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SKYPE OR CHAT AND I WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND SON. EllaFOCStelios7ChilliFDesperation(talk)Padge

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Old messages from Osaka can be seen here: Mason Archive and Mason's Second Archive Birthday!!!

SKYPE, DAWG. User:Heartphilia/Sig9

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Ohey I have a section =o

Add me on Miiverse, NocturneOtaku! ^o^
Madokasprite-resizeElise (talk)

chaaaat! ^.^ Madokasprite-resizeElise (talk)

^ Madokasprite-resizeElise (talk)

Alrighty! =3 Madokasprite-resizeElise (talk)

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Hey Mapman, there's this user who keeps uploading duplicate files of Tom's images. I've noticed that Tom tried to warn him, but he was ignored. Could you warn him. I don't know his name, though. Mario Jump NSMBU SuperMarioBro64 Mario Jump NSMBU

Can you delete this article? Since it's spam. Plus, it has the same name as something I'm showcasing at Dk's showcase. Thanks. 70pxMerryChristmasHayden Christmas!70px

Sorry, I forgot. I had my mind on something else. I added it at the last minute, but I guess you didn't see it. :P 70pxMerryChristmasHayden Christmas!70px

Yeah, I'm thinking about getting one soon. I may go ahead and make an account tomorrow. Jake1Jake2Jake3Jake4

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My All New Story!

Inspired by The Quest for Christmas, I'm gonna write my own story! So, if you're one of these people...

...then you're in my new fan-fiction! I may add more people, but this is the basic amount for now. I'd appreciate you upload an image of your Mii, or just give me a well-described description. If you upload your Mii, you can request special clothing.

I'll also need a personality, and a well described one. Once I have a majority of the people responding, I'll give an update to everyone.

If you have any questions, ask me. Thanks! HolySmokes!HOLY SMOKES! THE MAPMAKER'S HIRED!! HolySmokes!

Another message to you: I think Mapman will be your nickname, but maybe Steven'll be your actual. Okay?

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Thanks for protecting MKPC so those random IPs can't edit it anymore. :)  Meeeeee

Oh sorry, I didn't know that. *awkward moment* I saw some other non-sysops doing it a while back ago, so I thought it was legal. Sorry, it won't happen anymore. :( Meeeeee

The guy is now editing my articles. Is it too early to ask you to ban him? I'm going to bed early, which is now, so if you could keep an eye on that Batpiste guy, that would be great. Thanks. Meeeeee

Hey, I added you on the Wii U, please add me too. My NNID is the same as my username. Thanks. :3 Meeeeee

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Yup. Scribblenauts Ice Cream, with eyes edited on ^c^ BabbyweegeeQyzxf Fawfulguydance


Hi Mappy, one of your chars (David) is in Faker of Fantendo. Since I need to write a lot of episodes with this character, I'd like it if you could give me a really good and detailed description about his personality, like happy, outgoing, etc, but don't just say "happy" but tell me when and why he'd be happy, etc. Other things I need to know regarding the personality:

  • Reacting on shocking news
  • Reacting on someone else's proposals
  • What is he good at
  • What is he bad at
  • What kind of other people does he like

Also, in case you're the faker (which you know wether you are it or not), just answer the questions in the test like you're thinking someone else is the faker. I'm putting this part on everyone's talk page too because otherwise one could simply see who's the faker by checking their talk page.

BabbyweegeeQyzxf Fawfulguydance

FoF1 Test

For stuffz go >>> Faker of Fantendo/Episode 1 <<<

1)Did the Faker get to his or her destination in the dropping-task?

  • Yes
  • No

2)Did the Faker open his or her smaller envelope in the dropping-task?

  • Yes
  • No

3)How many words did the Faker remember in the river-task?

  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • The Faker was in the other team

4)In which team was the Faker in the river-task?

  • Adrenaline team
  • Language team

5)At which place did the Faker get into the destination house in the dropping-task?

  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd
  • 4th
  • 5th
  • 6th
  • 7th
  • The Faker didn’t make it in time

6)How much money did the Faker make in the river-task?

  • €0
  • €100
  • €150
  • €175
  • €225

7)Has the Faker used his or her money after opening the extra envelope with ¥2000 in the dropping-task?

  • Yes
  • No
  • The Faker didn’t open the extra envelope

8)What is the Faker’s eye colour?

  • Yellow
  • Dark red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Dark blue
  • Dark turquoise

9)What is the Faker’s hair colour?

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Nothing

10)How many money did the Faker make during the dropping-task?

  • €0
  • €100
  • €200

11)What is the Faker’s primary clothing?

  • A T-shirt
  • A cardigan
  • A blazer
  • Nothing

12)Did the Faker help or get help from other candidates in the dropping-task?

  • Yes
  • No

13)Has the Faker made money in the previous two tasks?

  • Yes
  • No

14)What kind of words did the Faker give to the cord-people?

  • Hard
  • Medium
  • Easy
  • The faker was in the cord-team

15)Who is the Faker?

  • Bombell
  • David
  • Gumball
  • Haterman
  • Jack
  • Kurt
  • Meta-Form
  • NinJon
  • Ryder
  • Sheyna
  • Tom
  • Volt

BabbyweegeeQyzxf Fawfulguydance

Could you please respond as quick as possible, because I need to make the execution soon before I can write episode 2. BabbyweegeeQyzxf Fawfulguydance

Hey dude, since you still havent responded to the FoF thing, you can also tell me to replace your character with another? Or you should give me the answers of the quiz asap. Either way, I hope you'll respond =3 BabbyweegeeQyzxf Fawfulguydance

MGC's Chat Section

Are you kidding me Mapman? Did you even read the template at the top of my new page? Sorry for being kinda rude to a sysop, but you still have to obey rules as much as the other users. BowserNSMBU-transparentDon't make me MAD! Too late, you already haveBlargg YS

About the "if I can comment on it" part of course you can, no need for rude jokes. Sorry.

ChristmasLBobYoshterBro.Christmas Merry Christmas! SandoomChristmas ~MGC LavaBobChristmasFlippedChristmasYoshter

MarioKartFan21's Chat Section

Hello. I'm MarioKartFan21. Well, I have a question. Will you go use the page of Super Mario Galaxy U (I know you were the last to edit it)? If you won't, can I edit it to put my ideas?

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Thanks for helping me clean up my stuff. I couldn't help but notice you kicked it into overdrive to delete what I was marking. I might have a couple more, but I think I'm good. ~Mcoolister

If you have access to edit MediaWiki pages, on the "Spinoff Wikis" the bagel thing leads to a "No such wiki" page GMC(talk) 04:17, December 19, 2012 (UTC)

Ah, I remember when I had a torture chamber talk page. Anyways, may I do a character based on you for Tainted Dreams? =3
You should come to #fantendo more too =c
MerryChristmasEliseChristmas!ChristmasHaterman~from EliseHatermanswapnote
Okay. ^o^
MerryChristmasEliseChristmas!ChristmasHaterman~from EliseHatermanswapnote

Well since The Bagel Everything is gone, should you remove it from MediaWiki:Sidebar? GMC(talk) 23:05, December 20, 2012 (UTC)
You should come to #fantendo. =o
MerryChristmasEliseChristmas!ChristmasHaterman~from EliseHatermanswapnote

Rat, Wedding, Bow.

My Steam name is Moochy- I'm the Moochy with the Froakie avatar, so don't forget it! --VoltaIncoming tactical awesome! 22:21, February 15, 2013 (UTC)

Clover's Chat Section

Hey, Mapman, go back to my Holiday Showcase page. I made a surprise announcement regarding Hot Pursuit 3.

Here's the catch though: There will be NO cops in the game. Yes, I'm actually listening to your criticism.

Check it out:

Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2012/Clover Entertainment/Mario Kart: Hot Pursuit 3

Cloverfield monster (talk) 16:56, December 23, 2012 (UTC)Cloverfield monster

just so you know, editing locky's comment like that is abuse of your sysop powers. his comment was not offensive, and only had bad grammar. --jasper SkittlesGray

well its nothing like deleting any page you dont like, but his comment wasn't breaking any rules. it would have been different if he was being racist or something --jasper SkittlesGray

I'm setting up my dA account now, but I have a question. I know it asks for your birth date, but is there an age requirement. Most stuff that asks for my birthday says I'm too young when I use my real birth date. Thanks.

Nevermind. I found out the age limit is 13. :PMario Jump NSMBU SuperMarioBro64 Mario Jump NSMBU

--MarioKartFan21 (talk) 06:16, January 15, 2013 (UTC)

Hey thanks for cleaning up that troll's vandalism :)
Thomas Michael William Patrick Sales
Thetalktemplate TTT 13:02, January 21, 2013 (UTC)
I'm not being put in such a position where I feel so powerless to deal with the vandalism of a user again. Where do I apply for admin rights?

Yea I like TF2, but, unfortunaly I deleted Steam, I will re-download and re-install soon. So don't worry when I have one I will to you :P OriginsRayman1 Good Rayman Bad Rayman DarkRayman

Locky's Chat Section

Worray, I recovered my steam account, anyway my username is "n2101". I don't have any games yet but I will put TF2 soon. :P

OriginsRayman1 Good Rayman Bad Rayman DarkRayman

...could you come to chat please?

ChristmasSolarizeusI was changed...ChristmasSolarizeus and now... ChristmasSolarizeus I am Solarizeus. ChristmasSolarizeus

Is there somewhere else I can tell you then? It's sort of important...

ChristmasSolarizeusI was changed...ChristmasSolarizeus and now... ChristmasSolarizeus I am Solarizeus. ChristmasSolarizeus

Gta unlock

i'm not helping you steal a game... Misfits logo 0POLIS KANINMisfits logo 0


Could you please block this IP? He blanked the whole page and left only "Category: To Be Deleted" just because he didn't like the mix. Lumoshi

As someone who's changed their username before can you tell me pretty much what goes on, in case the help page doesn't cover everything?
LumaICONML hopes we are carrying on an intelligent conversation.Flipluma

A few hours? Okay, good, that won't break my 101-day-editing streak. Thanks! By the way, does the lockdown depend on how many edits you have? How many did you have when you changed your username?
LumaICONML hopes we are carrying on an intelligent conversation.Flipluma

Ok. Thanks!
LumaICONML hopes we are carrying on an intelligent conversation.Flipluma

stop  STOP!!!! deletein my pages

Fantendo + Fanon

Hello Fantendo! I am TheUltraman, Admin on Super Smash Bros. Fanon. I was thinking since we are both Nintendo Fanon sites we should be affiliates as that gives good promotion on both sides. Super Smash Bros. Fanon is also affiliates with Video Games Fanon and is in the works of being affiliates with Super Smash Bros Wiki. We would like it if you could think about this offer and discuss being affiliates with our site.

If you want to talk about it any further you can PM me or Animal Crossing Leader (we are the two active admins on Super Smash Bros. Fanon out of our four admins). TheUltraman (talk) 20:16, August 12, 2013 (UTC)

hey, since you play borderlands also, could you help me out. It's kinda hard to thinkup all this stuff on my own.CommodusNox (talk) 16:34, August 19, 2013 (UTC)


Windows Movie Maker. :P

Yoshi&#039;s Beta Cookie Cookies are amazing. Yoshi&#039;s Beta Cookie


Ideas for minigames for Plunge in the Past 4 - Cartoon Chaos? SamStation(Talk)  go to the link

A Thing

So.... I wanted to make something called UltraLuma and Socks: Against the Opinionverse The Movie the show the game the show the comic the movie the t-shirt the lunchbox (see Here for why) but I wanted to get an admins approval first, as I didn't want to get banned or anything. Is that ok? Mika sho 2014SuperSonicDarkness (Talk)60px

Sorastich Sick

He might have eye cancer. Do you have any tribal or modern methods of removing it?

Hey NC89, could I use David in Fantendo Mayhem, please?

Hey there, NintendoChamp89!

We, the FF2015 Development Team, noticed that you signed up your original series, David, for the abandoned project Fantendo Funfair, but have not yet signed up for Fantendo Funfair 2015. We were wondering if we had permission to create an attraction based on your old submission for you, if you would not like to participate in FF2015. If you would not like us to create an attraction for you based on your old submission, that's alright. Just let us know on TechBreloom's talk page whether or not we have permission to create this attraction for you by August 16, 2015; if you do not reply by then, we will assume we do not have permission to create this attraction. You still have time to sign up if you were unaware about the new project; just leave your submission here! Thank you.

Yours truly, the FF2015 Development Team

Can you remove my fan picture of Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing: Tumble Tracks page

Hello, can you please remove my fan drawing of Mr. Resetti from this site ( and the replace it back with the other Mr. Resetti image where it used to be? Because I am so, so sorry about that. I was been trying to figure out how to post my fan drawings of Nintendo characters on my blog, right here: ( and then chose my Mr. Resetti fan picture and I accidentally replaced the other Mr. Resetti you uploaded. I didn't mean it. Please forgive me.

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