aka PEASHOOTERFAN. Can't you tell?

  • My occupation is drawing, maybe. I'm also interested in singing, but I'm not really confident about it.
  • I am asking you if my gender really matters.

I may have a job for you

So since you've been so interested in the article (Pokkén Tournament U) and want to help out, I might have found something you could help me with. Are you interested? HammerBroBuddy (talk) 12:59, August 18, 2015 (UTC)

Alright, great. So I've got a bit board of typing out the movesets on the moveset page and I would like to you to help me. If you copy the code for the one previously and change the information it should be pretty easy. So what I'll do is fill in the movesets on the main page and then you can fill the info out of the moveset page. For descriptions I take the move description from x and y and if it says "the user" change it to the name of the pokemon. Also for the burst mode description and attributes you don't need to worry about them for now. If you could do this I'd be extremely grateful. Oh and you'll need to make the tables the colour of the icon background, but if you can't it's not a big deal, I can fix it later.

HammerBroBuddy (talk) 14:54, August 18, 2015 (UTC)

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