash Bros. Chaos. PS. If you want to Brawl, we can, as i have today some time. Dashed Koopa 2.pngPurple!Dashed Koopa 2.pngBlue!Dashed Koopa 2.pngYELLOW!!!


Sure, you can. Feel free. Empire Ants - Working the machine...

Gimmie gimmie gimmie! 50px McoolisterTBC 50px

Awesome! Thanks! 50px McoolisterTBC 50px

Hey, I downloaded that model. I can't seem to open it in Blender or Photoshop CS4. 50px McoolisterTBC 50px
I'm not blaming you, just keeping you informed.

Hm... I dunno. I've never had the luck of coming across a ripped model before. I'm not familiar with the file types, though I did try opening all three. 50px McoolisterTBC 50px

Can LK24 and Harley go in Super Smash Bros. Chaos? - You should probably know who this is.

Good enough for me. :D Penguiny.jpgLemmy the PenguinPenguiny.jpg P.S: Are you going to add him or should I?

No problem. :D Oh, and is there a moveset section? If so, can I make Harley's? 250px-ShyguyMSC.png He's weaving around his opponents... 250px-ShyguyMSC.png He's closing in! 250px-ShyguyMSC.png GOOOOOAAAAL! 250px-ShyguyMSC.png

Thanks! GamerX Inc.

OK Sprak, you can have it. 19-2000 - The world is spinnin' too fast

Super Mario Radiance

Have you finished the logo or the star/firefly thing yet? JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

Sprak, if you will create Sprak Co., let me join. PLEASE. 19-2000 - The world is spinnin' too fast


Thanks for puting my page up for deletion. I couldn't get it to be the way I wanted it to be. Thanks again.Paper Kirby 55 00:04, June 29, 2010 (UTC)

Chat chat? Chat-a-dee chat? 250px-ShyguyMSC.png He's weaving around his opponents... 250px-ShyguyMSC.png He's closing in! 250px-ShyguyMSC.png GOOOOOAAAAL! 250px-ShyguyMSC.png

Do you want to brawl? --Mick Cool3D.pngMicool26The sword isn't for showingTransparencyMicool.png 23:49, July 1, 2010 (UTC)


Hiya, Spark. Thanks for volunteering for making the Pokémon Generation VI artworks. Be sure to go here to see sprites you can make pictures out of. There's already a sprite there. Thanks again! RY! Hey, it's RY! The series! Come talk to me!

You said you might here. If you don't want to, I'm cool with that. RY! Hey, it's RY! The series! Come talk to me!

Hey Sprak, i have did some cool smileys for forums. Here they are:

So, are they any good? 19-2000 - The world is spinnin' too fast

  • Prepares to be disappointed* Du u tink mah images r geting bettur?

Fawful.png Lemmy Fawful.png Wiki Trolls are the frosting of irritation on the cupcake of stupid

Hey Sparky Boy! Do you want to verse me in Brawl? --Mick Cool3D.pngMicool26The sword isn't just for showingTransparencyMicool.png 02:22, July 25, 2010 (UTC)

It's fine. I'm not the best at night either. =P --Mick Cool3D.pngMicool26The sword isn't just for showingTransparencyMicool.png 02:29, July 25, 2010 (UTC)

Hi Sprak, can I please be in Fantendo Pokémon League? As the first or last gym leader (fighting) or the first or second Elite Four Member?! Stelios7Fix Dead-End Pages!Talk To Me....

I've been wanting to archive it for a while now. But I don't know how. Fawful.png Lemmy Fawful.png Wiki Trolls are the frosting of irritation on the cupcake of stupid

Why did you lie to me? Fawful.png Lemmy Fawful.png Wiki Trolls are the frosting of irritation on the cupcake of stupid

You told me that if I used shading, then my images will be good. And I've used shading for about 98% of my recent images. And even if they still weren't good, I doubt you could do any better on FotoFlexer than me. No offense or anything, but still. Fawful.png Lemmy Fawful.png Wiki Trolls are the frosting of irritation on the cupcake of stupid P.S: I have a surprise for you and Cowman. :D

Can we please use a different image instead of Mario's dad? Fawful.png Lemmy Fawful.png Wiki Trolls are the frosting of irritation on the cupcake of stupid

I wish I could've told you this sooner, but I changed my mind and I want to do Mario's dad. Sorry. :( Fawful.png Lemmy Fawful.png Wiki Trolls are the frosting of irritation on the cupcake of stupid

OK, Sprak. I'm starting to get a bit impatient. Fawful.png Lemmy Fawful.png Wiki Trolls are the frosting of irritation on the cupcake of stupid

So were doing Mario's dad, right? Penguiny.jpgLemmy the PenguinPenguiny.jpg

MAKE SPRITES FOR LOST SEAS JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

Whats up!

Hey Spark01 do you have a mariokartwii code? mine is 5285-5782-8184 tell me yours! Mario-Idle.gif~MarioIsMastah~Mario-Idle.gif

It's cool. =D. Also, I noticed some coding on your userpage "for me". Whazzat?

Tucker.PNG The Dimensional Link You're leavin', you're leavin'...DreamSignIcon.png

Oh, thanks! =D. At least that sheds a little happiness on this otherwise angry day...

Tucker.PNG The Dimensional Link You're leavin', you're leavin'...DreamSignIcon.png

I CAN'T I'M IN INDIA AND CHAT NO WORK HERE OR SUMFINK --000G.pngHemmy Talk!Blog!000G.png The Great Evil King Ganondorf... beaten by this kid?! ~ Ganondorf 08:28, August 29, 2010 (UTC)

Hey, Spark. Remember when i said that i will tell you about events? Well, there's a Mew Wi-Fi event tommorow. It's at lv 5, and haves a very rare ribbon attached to it. Just to let you know (except if you know already, then say me). 19-2000 - The world is spinnin' too fast

Sprak, you have Ruby or Emerald, right? If you do, could you catch a Solrock for me? I will give you a Darkrai (don't worry, i have more of them) for it. 19-2000 - The world is spinnin' too fast

SpiderWeb Help

Hello Sprak. Since I have had failed attempts to put in a Adding Favorites function in my web browser, SpiderWeb, I will give you the VB project file if you want to help me out with this. The file can be opened in the free VB 2010 Express and can be edited in Design and Code. Please reply back soon if you want to help. User:Dk64rules/sig3

Okay, here's the link.

Please keep most of the existing code the same, so when you are done and you give the updated VB project file to me, I can easily make some more minor changes. (I kinda messed up history, so it doesn't work. Don't worry, I'll fix that.) Thanks for helping! I'll make sure to add you in the readme file or another noticeable place. (And if you have a account, why don't you go to and be a member on the site!)

here you gooo... Shroobyright.pngShroobarioText!Shroobyleft.png

Hey Sprak, how are you doing on the Favorites function? Just asking. User:Dk64rules/sig3

Oh...I see. Thanks for telling me (although your message wasn't exactly in the most recent section of my talk). I'll see if I can get it done by myself. Please tell me if you have success on install, though, as I might not have it done yet :D. User:Dk64rules/sig3

My article

Hello! Thanks for helping with my article! I'm a bit new and still learning the ropes, could you tell me how you got those headings where they were supposed to be? I tried "===History===", but apparently that doesn't work.

Anyway, thanks again so much!

Hey, Sprakity (cuz i like to call you sprakity), if you are still playing Pokemon, at February 7, Shiny Legendary Beasts will be avaible over Wi-Fi. Tell me if you knew or not. 19-2000 - The world is spinnin' too fast

Hey, I'm baaaaaaaaaaack! I've started learning some game programming and I have some more RPG like ideas. By the way, could you give me a lowdown on the Adult rating for games. I don't get it.

Hey, Sprak, are you there? If so, Steli would want to talk with you on something. 19-2000 - The world is spinnin' too fast

Hey, dude, congratz on being promoted! Now, I was wonderin' if you could change my username to StarKiD, cuz, well, your all sysopy and stuff. --Millenium Star.pngThe Millennium Star Is Gone! Millenium Star.png -- FAREWELL

Hey, when you get online, go to chat.

TuckerSig.pngYE Rage and love.Babbysmoochumstalk.gif


Er... I do want those powers, but sorry. I also want them good. Thanks Slipknot Darkrai 16:20, March 18, 2011 (UTC)
G'day! Red Barchetta 15:24, March 19, 2011 (UTC)

My Iron Planet is Dead Empire Ants - Working the machine... Read the Fandemonium finale!

Oh, well can Cobby? Because khortonworld was changed to Midnight Yoshi, but he didn't make a new account. :P --Millenium Star.pngThe Millennium Star Is Gone! Millenium Star.png -- FAREWELL

Hey Spark, I put this on MQM's talk page, but he is not responding. I was wondering if you could put a special code on the Wiki.css? Mirai Moon 

Re: Sysop

Um... sure, but I really want to help out this wiki on being a sysop because it will take forever to say everything that I want to say to the sysops on what I want them to delete/undelete, block/unblock, etc. SO that is the basic reason I want promotion. Sorry, but OK I won't ask. I will wait till April Fools day ;) Slipknot Darkrai
So, I got your series for Series Swap Day, and I simply can't make a game like that. So, can you tell me what MSPikachu is about? Maybe then I can make a game after all. Penguiny.jpgLemmy the PenguinPenguiny.jpg

Spark, me and Uily need to talk to you. Come on Chat whenever you can please! Thanks, Stelios7Fix Dead-End Pages!Talk To Me...!


Spark, why on Earth do you NOT want me to rejoin the Fantendo Pokémon League? That isn't fair that you'd let any other user that's qualified be in, but not me. RY! Hey, it's RY! The series! Come talk to me!

Okay Sprak, now that I'm in the FPL, I need your name and code so I can battle you after I put the in my Pal Pad. RY! Hey, it's RY! The series! Come talk to me! P.S.: I hope you didn't put me in the League because you feel sorry for me.


Sprak, I want to give my Pokémon the highest possible stats without hacking. It's for the FPL. And I don't want to give my PKMN to you. N/O, I'm just worried something could happen. Do you have any advice? RY! Hey, it's RY! The series! Come talk to me!

Hmmm... good advice. But the chances of a PKMN getting Pokérus are very slim. Good advice. Also, does defeating certain Pokémon also help raise certain stats? Like, does defeating an Onix raise Defense? Also, the third step you gave me was something I've never known. Thanks! RY! Hey, it's RY! The series! Come talk to me!

Oh my God, you can continue leveling up Lv. 100 Pokémon?! Could that be why Unova Pokémon evolve at high levels? -RY, who doesn't want to use his sig 'cause he thinks it takes too much space

Hey Spark y did u delete Super Mario Sunshine 64, i know i was inactive for a long time, i was going to finish it today, so if u could please open it up again so i can FINALLY finish it Yosh.png~YoshiesruleAWESOMENESS~

Sprak, I feel your advice isn;'t working. MY Pokémon is holding a Power Bracer and a fed it 10 Protein vitamins (the max #). I've also lowered its Speed by a few points, but not very many. It's at lv. 20 and I don't really see a lot of improvement. (My Pokémon started on this at level 8.) HELP ME. RY! Hey, it's RY! The series! Come talk to me! BTW, this is on HeartGold.

Wait a minute. My Pokémon does need Pokérus! I have a Pokérus code on my AR, but it's back at my house in Nebraska. And I don't want to continue training my PKMN that are holding EV-enhancing items, then infect them with Pokérus wehen the effects of the items go away... THAT MEANS I CAN'T PLAY POKÉMON FOR A WHOLE TWO MORE DAYS. I can't live without playing that long! but I must. (The effects of an EV-boosting item are doubled if the holder is infected with Pokérus.)

Wow. Well, I wonder why the Power Bracer isn't working? I remember giving my Sceptile a Power Anklet in Platinum and every time it leveled up, its Speed was being raised +8. Why isn't it working for Swampert, who is holding a Power Bracer? I mean, the highest I've seen Swampert's Attack being raised is +4. And I infected it with Pokérus. According to Bulbapedia, Swampert's Attack should raise very high since it's holding a Power Bracer, has Pokérus, and is defeating foes tht should also raise its Attack. Why isn't it working? RY! Hey, it's RY! The series! Come talk to me!

Oh. So I just continue to level it up? But what if nothing still doesn't happen? RY! Hey, it's RY! The series! Come talk to me! Also, whe the Pokérus is gone and leaves that smiley face, does that mean that the effects of the virus are gone? Or do they remain?

Sadly, I'm not experienced enough to make good models. Most of it is edited, although I did make some custom bits on there. --WikispeedWikispeedsigpic.png

Please comment on my video game, Jurassic Park: Combat evovled.

Cloverfield monster 20:20, June 4, 2011 (UTC)Cloverfield monster

super jario bros.

I made it! I forgot to login!

JoeyPMario 16:17, June 8, 2011 (UTC)

Listen!dO NOT DELETE my next one,please.

JoeyPMario 16:22, June 8, 2011 (UTC)


Before your departure, I may have the answer to why the Power hold items aren't working. My PKMN is level 70, its Attack hasn't had a gain of EVs above +4. RY! Hey, it's RY! The series! Come talk to me!

Oh it's working. A user on Bulbapedia had the same problem I had. The baes stat gains are just spread out because I started this at an early level. Instead of getting +4s, I'm getting +1s beacsuse this was started at lv. 8 and is going to end at lv. 100. It explains why when I was training Sceptile, I started it at lv. 38 and it got great Speed. However, there is something I don't understand. In the guide for Pokémon Black/White, it says that when your Pokémon are holding these items, they can also get normal base stats according to the Pokémon they defeat. What the heck does that mean? RY! Hey, it's RY! The series! Come talk to me!

Requesting deletion of one of my pages

I'd like to start over with Team Rose. The recent overhaul of characters makes this page useless.--THE TROLL Launchballer.jpgSSS.jpgGirl time.jpgSuper Mario 64 DS.png 21:36, June 10, 2011 (UTC)

I didn't ask everybody to start flame wars I just gave my oppinion which I am allowed to do if the other users start flaming that isn't my fault I can't control what they do, like I have said like 5 times I did put "sorry for being so harsh Clover" at the end of the message why would I put it there if I wanted to start flame wars? I wouldn't.Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk) It's bad to remove posts here? Sorry, I thought you could remove anything on your talk page as long as it wasn't a warning. And I get it. I didn't have to delete Mario Super. Let us commence housekeeping again, shall we? Thanks bro XxTimberlakexx 03:29, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

Hey, dudebro. I have three...

  • UntenSmiley.png - :unten:
  • LennySmiley.png - :lenny:
  • NyanSmiley.png - :nyancat:

Tell me what you think.

TuckerSig.pngYE Rage and love.Babbysmoochumstalk.gif

Great, thanks!

TuckerSig.pngYE Rage and love.Babbysmoochumstalk.gif

Here are the multitracks!

Here ya go. Thanks for doing this! Michican't - It wasn't yet the spring.

Language lessons

I don't really think you can learn Dutch the same way as I learned English. Video games, lessons on school and internet are three of my ways to learn English. As most video games aren't Dutch (especially not in the US), and I guess you don't learn Dutch in your school class, so I think internet lessons might be a good start. Pesh3D.pngArendYoshiSMSJ.png(talk)Blazey.png(contribs.)JackJ3d.png


Well for one, Stel seems to think I can use it. ANYWAY, I wasn't using it because I liked my works, I was using it because I knew that there were at least one or more sysops that liked that work. I already explained this to stel... and he seems to think I should use it on "others works". I'M NOT USING IT DANGIT. Sorry I'm kinda mad right now because of the whole "sysop approved" deal so I might sound a bit angry. But if that's the name "Sysop Approved" then if a sysop likes something, ANYONE should be able to Template:S onto that page because a sysop approved it and didn't use the template. -leety von rage!!!

This is a warning to stop your inappropriate behavior (no reason =D). Please adhere to the rules or you will be blocked.

This warning will expire 1 year after it was issued.

Despite your previous warning, you have broken the rules yet again (no reason =P). This is your last warning. If you continue these actions, you will be blocked.

This warning expires one year after it was issued. When your previous warning has expired, this last warning will be reduced to a warning.

Due to your continuing to break the rules (Vandalism), you have been blocked for fun! <3. Once your block expires, please remember not to break the rules. If you have been blocked for 6 months or more, please see Fantendo:Block Appeal for more information on appealing your block in the future.

Not damaged, but here's the thing:

After i had my eyes checked and I learned about the human eye in Science, I understood why I get dizzy and lightheaded from typing and doing a bunch of other activities, and when I typed that, I became dizzy and lightheaded and could do it no longer.

So, my ciliary muscles really piss me off.

Penguiny.jpgLemmy the PenguinPenguiny.jpg

Not able to thank you in the comments cause they won't show up on the page.

Thanks for the artworks, they're awesome! :D Fawful.png Lemmy Fawful.png Wiki Trolls are the frosting of irritation on the cupcake of stupid

Main page

What sorta problems? Plumber (Talk) 02:26, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

Please the accounts has been block please change to 1 day or unblocked?

Hey Sprak go back onto chat just for a minute please I need to ask you something.

Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Well im going off chat now so ignore that above comment and I will just ask what I needed to ask now. Okay so I am doing a new project and Halfy, Steli and Uily are helping, I can't tell what it is but it will be revealed soon. Anyway I wanted to know if Little P and Sandslash P can be in?

Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Hey sprak since Litle P & Sandslash P are in I want all major series to have 2 reps so can Sunnyscythe be in please? Ive added him to the list already but if you don't want him in tell me and I'll remove him.

Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

stop deleting my game.that was my best one. it doesnt matter who contributed.

Chat please Sprak :D

Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Hey wait

Can you undelete that bootleg game that guy made, it was actually very original and you deleted it because it wasn't the norm. :P -1337doom


what are you talking about, it wasn't bad at all. it was one of the best things on here because of it's sheer uniqueness. There was nothing "bad" about it - it was a good idea (bootleg? never been done on fantendo before) and mostly well-written. also I am usually too lazy to put my sig here but fine 1337doom (Talk) (Blog)

about sigs

it's four tildes, but actually, I never use the four tildes. This is because a) it's wikia-wide so conflicts with various wikis b) it doesn't change in all it's appearances if you update it and c) it's easier to make a template. also D) I can have several sigs at once-ZOMBOCOM The only limit is yourself... at zombocom...


Can you please help create me a monobook.css and .js skins to make the background become white and suit the colors most other wikis do? Thnx. Jello Rabbit 21:40, August 6, 2011 (UTC)

Monobook skin

Has you found a white one? Jello Rabbit 14:44, August 8, 2011 (UTC)

Okay, I'm on.--"That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario!"--Mamaluigi.jpg--*wheeze* 05:26, August 11, 2011 (UTC)


Just me Jello Rabbit. How is my new username? Mainly, have you found the white Monobook skin? Conker's Bad Fur Day 20:38, August 12, 2011 (UTC)

I protest the deletion of Transformers Prime: The game.

I respectfully request you bring it back, because I'll have you know, that I have made MORE improvements than it seems. I added more info, more characters, got rid of thumbs, and plus, It may not seem like it, but I put a LOT of effort into it. I've been TRYING very HARD to improve it. Please bring it back.

Cloverfield monster 12:59, August 15, 2011 (UTC)Cloverfield monster

Please bring Back the Nintendo Show.

Why did you delete the Nintendo Show? It's related to Nintendo. Why did you delete it anyway? Please bring it back. Now I have to do EVERYTHING over again because of you.

Bring back the Nintendo Show PLEASE! I put effort into it and it's Nintendo-related? Why does it not fit quality standards?

Cloverfield monster 13:03, August 15, 2011 (UTC)Cloverfield monster


Can you set up a chat for this wiki or if there is can you please tell me in a message.

Kh2cool 18:42, August 27, 2011 (UTC)

I had planned on blogging about this long ago, but I never did.

Anyway, I know your true identity. I DON'T mean your real name. Fawful.png Lemmy Fawful.png Wiki Trolls are the frosting of irritation on the cupcake of stupid

Chat no work for me. - Lemmy

The only reason I said that is because we removed the icon and said it wasn't allowed, but he didn't really give a crap, and made the page anyway. --WikispeedWikispeedsigpic.png

You are a stupid head!

You are nothing but a Fool, Loser, Crazy Man, Butthead, Stupid Head, Cartoon Hater, Cocker, Oatmeal Attic, & GO TO HELL!!! Satn is dying to meet you.

Disturbed Silhouettes

Fred as a Kong

Hello. I redid Fred the Purple Monkey, but as a Kong. It seems to be a recolor of Diddy Kong. KirbyRidersFamily 12:48, September 10, 2011 (UTC)

Minecraft Server

Yo, Sprak, what's the password for the Hamachi network for the Minecraft server? - Ground Control to KP Blue(talk)

Hey Sprak, sorry to bother you but we're gonna need alot of signatures for this to work so could you sign this petition to bring Geno back please? Geno/Petition. Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

F:Resources edit please

Sprak, I have recently changed the Fantendo Resources page for The Sixty Four Saga to the entire Voidverse. Voidverse starts with a V, so it must be alphabetically changed. Can you do this (I don't really know who can)? Also, why is the Resources page locked in the first place?


It was mosaics with a face above it. Ok. I made one little joke saying it looked like a censored naked person. It was not rude. PolisBig kahuna burger.pngKanin

Sprak, come back to chat. You're not an idiot, Hemu is just in a phase. :P --WikispeedWikispeedsigpic.png

Fantendo Emissary

Hey Spark01, I was wondering if I could use your character Litle P in my game Fantendo Emissary. Mirai Moon 


Sorry but I don't have any idea what your talking about? Can you please tell me what I was spamming on?

Kh2cool 22:31, October 23, 2011 (UTC)


Its not my fault a few months back Sonicwiki told me I couldn't make the games that I wanted to put on Fantendo and I was told to try fannon wiki and it seemed everyone had a problem with the Non-Original games.

Kh2cool 16:19, October 24, 2011 (UTC)

A message from an old friend

Heya, Spark! It's me, Kingbowser99.

Now i'm not sure if you remember, but a while back you made me a sprite sheet of the Bowserpedia Guild, complete with sprites of me, Pikax, Totodile and Dry Guy.

I was wondering if you still had that sprite sheet anywhere on your computer or anywhere of the sort. If you do, could you possibly get it to me? As i'm not sure as to where I put it (It may have been on my broken laptop), and Userpedia doesn't have a copy anywhere.

So if you do have it, and you're willing to let me get it, then that would be swell.

Your friend, Kingbowser99 00:10, October 30, 2011 (UTC)

Cool, thanks. If you don't have them, i'll have to try and get into Userpedia Wikia, and they should still be there. Kingbowser99 19:41, October 30, 2011 (UTC)
I'm guessing you didn't find anything. I wouldn't bother too much over it. :P Anyway, it was nice to be able to talk to you again, old friend. Kingbowser99 17:45, November 10, 2011 (UTC)


You're the guy who deleted my page!! So i found you, please have spare, i want my page "Photo Dojo 3DS" back, now you delete it, and now i'm so very sad, if you don't get back, i'm really sad.

Talk page:

One last note.

Ops, but anyway, the problem was fixed by Stelios7, and i made a mistake too. I hope you enjoy :) See you soon.

Hey, can I join the FPL? Mick Cool3D.pngMicool26The sword isn't just for showingTransparencyMicool.png Alright. I use a Cyndaquil, Houndoom, Moltres, Entei, Amoongus and a Gravelor. I don't have Wi-fi though. :( Mick Cool3D.pngMicool26The sword isn't just for showingTransparencyMicool.png

Actually that's my step-brothers game, I have only pokemon White and I'm still training my pokemon. But I would only be able to connect to the Internet at my dads. Which is every other weekend (not this one). So maybe I shouldn't. :( Mick Cool3D.pngMicool26The sword isn't just for showingTransparencyMicool.png

Nevermind. I don't realy care anymore. BTW, please check out my new blog post. Mick Cool3D.pngMicool26The sword isn't just for showingTransparencyMicool.png

Yeah... Well its still mattrox, hes had like 3 IP addresses now and I don't know what multiple IP address creations is called. Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

But Mattrox is meant to be banned, hes been banned on at least 5 accounts for spamming/trolling/flaming and hes been banned on 2 IPs now. Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Pretty sure you don't even know the full story :|, and it ain't your choice if hes getting banned or not, its the crats choice. Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

I don't care about Elty. It's what Steli said that got me.

"Wow, really why would he do that. He was a cool guy, he betrayed us, and mos(t) importantly, betrayed his friend. "

That's what made me feel like I should leave, I feel like I did betray everyone and Wiki. Mick Cool3D.pngMicool26The sword isn't just for showingTransparencyMicool.png

Let me explain my reasons for wanting him blocked then, I chose a month because I saw his block logs and he'd had a week already previously, meaning a month would be next, correct? The reason I was so pissed off is because he lied to me and convinced me that my best friend on the wiki was gone for good. Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

You are invited to the Fantendo Secret Santa. Sign up if you like there. JairoGalaxySuit.gifHalfblood2000

PKMN Online

Hey, Spark. It's me, VictoryStar. I was hoping you'd consider using Pokémon Online for the Fantendo League. It's free and easy to use. It's also helpful to those who wish to sign up for the League, but don't have wi-fi. VictoryStar 21:11, December 18, 2011 (UTC)


Long time, no see Spark01. I haven't spoke to you in a while. Check how many wikis I edit. Also could you please help them out if you have time? You seem to know quite a lot about Gaming. Also, I am sysop on over half of all the wikis I am on. Conker's Bad Fur Day 02:15, December 24, 2011 (UTC)


Long time, no see Spark01. I haven't spoke to you in a while. Check how many wikis I edit. Also could you please help them out if you have time? You seem to know quite a lot about Gaming. Also, I am sysop on over half of all the wikis I am on. Conker's Bad Fur Day 02:15, December 24, 2011 (UTC)

Its ok. I am not here much anyways. What is the reason on denying the promotion? Just curious. Conker's Bad Fur Day 18:28, December 24, 2011 (UTC)

Dude your AMAZING. I Luv ur pages! By: Butter-Wafflez55!

Hey thanks for sticking up for me. It's nice to know some people care about people's feelings.

--LThommo© (talk) 13:21, January 26, 2012 (UTC)

A HUGE..........but not so hard favor

We have a wiki with low nubers of members but it's not dead or becoming dead it's the kirby fanfiction wiki iv'e been looking for members and serching this wiki for days but i thoght it whould be eiser if you could put a message on this wiki where evraybody could see it (make sure to add a link there are 2 kirby fanfiction wikis and ones dead)10 Brave Kirbys 22:19, February 1, 2012 (UTC)

Spark Skittles Has lefted Fantendo He Flamed Noah As well N64dude 22:46, February 15, 2012 (UTC)

Spark Skittles has lefted fantendo He Flamed Noah And Noah Might Leave as well COME ON CHAT NOW N64dude 22:53, February 15, 2012 (UTC)

lol, no. I had 1 warning on my old account, so only one should have been transfered. And don't even try to tell me that I've broken the rules, because I haven't.

  1. It isn't sockpuppeting, I asked SW if I could make a new account and he said yes.
    1. Plus, I specifically made a blog announcing I was Eltario, soo...
  2. If I don't want to tell you personal information then accept that.
  3. Don't even try to claim I was ban evading like Cow did, I was banned for a week, I waited for a week and then was unbanned. So I returned. Simples.

Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Oh, well okay then. I never saw that before now. Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

I'm making a note here.

I just want to make sure you read my response to what you said. You are proving my point yet again, nobody notices me. That's so great.] -leet >:[

Please bring back New Super Mario Bros. Mix

My game was destroyed for housekeeping purposes, per this message: "22:22, March 14, 2012 Spark01 (Talk | contribs) destroyed "New Super Mario bros.:Mix:Quest for the Crystal pieces" ‎(Housekeeping)" It was a good game with many contributors. I was still working on it and editing it daily. What do I need to do to keep it going or make it better? Was it under construction for too long? Was it too similar to another page? Please let me know because I enjoy this wiki and work very hard on my posts. I am just trying to become better at creating wiki pages and fan games, and ultimately I would like you to bring my game back. Thanks 10 Brave Kirbys 03:07, March 16, 2012 (UTC)

Hey man, what's up? :D XxTimberlakexx 03:24, March 16, 2012 (UTC)

[2] <--- Hey Spark, go there if you can. Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)


Please Spark, Skittles has deleted a blog because he is playing with me and being an ass with me, ignoring me because I hurted Elise, and doing anything that Elise want. Elise is trying to make me be banned from chat and eventually from here. Please Spark, do something against this bad use of his sysop power. Apart they are making things like that, they will support each other to kick me and delete my blogs, something dirty without reasons. Alange the DarkAingeruLet me show the face of darknessPablo

Don't listen to any of that shit above. I'm ignoring him for very good reasons, I'll tell you them if I see you on chat later, and I've told Alange to leave me alone but he won't. SW deleted that blog because its about me and I asked him to, we haven't once tried to get him banned from chat, we're just ignoring him. Neither me or SW have done anything wrong. Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Spark, it's ok, I don't need you to make that, sorry Alange the DarkAingeruLet me show the face of darknessPablo

Elise in #fantendo chat:

18:20 <Elise>: Alange
18:20 <Elise>: as I've said before
18:20 <Elise>: go fuck yourself and leave me alone
18:21 <Alange>: look Elise
18:21 <Alange>: I would make anything until you forgive me

<Elise>: can you kick him SW?

After that...

18:23 <Elise>: which btw could you delete SW?
18:23 <Skittles>: idk, i should talk to a crat first
18:24 <Elise>: I'm gonna leave an rejoin to see if ignore will work then
18:24 <ChanServ>: [Elise] S!@%'s about to get annoying!
18:24 +++ ChanServ has given voice to Elise
18:24 <Skittles>: wb
18:24 <Elise>: ty
18:24 <Elise>: I think ignore is working now
18:25 <Skittles>: ok
18:26 <Elise>: I don't see why you need to ask a crat whether your allowed to
18:26 <Skittles>: but knowing cow and sprak i would probably get in shit
18:26 <Elise>: I'll explain to Spark why I don't want to talk to Alange if he tries to yell at you
18:27 <Elise>: and that he needs to leave me the fuck alone
18:27 <Skittles>: the mocking part too?
18:27 <Skittles>: ok
18:27 <Elise>: yes
18:28 <Skittles>: done

That's that, if it's not enough, you can ask Steli how many times did she asked to kick me yesterday. It's logic Elise is trying to make Skittles ignore the rules for her own well... Alange the DarkAingeruLet me show the face of darknessPablo

I said once that he should be kicked, thats nothing against the rules. Once I tell you what he said to me later you should see why I hate him, I only had to say that because he somehow had managed to talk to me even though I had him on ignore, I told him to leave me alone but did he? Nope. That stuff about me trying to get Skittles to ignore the rules is total bullshit too, I haven't done anything like that. Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)


I don't appreciate being banned wwhen you wwon't even tell me wwhat is wwrong wwith wwanting people to hate me. I wwant this explained. -Leet

Restore Please

I know I had you delete a few of my articles earlier, but I've changed my mind. Please restore these:

VictoryStar 17:42, May 9, 2012 (UTC)


You may not know me. I'm signing up characters for a Fantendo Smash Bros. game, and I'm wondering if I can use Litle P.

I don't like the time thingy! I mean, look at it!! --> 23:21, May 11, 2012 (UTC)

I asked you to restore some pages up above. I also think you need to archive. :P VictoryStar 00:19, May 13, 2012 (UTC)

Thank You!

Thank You For Defending me against Stelios7. However, It Appears He Didn't Delete My Page At All!

I Wonder... Why Haven't You Admins Banned Him Already? Those Kinds Of People Creep Me Out :(

... What Do I Do If He DOES Delete My Page?

Ultimate godzilla 17:20, May 26, 2012 (UTC)

My Bad...

I Confused Stelios With The User Who Talked To Me In My Talk Page, An User Named Sorastitch. I Thought HE Was Stelios... Sorry.

And That's Why I Told You To Ban Him. I Didn't Know He Was An Admin, Since I Mistook Him For Someone Else. I Apologize for the mistake. I Don't Want You To Ban Him,I Simply Thought He Wanted To Delete My Page For Silly Reasons (Stated In Sorastitch's Comment). I Thought I Was Asking To Ban A Troll, When The Person Who Trolled me was a different person entirely. Forget This Ever Happened...

...Oh, And He DIDN'T Delete My Page. Please Answer Quickly!

Ultimate godzilla 18:25, May 27, 2012 (UTC)

Spark, can you tell me other ability for your character? You can see some examples here. Alange the DarkAingeruLet me show the face of darknessPablo


I just got onto this wiki, and am confused. It seems that this is for fan–developed games the likes of Super Flash Bros., Halo Zero and I Want to be the Guy. However, the articles I marked for deletion, when I searched them in Google, returned no results other than the pages on this site, so I can only assume they were just made up and the person who wrote the article isn't actually developing the game. The Sly Cooper article in particular, talks about the fan game as if it were being made by the real companies and contains blatantly out–of–date information, including saying that it would be released on Playstation when realistically we can only make these projects available online. The articles I marked for deletion were, to put it bluntly, completely made up and the "games" don't exist in any way, shape or form outside of this site. Moleman 9000 02:16, June 5, 2012 (UTC)

I could see that. But they have to have actually made the games, or at least be in the process of making them. Otherwise, this would be nothing more than a dump bin where any idiot could make any bullshit up and talk about it as if it was real. And that would be retarded. Please explain to me where all these games can be found. Moleman 9000 02:51, June 5, 2012 (UTC)

That SpongeBob thing was years ago. I've created more than one hundred articles at "Villains Wiki", and also have my own franchise published under a different user name at . What do you have to show that you've actually made? Moleman 9000 03:29, June 5, 2012 (UTC)

That I "don't" contribute to other wikis is a sheer lie. Moleman 9000 03:31, June 5, 2012 (UTC)

Pig Noses

Thanks again for doing this! Just like Trubbish.

DaftPunk.png VictoryStar


Hi, it's VS. Is there a template for Gym Leaders? DaftPunk.png VictoryStar

I want you to tell YoshiEgg and Alange that they aren;t bad people, I just lost myself.

And I am still lost.

I don't know if I am coming back the same person I was, or I even if I'll come back at all.

I find it really hurtful though, that despite everything that I've told everyone I wanted them to know, that you still don't me too well. And I really don't want to give up my name or gender.

As for why I was upset, I'll start from 3 or so years ago:

  • New kid named YoshiEgg shows up, steals spotlight and becomes sysop. Slightly irritated and runs away to join some other site named Roblox.
  • Rejoins Fantendo at some unknown date.
  • Halfblood2000 shows up and makes new logo. Then slowly encompasses everything and leaves all my recent efforts to look like I'm being serious about sysophood in the dust in the elections. I do not talk about how upset I've gotten.
  • Now is serious about sysophood after IP incident.
  • Mapman and the others join chat when I'm at school and become sysops. Gets pissed off since they were my three closest friends, and yet they claim it was a election.
  • There is no election to speak of.
  • Join chat as hurt. Alange tries to comfort me, but I tell him to fuck off. In hindsight, this was bad, but I guess he understood I was angry.
  • Joins chat as gone. I announce I am leaving and will be at and posts link to a story I wrote while crying.
  • Changes avatar to a crying Lemongrab.
  • Me and you talk.
  • Finally, after school, it seems that people have also realized that we should had a public election, but it's too late and nobody's done anything about it and it seems to be all but forgotten.
  • I am gone.

ZeroSuitSamusDone.png Haiiii Samus by MadKaiser.jpg talkin' 150px-Zero Suit Samus.pngwhat's new SSBM! C Zero Suit Samus Sprite NOT BRAWLIFED.png

fucking incredible

MKU Magikoopa Shy Guy.png Magikoopa is a bad a--. Running Yoshi animation by Kaltral.gif RUN Running Yoshi animation by Kaltral.gifHAHAHAHA!!Running Yoshi animation by Kaltral.gif


I know you changed the sales for Mario Kart: Hot Pursuit, DON'T DO THAT!

Cloverfield monster (talk) 23:29, September 9, 2012 (UTC)Cloverfield Monster

Well, just leave the sales the way they are.

Cloverfield monster (talk) 01:06, September 10, 2012 (UTC)Cloverfield Monster

Do you know how unrealistic it would be for it to sell only 1,000 units. You and me both just leave it as it is. Don't make it higher, don't make it lower.

Cloverfield monster (talk) 01:10, September 10, 2012 (UTC)Cloverfield Monster\

It's not even a real game, so why does it matter how much I make it sell.

Cloverfield monster (talk) 01:13, September 10, 2012 (UTC)Cloverfield Monster

OK. OK. Let me think. What's it going to take to get you to stop?

Cloverfield monster (talk) 01:16, September 10, 2012 (UTC)Cloverfield Monster


Coma White - A pill to make you numb...

Ohohohohooo i found you!

Hey there :3

Profile YeeMeYee - Signature.png

SPERK! Got some thing for yah :3

Yah, my ideas :3 User_blog:YeeMeYee/My_Ideas_to_Improve_Fantendo

Profile YeeMeYee - Signature.png

Let <insert your name here> work!

Hey there spark... I've seen on other wikis that they have a cool template called username, and then they could replace the <insert name here> with the original user's username which is actually reading it! Would you like to add the following sentences at the bottom of the MediaWiki:Common.js? Then the template could work and you'll see the name of yourself in the title of this message! Thanks for reading! ^u^ (I hope for respond as soon as possible).

/* Replaces {{USERNAME}} with the name of the user browsing the page.
   Requires copying Template:USERNAME. */

function UserNameReplace() {
    if(typeof(disableUsernameReplace) != 'undefined' && disableUsernameReplace || wgUserName == null) return;

/* End of the {{USERNAME}} replacement */

Profile YeeMeYee - Signature.png

Hey Sprak, I accept the apology about the harsh review 2 days back at YE's stream. you have any advice to make this different from other Soccer/Football games on the wiki? Thanks. SpaaaceCore.jpgSPAAAAAAAAAACESpaaaceCore2.png

Stop Deleting Mario Kart: Hot Pursuit 3!

What is with you? Why can't you learn I'm not going to stop until you leave it alone? Why can't you just leave MKHP 3 alone? STOP IT! JUST STOP IT! STOP DELETING MY GAME!!!

Cloverfield monster (talk) 19:02, October 26, 2012 (UTC)Cloverfield monster

Skype pls. EllaFOC.pngStelios7ChilliFDesperation.png(talk)Padge.png

CSS and JS coding

Hey sprak, can you put this into MediaWiki:Common.css and this in MediaWiki:Common.js? It allows users to have collapsible tables and similar stuff. Pesh3D.pngArendYoshiSMSJ.png(talk)Blazey.png(contribs.)JackJ3d.png

The script source, is it? well, thing is, the source is not my normal .js, but a subpage, Arend/common.js/CollapsibleTables.js. So the javascript won't mess up until I clear that page. But if you could copy the code to, let's say MediaWiki:Common.js/CollapsibleTables.js, then I, or you, can change the script source. Pesh3D.pngArendYoshiSMSJ.png(talk)Blazey.png(contribs.)JackJ3d.png

Sure. We can work on a game together.

I'll be more than willing to work on a game. But, I'll be busy for 2 days. I have a dining trip with school today, and I have bowling with them on Tuesday. I WILL be here on Wednesday, though.

Cloverfield monster (talk) 21:13, November 5, 2012 (UTC)Cloverfield monster

Hey uh, Sprak, when do you think the next sysop election will be? Reznors.pngHammer Yoshi.jpg.pngMGCRock Mario.pngMario on Yoshi.png

Hey sprak, I will definately owe you if you do this, and I'm hoping you can. I use monobook but something that really bothers me about it is the preferences which is all white and hard to read. Would you by any chance be able to change that? Thanks so much if you can, I owe you. Reznors.pngHammer Yoshi.jpg.pngMGCRock Mario.pngMario on Yoshi.png

god thank you so much

what do you want

i am your humble servant

Reznors.pngHammer Yoshi.jpg.pngMGCRock Mario.pngMario on Yoshi.png

Hey Sprak, I'm gonna request a username change right now so I'm gonna be banned for a few hours. If I'm not unbanned in 3,4, or even 5+ hours can you please contact one of the Wikia staff? Thanks, bro. :) Raphael Phantom.pngIT'S SHOWTIME!Raphael Phantom.png

1. Thanks for that MonoBook stuff.
2. Can you undelete my stub thing Reznors.pngHammer Yoshi.jpg.pngMGCRock Mario.pngMario on Yoshi.png


I added you, my FC is 5155-2999-6084. :) Also, great models you have there on your page! Meeeeee.png


Thanks for the link to the blender site. I have watched a few tutorials. Also I downloaded some models from the models resource; do you know how to open them in blender? Reznors.pngHammer Yoshi.jpg.pngMGCRock Mario.pngMario on Yoshi.png

Hey, Spark, do you think Fantendo Christmas Party is good enough to be sysop approved? Barrel.jpg DO A BARREL ROLL! Barrel.jpg

Hey Sprak, you're doing a nice job with the user bar thing. ChristmasLBob.pngYoshterBro.Christmas.png Merry Christmas! SandoomChristmas.png ~MGC LavaBobChristmasFlipped.pngChristmasYoshter.png

Why did you clear out the CSS? ChristmasLBob.pngYoshterBro.Christmas.png Merry Christmas! SandoomChristmas.png ~MGC LavaBobChristmasFlipped.pngChristmasYoshter.png

Dude, why the heck did you destroy the Blargg Fan Club? I looked at your reasoning and even as a joke it makes more sense. When I used NWL and I would see the Fantendo thing, it said "the place to celebrate all things Nintendo". So I was celebrating Blarggs. If you would like me to cool down on the Blarggs, I will, but you should've atleast TOLD me before you deleted it. I'd like you to undelete it, even if I have to do something for you, because I'm willing to pay the price.

ChristmasLBob.pngYoshterBro.Christmas.png Merry Christmas! SandoomChristmas.png ~MGC LavaBobChristmasFlipped.pngChristmasYoshter.png

Hey Sprak, can you warn this IP or something? He keeps vandalising the Sumo Kong page and created a few pages that have been tagged for deletion. Thanks. Mario Jump NSMBU.png SuperMarioBro64 Mario Jump NSMBU.png

Hey Sprak, you know how some users have custom templates, like User:Shroobario/Test Bubble, or even custom front pages, like User:Arend/test? Do you mind if I have this? Thanks.

ChristmasLBob.pngYoshterBro.Christmas.png Merry Christmas! SandoomChristmas.png ~MGC LavaBobChristmasFlipped.pngChristmasYoshter.png

Thanks. I was just checking because on the Mario wiki I made a template and I got yelled at by some guy called Master ROB.

ChristmasLBob.pngYoshterBro.Christmas.png Merry Christmas! SandoomChristmas.png ~MGC LavaBobChristmasFlipped.pngChristmasYoshter.png

OK, but many users have warned IPs or other users before, and Sora actually bans IPs for reasons like this. Sorry though, won't do it again.

ChristmasLBob.pngYoshterBro.Christmas.png Merry Christmas! SandoomChristmas.png ~MGC LavaBobChristmasFlipped.pngChristmasYoshter.png

I didn't want to cause edit conflicts, it's not because I didn't want him to be helpful, because I do.

ChristmasLBob.pngYoshterBro.Christmas.png Merry Christmas! SandoomChristmas.png ~MGC LavaBobChristmasFlipped.pngChristmasYoshter.png

Dude, just wondering how was that template immature? You should've read the whole thing; it was because I didn't want to cause edit conflicts. Also, in cause you don't know I think I'm actually Fantendo's youngest user.

ChristmasLBob.pngYoshterBro.Christmas.png Merry Christmas! SandoomChristmas.png ~MGC LavaBobChristmasFlipped.pngChristmasYoshter.png

Well my age is personal and I will not tell you. However what is immature about disliking edit conflicts, because I know for a FACT Jasper does. BowserNSMBU-transparent.pngDon't make me MAD! Too late, you already haveBlargg YS.png

What I mean by "age is personal" is it's personal information and I don't want to be tracked down. But whatever there are tons of 11 year old in the world, so I guess I'll admit that.

ChristmasLBob.pngYoshterBro.Christmas.png Merry Christmas! SandoomChristmas.png ~MGC LavaBobChristmasFlipped.pngChristmasYoshter.png

Hi, I was wondering if the Mid-January Showcase thing I put on my blog is ok to do, cuz I forgot to ask beforehand, so I can call it off if you want me to. --User:PabloDePablo- That's me! *wink* 01:14, December 16, 2012 (UTC)


Hey! It wasn't me who putted those categories on the Super Smash Bros. Ultra* page! ChristmasYurei.png Merry ChristmasLocky.png Christmas ChristmasZack.png To x75px You!

Hey Sprak, I just checked out the Monobook on LM wiki, and so far it seems awesome! Thanks a lot for doing it!

ChristmasLBob.pngYoshterBro.Christmas.png Merry Christmas! SandoomChristmas.png ~MGC LavaBobChristmasFlipped.pngChristmasYoshter.png

Christmas art

Hey Sprak, on my blog you signed up Ferris and Halbe with the use of this image, but I don't really know the colors so if you could respond telling them, I could make their arts too. 50px Merry 65px Christmas! 90px

Hey, I was thinking in making the "Fantendo 2012 Gaming Awards" and since you are a bureaucat, do you can give me permission to do? ChristmasYurei.png Merry ChristmasLocky.png Christmas ChristmasZack.png To x75px You! x75px

Hey Sprak, just a suggestion. I know the skin is under maintenance, but I have a suggestion for it. Rather than a black div#content and sidebar, I have #0B0B61 in my CSS and it look pretty good IMO. Just a suggestion though.

Reznors.pngHammer Yoshi.jpg.pngMGCRock Mario.pngMario on Yoshi.png

Hehe you're right! I simply love that show. Meeeeee.png

That Jake sig I'll use at the end of this conversation? Sure! I made it in Paint, and you have to make sure that each image is the same exact size or one image will be bigger than the others, and it might be uneven if you try to resize it. It's Jake!Visit my user page!Here's my talk page!Nothing to see here :P


Lich22 (talk) 01:03, January 3, 2013 (UTC)==Topic==

The David That Was In A Deleted Page Was The One From Battle For Dream Island.

Hey sprak, how dow you use style sheets within a <div> to curve the corners? Thanks :P

Reznors.pngHammer Yoshi.jpg.pngMGCRock Mario.pngMario on Yoshi.png

that's what I meant :P Anyways, thanks :)

Reznors.pngHammer Yoshi.jpg.pngMGCRock Mario.pngMario on Yoshi.png

Asking you permission

Hey Sprak, I want to do something like Art Battles to determine who's actually the best, and since you're a crat, could you give me permission, please?? Thanks in advance. =) Babbyweegee.gifQyzxf Fawfulguydance.gif

Hey sprak, I know we have a strange relationship so this may be sorta weird

but do you want to do a joint of some sort?

Reznors.pngHammer Yoshi.jpg.pngMGCRock Mario.pngMario on Yoshi.png

I dunno, maybe some kind of 3d world game?

Reznors.pngHammer Yoshi.jpg.pngMGCRock Mario.pngMario on Yoshi.png

Ok I finally found it

right here, the one about me and Brochi being tied


"Normally I'd agree with Sora on principle in any argument but Halfy is right here about everything he said. Sora your art is great, your style is great, but it just isn't the same quality as Brochi's."

"sora has an unique style, but Brochi's drawing have much more attention to detail, color and look like much more effort was put into them,"

ChristmasSolarizeus.pngI was changed...ChristmasSolarizeus.png and now... ChristmasSolarizeus.png I am Solarizeus. ChristmasSolarizeus.png

Other Account

So hello Spark, I'm here to say something, some veteran and newbie users are complaning the fact which my edit count is now "9,399 edits" since I only jointed three months ago. So, I decided to take a decision, close this account and create another called "Locky'13". I only do that once, so, I'm asking to permission to do this.

Drukenbowser.gif Druken Bowser Time! Drukenbowser.gif

Cool! I'll add you in a few. Also do you have any idea when the tournament start, the last thing I heard is that it was moved to another date because someone left it...

Also, about Community, it has much more and better levels, but best of all, 16-bit remixes of tunes from the show (which can be listened to on that same site). :) Meeeeee.png


Why did you unpromote me? I was going to try to be active more this year. :/ I've been really busy with real-life stuff lately, other sites, etc, and I planned on trying to be more active here and help out deleting and other gnome work. What gives? XxTimberlakexx (talk) 00:46, January 20, 2013 (UTC)

No prob Sprak. The troll kept making new accounts which was a pain, but I think he stopped now. TF2Engineer.png Erectin' a dispenser TF2Engineer.png

Spark, sorry for leaving Henries without telling anyone, I will be back when Im a bit happier. Then I won't disturb you but believe me I will be back. Thanks for understanding. -Tenshi.


Hi Sprak, one of your chars (Kurt) is in Faker of Fantendo. Since I need to write a lot of episodes with this character, I'd like it if you could give me a really good and detailed description about his personality, like happy, outgoing, etc, but don't just say "happy" but tell me when and why he'd be happy, etc. Other things I need to know regarding the personality:

  • Reacting on shocking news
  • Reacting on someone else's proposals
  • What is he good at
  • What is he bad at
  • What kind of other people does he like

Also, in case you're the faker (which you know wether you are it or not), just answer the questions in the test like you're thinking someone else is the faker. I'm putting this part on everyone's talk page too because otherwise one could simply see who's the faker by checking their talk page.

Babbyweegee.gifQyzxf Fawfulguydance.gif

Regarding Mario Kart: Hot Pursuit 3

Before you deleted it again, how come you didn't take into account the fact that I listened to the fans about certain things? Like the fact that I got rid of the cops entirely. Did you not read it thorougly? Plus, I added a new category of cars called Classic Karts, where some Karts from the mainstream game were included as starters.

I think the latest rendition should be brought back. See, it shown that I WAS listening to people's requests, like no cops. Burnout Paradise didn't have cops, so I was taking that apporach.

Cloverfield monster (talk) 14:27, February 6, 2013 (UTC)Cloverfield monster

Maybe we could work on the game together to make a high-quality sequel. Because like it or not, I REALLY want to make a 3rd game. It will have no cops, a few classic karts that you can start with and earn money to buy cars. 

Despite not having cops, I want it to maintain the high-action intensity that the series is known for.

Cloverfield monster (talk) 16:40, February 6, 2013 (UTC)Cloverfield monster

Thanks for restoring the game. I don't know how I can repay you.

Cloverfield monster (talk) 18:01, February 6, 2013 (UTC)Cloverfield monster

FoF1 Test

For stuffz go >>> Faker of Fantendo/Episode 1 <<<

1)Did the Faker get to his or her destination in the dropping-task?

  • Yes
  • No

2)Did the Faker open his or her smaller envelope in the dropping-task?

  • Yes
  • No

3)How many words did the Faker remember in the river-task?

  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • The Faker was in the other team

4)In which team was the Faker in the river-task?

  • Adrenaline team
  • Language team

5)At which place did the Faker get into the destination house in the dropping-task?

  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd
  • 4th
  • 5th
  • 6th
  • 7th
  • The Faker didn’t make it in time

6)How much money did the Faker make in the river-task?

  • €0
  • €100
  • €150
  • €175
  • €225

7)Has the Faker used his or her money after opening the extra envelope with ¥2000 in the dropping-task?

  • Yes
  • No
  • The Faker didn’t open the extra envelope

8)What is the Faker’s eye colour?

  • Yellow
  • Dark red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Dark blue
  • Dark turquoise

9)What is the Faker’s hair colour?

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Nothing

10)How many money did the Faker make during the dropping-task?

  • €0
  • €100
  • €200

11)What is the Faker’s primary clothing?

  • A T-shirt
  • A cardigan
  • A blazer
  • Nothing

12)Did the Faker help or get help from other candidates in the dropping-task?

  • Yes
  • No

13)Has the Faker made money in the previous two tasks?

  • Yes
  • No

14)What kind of words did the Faker give to the cord-people?

  • Hard
  • Medium
  • Easy
  • The faker was in the cord-team

15)Who is the Faker?

  • Bombell
  • David
  • Gumball
  • Haterman
  • Jack
  • Kurt
  • Meta-Form
  • NinJon
  • Ryder
  • Sheyna
  • Tom
  • Volt

Babbyweegee.gifQyzxf Fawfulguydance.gif

Could you please respond as quick as possible, because I need to make the execution soon before I can write episode 2. Babbyweegee.gifQyzxf Fawfulguydance.gif

Sock Alert!

Hey Spark. Guess who's back? Couy! So, do what you will with another one of his sockpuppets.

Th nyan-cat6.gifNyan!!Th nyan-cat6.gif


Why do you hate me?

Shy guy yellow (talk) 23:08, March 22, 2013 (UTC)Shy Guy Yellow


Hi Spark,

I'm FrenchTouch, the Admin of the French Street Fighter Wiki,

And I'd like to be one of your partners.

I would also like to create the French Fantendo Wiki, but I'll need your help, so if you're interested, and if you have more ideas, contact me at

It was a pleasure,

FrenchTouch (talk) 13:07, April 15, 2013 (UTC)


Okay, so there's this IP who's vandalizing my pages, mostly New Super Mario Bros. ULTIMATE and its first world. I was wondering if you could block him, since you're an admin. If you can, thanks. Here's his address: MarioNSMB.png MarioLuigi1234Luigi11.png 18:44, April 21, 2013 (UTC)


Spark, when you changed the monobook skin, all those editing buttons got lost. If I want to edit a page or check the history, I'm bluntly forced to temporarily switch to the Wikia skin. I think I could fix that for my own .css file, but I'm not so sure myself, plus that doesn't fix it for everyone else using Monobook. Pesh3D.pngArendYoshiSMSJ.png(talk)Blazey.png(contribs.)JackJ3d.png

Doesn't look fine to me... Pesh3D.pngArendYoshiSMSJ.png(talk)Blazey.png(contribs.)JackJ3d.png

Doesn't work.
I think it has something to do with what I did with my skin, but I don't want to remove everything. In any case, I've to change it a bit. Pesh3D.pngArendYoshiSMSJ.png(talk)Blazey.png(contribs.)JackJ3d.png

Master Clyde Super - Pinti'Cuz I canPinti 3D.png
TALK - 0 seconds ago
Wait, huh?

22:31, May 20, 2013 (UTC)~MrSirDaisy24622:31, May 20, 2013 (UTC)

About you deleting my page

Just Dance 5. The written description is not poorly written, it's because that a lot of Ip's have made changes and I try to fix them, it was very rude to delete my page. I had put a lot of effort to the page until the page was to much recognize, some people put adjustments and deleted my hard work, please understand this.

Another Request

So, you might have heard about it, but there's this new user who obviously didn't try to stop making gibberish blogs and comments, even after I warned him. His name is . . . brace yourself . . . Nlbibpieowibdlwheiuwjnfiu. I was wondering if you could block him, just for a day or so until he learns a lesson about that stuff I just mentioned. Lumoshi

Never mind, I see that you did it already. Lumoshi

Okay, thanks! I would block them myself if I could, but sadly, I can't.Lumoshi


Okay here it is. And make sure that you use the Great Games, Inc. category. Don't forget the comma and period. Here are the titles:

  • Make 1 edit on Great Games, Inc. articles: Spelling Mistake
  • Make 5 edits on Great Games, Inc. articles: Bad Grammar
  • Make 10 edits on Great Games, Inc. articles: Reverting Some Stuff
  • Make 25 edits on Great Games, Inc. articles: Friend of the Company
  • Make 50 edits on Great Games, Inc. articles: Apprentice
  • Make 100 edits on Great Games, Inc. articles: Employee
  • Make 250 edits on Great Games, Inc. articles: Company Leader
  • Make 500 edits on Great Games, Inc. articles: C.E.O.

Hey, Spark

I come to you with yet another block request. He vandalized my pages and several others. It makes me really angry if IPs get away with that, so can you block him? I would undo his edits, but doing that is tiring, so can you rollback them?Lumoshi

And I didn't give you a link did I? Well, here.


Thanks! Lumoshi


I won't do it again, but I find it strange that you warned me because you said on one of my posts that categories were just for getting achievements. Since you're the admin I respect the most, that's kind of what I did.



Just to make sure, does spamming categories mean adding each in one edit? If so, I'll do it in one big edit next time. I was just trying to clean out some of the uncategorized in the Improvement Drive, since I want to help improve the website's quality. Lumoshi

Sorry, then. I never really thought that they were unnecessary, because they kind of mean different things. I was just trying to help the wiki. Lumoshi

One more question: am I still allowed to categorize the uncategorized pages in one big edit, or do I have to stop doing that? Lumoshi

I don't know if Cob has told you already, but could you please understand that I'm trying to reform my behavior. Okay? 50pxNintendoofah64 - Talk50px 06:41, June 7, 2013 (UTC)

Main Page

Okay so I edited the main page a bit and everything looked okay, but for whatever reason that didn't work for you so you reverted my edit and now the main page is messed up.

Any plans on fixing that? You'll see in the history that I tried to but it appears now that the first column is running into the second when before you reverted my edit, that didn't happen.

So yeah. Just in case you haven't noticed.


Animal Crossing: AVGN Coming Through!

Dear Spark01,

I understand your point how it is the worst page you've ever read. I do admit it was a random jumble of ideas. Yes, Animal Crossing, AVGN, and Streets Of Rage don't mix. But isn't calling it the worst page ever over-exaggerating? Seriously, is it worse than I'm Back and Little Nintendo Shop Of Horror: The Musical!? That's weird. Anyway, you could at least have patience and not delete it until you see the final results. It could've turned into a great article, even if the idea is weird on the table.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.

Drdevilfx (talk) 19:12, September 11, 2013 (UTC)

True, they are funny. I couldn't stop laughing at Cheese Cubes. But at least I tried to make a good article, whereas the IP users/stupid Fantendo users were just being stupid. I failed to make a good article, but I tried anyway. The idiots done a good job at making a funny page, but they failed to put effort (besides from the humour/humor) into it.

Drdevilfx (talk) 20:19, September 11, 2013 (UTC)

May I have a border on my avatar?

any form of blue or purple will do

ps. if you don't feel like it, you don't have to

I wouldn't want to impose Legendary Pop-Fizz (talk) 22:35, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

Yo. Do you think that you could fix the table of contents in Monobook?

Alright. Thanks. --Schoolsaka

Hello! I'd like to know why did you deleted my Twinrova battle  in my wiki  The Legend Of Zelda Battle Royal ???Thank 

How do you make your 3D model art?

SO I was wondering what model program do you use to make your  art because it looks nice like The Beemo or Marceline etc. and stuff. Please respond as quicly as you can or a random time.

Person.png Edinemir95 (Talk)Lubba.png


I'll stop being a jerk to you.  Have a good day. Ho ho, HO HO!!Some random loser (Talk)I'm gonna kick your *A WORD* <---

tl;dr It's Mcqueen

Concerning Coal and 3.14

Alright, so I was thinking about the predicament more and instead of having them in different universes that meet up sometimes, would it be possible to to have them both created by Rain? The one we see in Fantendo - Genesis and stuff was created by Rain while she was at A22, and then she left and created Coal in the arctic. Instead of having two different canons, it would be the same and I feel like it would be much more cohesive and sensical than having two different dimensions.

-Exotoro (tbc)

Reply to my Warning

How was I spamming? HNK2000 (talk) 08:53, October 13, 2015 (UTC)

Oh. Posting "^". OTHER PEOPLE WERE DOING IT TOO. HNK2000 (talk) 08:56, October 13, 2015 (UTC)

how did i get a lastwarn for that ~ TechBreloom UserpageContribsBlogs

About my block

(I know we haven't gotten along all that well in the past, but I do mean the following with all due sincerity.)

So I think I know what in particular you meant by "Comment Spamming" (despite it being a bit ambiguous), and I'll try not to do it again. Anyway. I might not have the authority to say this, but next time you block someone, could you add the template to their page? I was really confused until I saw the tag in my masthead! Thought Wikia was having issues or smth.

 ˜ AgentMuffin  

I know this is a bit late. But I am sorry if I spammed or what I did seemed like spamming on the Koopaling pages (But some are rediculous, don't you think?). Billythecorndog (talk) 21:29, December 9, 2015 (UTC)


I'm sorry for being super offensive and pissing you off earlier. I sorted things out with Rasp, and you were completely right in what your definition of being Trans is, because it really does just depend on how happy you are and nothing else really. Again I'm super sorry. PIXILART-LOCAL (2).pngThe Coldest Guy Around (Talk)

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