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Archive numero uno.


I wish you good luck at the 2014 Sysop Election!  I would actually vote for you if I signed up before the first, but I was late. T_T

Anyways, good luck!

Fandro (talk) 20:40, December 30, 2013 (UTC)

Woah, dude. Just WOAH!

Congrats on the promotion, dude! You'll make a great sysop! I know you deserved it, although it kinda surprised me (no offense :P). Anyway, congrats again! I know you'll do great! HolySmokes!HOLY SMOKES! RICK'S HIRED!! HolySmokes! (this signature totally fits)

Fantendo Legion

Can I put some of your characters in Fantendo Legion? Mika sho 2014SuperSonicDarkness (Talk)60px

Question for the Similar Created Game ?

Hello Toad'ShyGuy

For a long time I wanted to create a Nintendo game Jetpack (that is why I previously ignored similar to your Nintendo Jet Rush thing and sorry) I wanted to ask if I could create a game theme "Nintendo Jetpack" being aware not to copy your game to you

'if you accept my title of game here 'Nintendo JetPack Infinity

please respond to this message as soon as you have 

Sinserally Baptiste44 (talk) 18:24, January 7, 2014 (UTC) :)

So you do not allow me to make the games?


I don't really know a better solution than downloading the revisions and change the extensions of the downloaded files by adding ".png" to the filenames. I got the USA flag background with this way without any known size problems.

I know that it really sucks that the wikibackground file has no extension, so you can only view it by downloading the file and adding the extension. Pesh3DArendYoshiSMSJ(talk)Blazey(contribs.)JackJ3d


Hello! I'm BielGuy and I'm here to invite you! I created a wiki:

I was noticed by Lumoshi that you has MK7. Please join in! I'll make you a admin.

See the rules in main page!

- Thanks for reading!

Ban Request

Can you ban this guy please?  Yesterday he kept deleting the content of Mario Kart 8 Wii U.

Fandro (talk) 15:43, January 16, 2014 (UTC)


you should be existent at wikichat seacastles


also if you are not currently at the chat then you should be at it seacastles

Dear Qyzxf, why'd you delete my page? Super Mario Bros. Return of the King was not stolen! I made that myself! Nothing was stolen from that game, so why'd you delete it?Aeddon101 (talk) 19:27, February 9, 2014 (UTC)


Thank you so much for banning that son of a sock!

Fandro (talk) 12:57, February 11, 2014 (UTC)


want to chat on Fantendo chat?

Fandro (talk) 18:32, February 12, 2014 (UTC)

Oh yeah

I forgot to sign up for that so thanks for asking. Sure, I would prefer if you only used Zane. The game btw, looks great.


Just wondering before I add shading details, I slightly redesigned Arshallo to have different eyes, have sandals and a backpack. I just want to see what you think of it. Just give me one thing you do and one thing you don't like about it ;)  PlazzapThingDashTalk

You still haven't replied so you probably didn't get my message ;) or maybe wikia screwed up again PlazzapThingDashTalk

Thanks ^w^ I'm not quite sure about unshaded 3D model but I think it looks kinda like Arend's artstyle from Pokemon Citrine & Olivine Versions.PlazzapThingDashTalk

Hello, Qizzie-Fix. You have been invited to join Una Nexus, my new collaborative company. If you would like to join it, please inform me on my talk page. Thank you!

According to this, Sandwhich321 is a sock of TNG, so can you block him? Lumoshi (talk)

I just want to bring this thread up. It's the official Una Nexus thread for our company.


Can you either send Lego3 a warning or block him please, preferably the latter?

Fandro (talk) 19:32, March 4, 2014 (UTC)

As a sysop, you're able to restore deleted articles, correct?
Some dude, XxTimberlake, deleted one of my games (Super Mario All-Stars Baseball). It was also re-created by some other person and promply deleted, but can you restore my version, please? I would like to work on it again.
Okay, it's done. :3

Why the fuck did you ban me!!!!

I am fucking pissed off right now and I feel like the AVGN and Nostalgia Critic. I didn't do anything wrong and please unban me and here is my reaction:
Baby peach cries-0

Baby peach cries-0

I am autistic you know with Low Functioning Autism. -Pwwnd123

I am pissed off at you for banning me from the Wiki Chat and you better unban me. Pwwnd123


wanna make a super kawaiiii hamtaro game PlazzapThingDashTalk


Kawiiiiiiiiii FIVE 

Thats awesome dude, but what should we name it and all that information, maybe it whould be easier to make a PM on chat to discuss it PlazzapThingDashTalk

K, im on chat and I sent you a PM PlazzapThingDashTalk

Artwork Request

I was wondering if you could make this image better. I made a Sonic Character a while back, and it would be nice to have official artwork for him.

Flameguy9981 (talk) 21:28, June 3, 2014 (UTC)

Can you unban me please? I didn't do anything wrong at all. Why did you ban me from the chat. - Pwwnd123

...why was UNTEN MAN removed? Hinodusk (talk) 15:29, June 19, 2014 (UTC)

so i guess i teach you how to do this

On chat:

  1. Bold works if you do [b] then [/b]
  2. Italics work if you do [i] then [/i]
  3. Underline works if you do [u] then [/u]
  4. Strike works if you do [s] then [/s]
  5. Big and small work by [big] and [small] then [/big] and [/small]

Lumoshi has more tricks up his sleeve.

Crimson the Fandraxonian Logo

Can you unban me from the chat? I didn' t deserve it.

Listen I was just complaining and was a bit pissed off. I didn't deserve it and why did you ban me from the chat? I didn't know the rules on the chat. Please forgive me and allow me back on the chatroom. Pwwnd123 (tbc)

And please give me a clear explaination on why did you ban me. I did not deserve my ban. You better reply or else I will spam your talk page up if you don't. Pwwnd123 (tbc)

Here is my reaction to you banning my ass from the Wiki Chat
Angry german kid-0

Angry german kid-0

and I want you to unban me and this video is my extreme angry reaction to you banning me and please unban me.I have fucking Low Functioning Autism and you pissed me off by banning me for no goddamn reason. I want to be treated fairly with justice on this wiki and I hate people pissing me off.Pwwnd123 (tbc)

Hey can you please get this guy to stop editing my game Kirby's Retrn to Dreamland 2: Return of Marx? he is claiming he made the box art, and published the game when really the boxart was made by Yoshifraga97 and me and him worked together to finish the game. Here is his username Nino.chkheidze.9 thanks Werewoof16 (talk) 13:16, July 11, 2014 (UTC)

Alright sorry for flaming you out of my anger. But I wasn't even intending to spam so that ban is unfair to me. I didn't know spamming wasn't allowed in the chat. Besides I am a newbie to the chat so that ban was unfair. So that ban is unfair and needs to be lifted and I promise I won't spam. I didn't even deserve it anyways due to me being a newbie. Please let me back in. Pwwnd123 (tbc)

So exactly how was I spamming on the chat? I didn't even had the intent to spam in the chat. I mean the ban on the chat was unfair to me who didn't even knew that spamming wasn't allowed in the chat. I was just pissed of at ShadowElise for banning me from the IRC and you ruined my day by unjustly banning me. That's rude and unjust to a 13 year old autistic teenager like me. Pwwnd123 (tbc)

I've just started using paint tool sai and im completely lost, i dont know how to color fill, make it so the curve tool ends or anything, any tips, i mean you went from powerpoint to sai and already youve made amazing things but im completely overwhelmed PlazzapNamePlazzapSplitPlazzapTalk

Thanks dude :D

One more thing, how exactly do you make it so when you draw or shade a shape, the outline and anything outside isnt effected, also is there any way to make it so you cant see the lines behind an object, it gets annoying PlazzapThingDashTalk

Ban Nino.chkheidze.9

They've continued to edit others pages even after you've given them their last warning (Kirby Dream Land 3D)

11:38, September 28, 2014 (UTC)

Ashley and Red

Ashley and Red SSB
If its not too difficult too explain, do you think you could tell me how to make 3D arts on SAI

Sorry, its just that i absolutely hate making 3D arts on powerpoint and i always have to recolor them on photoshop or something 

although before i make a 3D artwork on sai, i still have to get used to the program, so it may take awhile before i do PlazzapThingDashTalk

yeah it whould be alot easier on chat but our timezones are really hard to do and the only times i really have time for chat are morning and night, and youre only on when its morning in my timezone, but ill try to get on chat in the morning

also just a guess do you draw a non outlined shape, lets just say a circle and then select pen/brush color to black and change the density to a very low number than make strokesPlazzapThingDashTalk


Made this for practice

i finally understand layers and how they work and how to color

it was kinda rushed on purpose though

shading is also crappy PlazzapThingDashTalk

Made a Thing


I made Gooey's artwork for my smash game, although he sounds like a strange kirby rep i gave him a moveset of summoning the animal friends out of nowhere and using some of their combo attacks. For example the combo move summons pitch to do three pecks as a refrence to the needle+pitch combo while the down smash summons Chuchu and both Gooey and Chuchu spin around in a parasol, those are just examples.

Anyways onto the artwork, i made the mistake of making the whole thing a layer so the blurring of the shade destoryed the mouth. Other than that im decently satisfied with it and had fun kinda redesigning Gooey. Also the blur tool besides the part where it screwed up the mouth is my best friend, without it the shading whould look really sketchy and not blended at all. 

Anyways i jsut wanted to know what you think of it and if you have any tips, oh and thanks a bundle for the tutorial :PPlazzapThingDashTalk

Christmas Present

I made you this as a christmas gift, the neck was too short and the outlines looks weird but anyways heres a grumpy ampharos PlazzapThingDashTalk
Rick's Gift

Erm, possible accident

While making a game on fantendo, I named it Super Smash Bros. Hyper. When I posted it, for some reason it has the comments of seemingly your post for a smash bros game or something. I'm not sure, but i might have just replaced your game... I'm so sorry if I did, because it didn't say if it was taken or anything.

EnderLegends (talk) 23:37, January 31, 2015 (UTC)


I'll try getting on skype if I can remember the password. Congratulations on sysop by the way!

VanellopeS-U-G-A-R Jump into your racing car Say Sugar Rush!Sugar Rush Hey!

Favourite Nicktoon

Rick, what is your favourite Nickelodeon animated TV show?
JimmyNeutronFan98 (Talk) April, 10, 12:43 (UTC)

I'm unripped because I'm done with finals but Skype just completely broke because the fantendo chat has like 70000 (without kidding) unread messages. Can you remove me from that group and then re-add me so it works again or something?? Thoonks ~Tom


Sorry for using your templates without asking first, that game was really never finished, and I never read the History and just figured it was okay, I can remove them if you want?

Mijn Skype is nu dood :[ Meeeeee

Kanye Koopa

I mean, I don't really care but I just wanted to know why you deleted my article Kanye Koopa. I can think of a few reasons already, but I was just wondering. --Ghosts sit around the campfire and tell Chuck Norris stories 03:45, June 20, 2015 (UTC)

Skype werkt idd nog steeds niet, heb het verwijderd maar nog niet teruggezet. Ik ben eigenlijk helemaal niet zo veel thuis deze vakantie en ik ga overmorgen ook een week op vakantie met vrienden en direct daarna verhuizen, dus ik ben inderdaad weinig online. Als ik eenmaal in het nieuwe huis zit zal ik weer meer online zijn en ook op Fantendo actiever worden (ben nog steeds bezig met Boy in Blue voorbereiden). Dit zal ergens na de 20e zijn. Tot die tijd zul je me dus weinig zien, maar daarna kom ik zeker terug. Doe de rest maar de groetjes van me. ;-)   Meeeeee 

A Reminder! (To all Fantendo Smash entrants)

The tournament is starting tomorrow, and I plan to have it begin at around noon, EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). I know we have different schedules and time zones, so please notify me as soon as possible so I can accomodate for that.

A friendly reminder as well; you must be on the Fantendo chat, at the very least, and I suggest you move to my Twitch stream's chat during your matches. Moreover, at least have your full username as a ping. If you do not know how to enable pings, please ask one of the regulars on chat. This is so we can keep very solid communication throughout the tournament, instead of us searching each other out (as was what happened last time).

Good luck to everyone, and happy Smashing!

Star Warrior Terra (talk) 16:41, July 17, 2015 (UTC)

Art Request: Sketch Done

It's just a sketch so far, so let me know if you want anything changed before I color/ink it (or, of course I could leave it as is if you wish).

~~ HungryZabu

Re: roster evolution

I don't want Paper Mario, Wolf, or Toon Link, but I'd be fine with the other guys. I do want to add Alph, Excitebiker, and Matthew/Felix.

I guess we could add Wolf. We could also use Bowser Jr. and Dark Link. If we do, it will look like this.

New to Any Roster

  • Bowser Jr.
  • Wonder Red
  • Sablé Prince
  • Kamek
  • Excitebiker
  • Dark Link


  • Wii Fit Trainer
  • Wolf
  • Dixie Kong

Chrom would overrepresent Fire Emblem on my roster, especially since they'd all be blue-haired swordsmen. I want to use somebody from Zelda, making my roster more balanced.

Okay, I'm fine with Tetra. User:Awesome Betterhero

  • Cough* TETRA *Cough*


Please vote on the Mansion game, thank you! This way we can move along quicker and not dilly dally.


Funny, you look exactly like me, only older.

LudwigqSandro (Talk)LudwigNSMBU

Overwrite undo possible?

Please help, I accidentally overwrote a file that wasn't mine and I don't know how to undo it! Do you know how to undo an overwrite? ThePowerPlayer (talk) 15:55, December 12, 2015 (UTC)ThePowerPlayer


Nova said he'd be ending the vote now for the roster evo, meaning that, if I recall correctly, you'd be doing the next one? If that's the case can you make it soon? Wilfre I just need a little bit of love...Wilfre idle


Did you makeyour avatar (in Fire Emblem: Fates style)?

Then I have request for you: Can you create make a of "Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Tiki" in the style of your avatar?




End the vote already, Terraria lost Wilfre I just need a little bit of love...Wilfre idle

SSB Roster Evolution All-Stars

Heyo! Would you like to participate in the first All-Stars round of the Super Smash Bros. Roster Evolution? I've tallied up the points and you've been selected to either compete or be a reserve / voter! The results can be found here. Please contact me back so I know how many spots are filled and if I need to add more peeps! Thanks!
Peyton Royce 2 cut by Danger Liam People like you are hollow. You're full of empty promises.Sasha Banks 3 cut by Danger Liam

Idea for Future Roster Evolutions

Okay so I had this idea for the people who don't have Roster Maker for the future that could work alongside other people making rosters for them

So I have this program in my tablet that allows me to make square icons for stuff, right? That's how I made icons for Sunrise and all

I was thinking I could make, like, a huge database for those icons for people who want to make their own roster, they could format it like how I did it in Sunrise for optimal performance too

So like here's home it'd look like in source (using Sunrise icons as an example because they would have the same shape):

[[File:SUNRISE UNTEN.jpeg|x100px]][[File:SUNRISE ZERITA.jpeg|x100px]][[File:SUNRISE HENRY.jpeg|x100px]][[File:SUNRISE HAPPY.jpeg|x100px]][[File:SUNRISE SANS.jpeg|x100px]][[File:SUNRISE PAPYRUS.jpeg|x100px]][[File:SUNRISE DRAGONITE.jpeg|x100px]][[File:SUNRISE GOODRA.jpeg|x100px]][[File:SUNRISE NABBIT.jpeg|x100px]][[File:SUNRISE JIBANYAN.jpeg|x100px]][[File:SUNRISE REY.jpeg|x100px]][[File:SUNRISE DORAEMON.jpeg|x100px]][[File:SUNRISE BRELOOM.jpeg|x100px]][[File:SUNRISE LOTSO.jpeg|x100px]]

And what it would actually look like?


Of course these can be fixed to the liking of whoever decides to use these, and I'll make start by making a huge batch of these and then make more as time goes on

I can also give you and Nova blank templates for the background if I do decide to go through with this in case I can't make the said icons

So what do you think? Yay or nay?

Wilfre I just need a little bit of love...Wilfre idle

Thanx for deleting my joke article. It was pretty bad and I was just making it because we got on the topic during chat.


Yo, what's up. It's roster making tie

Andrewtheking (talk) 17:25, February 8, 2016 (UTC)


Eh. I have no idea how this game works.

Andrewtheking (talk) 17:29, February 8, 2016 (UTC)


can we go on chat, thats easyer for me.

Andrewtheking (talk) 18:21, February 8, 2016 (UTC)


I am sorry for the way i acted in that pm

Andrewtheking (talk) 21:49, February 8, 2016 (UTC)


Yo yo, let's do it

Andrewtheking (talk) 12:43, February 9, 2016 (UTC)


So, are you signing up. Cuz' we need atleast two more people and you are into these things. Quickly, they are dying. LaserVP7 (talk) 04:57, February 28, 2016 (UTC)


Smash Bros. Roster Evolution All-Stars has begun! Confirm your appearance here! ~Fuzzy

Quick notice for you to make your roster for the all-star game, you are the only one left. ~Fuzz

ProfileTags script

Hello! I see that you are using a old(er) version of a script I wrote a few years ago. This script has been massively updated!

The new script allows all changes to tags to bypass the JavaScript Review process!

If interested, please visit the Dev Wiki for information on how to install the new script.Rappy @fandom 23:07, March 25, 2016 (UTC)

Vote on .snickedge becoming a chat mod

Since Skype seems not to be working (in 14 hours we've had only 5 responses from our admin team concerning this) I need your vote on whether you believe .snickedge should be a chat mod.



The Roster Evolutions are dead....Let's try this out.  LaserVP7 (talk) 06:54, July 18, 2016 (UTC)

small CSS request

Can you find the line starting with .mkd in Special:CSS, add a new line below it, and paste the following there?
.mkm{background-color:#cef;background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top,#cef,#8aa);background-image:-ms-linear-gradient(top,#cef, #8aa);background-image:-o-linear-gradient(top,#cef,#8aa);background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#cef),to(#8aa));box-shadow:0 0 1em #022,0 0 1em #022;border-radius:.5em;padding:.5em;width:100%;}.mkm>tbody{text-align:center;}.mkm caption{color:#8aa;font-weight:bold;}.mkm th{color:#000;}.mkm td{background-color:#000;background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top,#000,#022);background-image:-ms-linear-gradient(top,#000, #022);background-image:-o-linear-gradient(top,#000,#022);background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#000),to(#022));border-radius:.5em;color:#fff;padding:.5em;}
It's table CSS for Mario Kart Maker, in case you were wondering. Practically the same as the Mario Kart D (.mkd) table CSS but it's blue. Thanks in advance ~AgentMuffin:)
Never mind, I got Jasper to handle it. ~AgentMuffin:)

One More Article

Hey there. Sorry if I'm disturbing you, but I just need one more article restored -- Super Mario Silver Spurs 3: Endgame. If you did restore it, then someone may have deleted it as soon as they saw the delete tag? I'm not sure TBH.

I apologize for any misunderstanding.

EDIT: Never mind. I'll see if someone else can do it, since you're probably sleeping right now. TAWOGCarrieRenderWAKE ME UP! (Wake me up inside) LOUDHOUSELucyRender

NintendoFan380 (talk) 22:24, August 28, 2017 (UTC)One question, Qyzxf. Do you have OCs based from Animal Crossing? If so, have you drawn them without publishing yet? I'd LOVE to see more extra fan villagers designed greatfully by you =D

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